Jessica Cabana for VP Sustainability

It is my absolute pleasure to endorse Jessica Cabana’s candidacy for the position of VP Sustainability for the Concordia Student Union because of her dedication for long-lasting sustainability on campus, her strong leadership skills, and never-ending quest for pushing the conceptions of what it means for our university to be sustainable.

To begin, Jessica’s sustainability portfolio is packed with experiences that render her the most qualified candidate currently running for the position. She is the current office coordinator for Sustainable Concordia, has acted as VP Sustainability for the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability Student Association for two consecutive mandates, currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Sustainability Action Fund, and has sat on numerous committees within the Arts and Science Federation of Associations. Jessica also regularly attends the ASFA sustainability committee meetings on behalf of Sustainable Concordia, despite not being an elected committee member, in order to share resources and insights.

This year, it became increasingly relevant for Concordia food systems to be re-evaluated in order to create alternatives to food production and distribution, and offer more sustainable and affordable food options to the student body. As such, Jessica has been tirelessly working on replacing Java U with a student-run café, raising a whopping $14,000 towards its implementation. She is also a founding director of the Concordia Food Coalition, a brilliant non-profit organization whose goal is to revitalize Concordia food systems, and won the ‘Sustainability Champions Award’ just last week.

Taken together, Jessica’s selflessness, expertise, and knowledge have greatly contributed to bettering sustainability practices on campus, and building a strong network of sustainable leaders driven by a common goal. I believe that she has already effectively demonstrated her ability to fulfill the duties of VP Sustainability, and I cannot imagine just how much more she will achieve once elected. Jessica is a visionary, dedicated to improving YOUR on-campus food systems and implementing sustainable policies. On that note, I implore you to choose wisely on March 25-26-27, and vote for a VP Sustainability who lives and breathes sustainability, and cares what you’ll be eating next.

—Janice La Giorgia, President of the Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association and Vice President of the Concordia Garnet Key Honors Society

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