• SWARMing the Field

    Stinger Student Group Aims for a Culture Change

    Stinger pride is on the rise at Concordia. At least that’s the goal of a new student-run group founded this summer on campus.

  • Bike Reels

    Cycle-Centric Film Fest Rolls Into Town

    In 2001, Brendt Barbur was hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York City. Instead of protesting or starting an advocacy group, he founded the Bicycle Film Festival, a channel for cycle lovers to exchange their experiences through music, art and film.

  • Show Me Whatcha Got

    Stingers Brave Rain, Look to Upcoming Season

    The atmosphere at the men’s rugby tryouts last weekend was focused yet calm. Having fallen just short of their goal to take home a championship last year, the Stingers are intent on cleaning up this time round.

  • Eagles Fly Into Stingers Territory

    Stingers Lose First Round, But Hang in Tight

    If last Wednesday’s game between Concordia’s men’s basketball team and the Niagara Purple Eagles was any indication, the Stingers could be competing for a national title come March.

  • Stinger Desmarais Respresents Team Canada in China

    Stingers point guard Kyle Desmarais of the men’s basketball team is representing both Concordia and team Canada at the 2011 summer Universiade in Shenzhen, China, which takes place until August 23.

  • Chud Fights in the Coliseum

    A Night of Profanity, Screaming and Language Politics

    At some point in my adult life, it will no longer be appropriate to conceal a bottle of gin between my pants and pelvis in order to get drunk at a prizefight.

  • Tremblay Takes Gold

    David Tremblay of the Concordia Stingers wrestling team has decorated his trophy room with his third straight CIS national title, all while helping Concordia get its first as a team since 1990.

  • Lifestyle Proposal

    There is a debate—albeit a calm one—happening amongst the staff here at The Link.

  • Ex-Stingers Win Highest Honour

    Former Players Hoist Clarkson Cup

    The Montreal Stars won the Clarkson Cup on March 27, earning themselves the highest honor in North American women’s hockey by shutting out the Toronto Aeros in the final with a decisive 5-0 victory.

  • Concordia United

    Concordia Unifies Clubs in CCSU Charity Soccer Tournament

    The first, hopefully annual, Concordia Caribbean Student’s Union Charity Soccer Tournament took place March 26, and let me tell you: