CSU to Fund Burritoville Coop

Concordia Student Union

Approval to purchase Burritoville as it transitions into a student cooperative passed at the Concordia Student Union (CSU) council on Wednesday night.

The CSU also voted in favor of the acquisition of a projector that would be placed in the 7th floor lounge to be used for entertainment purposes.

After hearing a presentation given by the Concordia Food Coalition (CFC), the CSU voted in favor of allocating $100000 towards the Burritoville project.

The CFC hopes to gain enough funding to buy the restaurant by some time this summer. Once the food-spot is theirs, it will become a student-run cooperative.

The restaurant will serve Mexican style, vegetarian cuisine with some vegan options as well.

They plan on using all three floors, offering a venue for Fine Arts exhibitions, concerts and general meetings for student associations. It may also be used as a study space.

Additionally, volunteer and job opportunities will be prioritized for students, according to CFC coordinator, Lauren Aghabozorgi.

Some CSU councilors expressed concern over the possible competition that may arise between Reggies and the student-run Burritoville.

CSU president Benjamin Prunty addressed this, saying the opportunity will create collaboration, rather than competition.

“One of the really big ways we’ll be collaborating with them is actually providing a space for Brasseurs Illumines to brew beer,” Aghabozorgi said.

The concern was also shot down due to vast differences between the two outlets’ menus.

“I’m just super thrilled that this has gone through, and I’m really happy about the collaboration that the CSU is willing to take on with us,” she said.

The acquisition of a projector for the 7th floor lounge will also provide students with more leisure space.

“What were doing is we’re setting up a projection area. So that’s a screen projector, were looking at adding curtains, and blinds to the windows to make a darker space,” Prunty said. “It will add potential uses to the space in a way that we think is useful.”

Original projections predicted a cost between $1200 and $1500 dollars, but after re-examination, the CSU believes that the total expenditure for this project will amount to over $5000.

Concern was expressed during the meeting about noise levels and potential conflict if multiple people are using the space.

One councilor suggested putting up walls to address the issue, but that idea seems “really unlikely,” according to Prunty.

While the CSU supported the idea of the projection space, they can’t yet confirm whether or not they’ll go through with it.