Sexiness and The Self: Being Yourself is Attractive

How Your Body Positivity Can Own Fashion Trends

  • Graphic Kayleigh Valentine

Summer is about to arrive and some of us aren’t quite ready to let go of the comfort of our hoodies and sweats.

Since the heat is coming, it’s the time of the year where you have to look for your old shorts deep in your closet, which might scare you.

It might feel like an insecurity to show a little bit of skin and the only advice I can give you to counter that insecurity is: accept yourself as you are, it will be fine.

All bodies are made differently. We can’t compare ourselves to what is shown on social media or in magazines. Sure, you can find inspiration from people on Instagram, but try to look for your own distinct style.

At an early age, I was able to accept myself as I was. I have parents who had always complimented me, which helps when you are a child; it comforts you and builds confidence. I always felt confident about my body and the way I wore my clothes.

Despite that, I spent two years of my adolescence enduring comments from people who tried to bring me down. Some people envy others that feel good about themselves, just because they don’t—that’s a fact. I felt bad, but I remembered who I was and realized that I had nothing to be reproached for.

Since then, I’ve gained more self-confidence. I found out that no matter what I would wear, I would still look good.

Once, I was wearing a light brown t-shirt, with a pair of mom jeans and my old pair of Clarks. People came up to me to tell me how much they loved what I thought was the most casual outfit. You can receive compliments even with the most simple outfits. The key is to own it and be proud of your image.

After going through high school and its drama, I realized that my attitude was an extra accessory to my clothing. Indeed, I could wear the most casual outfits, and people might compliment me, or give me a stare—which comes out to the same thing.

Mix trends, you don’t need to look like the portrait of the year’s styles. Try to be yourself and not what fashion tells you to look like or be.

Your attitude makes the difference, the way you feel about yourself is what attracts people and demonstrates that you do not fear the comments of others. That’s sexy.

Getting back into that bathing suit might also frighten you. Be proud of the beauty that is you and your body. If you demonstrate this, you will no longer need to fear walking around the pool.

What is most important is that you feel comfortable in your clothes and just the way you are. The only person you have to please is yourself.

As for showing skin, we aren’t all comfortable enough to pull off shorts and that’s normal. I feel comfortable showing skin, I enjoy it. Some days, I feel more modest. For example, if I’m showing some skin on the upper body or the lower body, I might cover more elsewhere.

This technique has helped me be more comfortable showing skin on my own terms.

To be sexy is to be you. To be you is to love yourself.

No matter what you wear, own it!

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