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Carr Wins Over Martin, All Fee Levies Pass

  • CSYou is your new student union executive.

If you’re an undergrad at Concordia, you have a new union.

Despite a vote recount announced at 4 a.m. for one polling station that’s still ongoing, the entire CSYou slate will be next year’s Concordia Student Union executive.

CSYou VP Finance candidate Scott Carr defeated independent candidate Pierre Tardivo Martin by an almost 2:1 margin with preliminary results giving the Enactus president 617 votes to Tardivo’s 334.

Vote tallies for the John Molson Building were called into question last night after a counting snafu left results from certain polling days uncounted.

Ballots for VP Sustainability and Student Life were affected by the error, according to Chief Electoral Officer Andre-Marcel Baril who must now recount those positions’ ballots from the building.

Baril could not be reached for comment despite multiple attempts before press time. He did mention in an earlier conversation that the recount is not expected to affect the outcome of the elections.

The voting electorate also overwhelmingly approved fee levy questions, with a $0.12 per-credit fee levy approved for Greenhouse Concordia by a margin of 1,142 for and 234 against, according to uncontested preliminary results.

Sustainable Concordia also was awarded a $0.10 bump to their undergraduate levy, which 1,132 voting to increase it to $0.15 per-credit.

1,219 Concordia students, with 145 voting against, also approved a motion for support from the Concordia Food Coalition.

The question asked voters if they would “like to see the CSU actively support the new affordable, sustainable, student-run food service initiatives on campus.”

All bylaw referendum questions were also passed.

Council and Senate

All CSU council candidates were voted in. Since no positions were contested, candidates only needed to make quorum to be elected.

Current Arts and Science Councillor Chris Webster was elected to Senate, receiving 300 votes to Bilal Hamideh’s 176.

Tuan Dinh was voted in the uncontested position of John Molson School of Business representative on Senate.

While no fine arts representatives were elected for council or Senate positions, an election officer said the VA polling station had a high turnout compared to other polling stations.

A full voting breakdown will be available this Tuesday following the recount by Baril.

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