• Buzzin’ On Up To The Pros

    Four Concordia Stingers Make the Leap From CIS to CFL

    Tens of thousands of football players, whether in Canada or in the United States, all dream of making it on a professional roster. Most, if not all, work tirelessly to reach their goal, but only a few see their gridiron dreams come to fruition.

  • Ultimate Royalty

    Montreal Royal Look To Rip It Up in Ultimate Frisbee League

    Hold on to your hats! Montreal has a new professional team in ultimate frisbee.

  • Protect The Hive At All Costs

    Stingers Women’s Soccer Bolster Defence with New Recruits

    It’s a popular saying in sports: “Defence wins championships.” The head coach of Concordia’s women’s soccer team, Jorge Sanchez, made it clear he’s a believer in that adage with the players he has recruited so far this offseason.

  • Combining Two Passions

    Montreal Rapper Annakin Slayd Mixes Montreal and Sports in His Rhymes

    If you were to tell a young Montreal sports fan growing up in St. Leonard in the 1980s like Andrew Farrar that he would achieve international success…

  • Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge

    Concordia’s Dodgeball League Whips It at Le Gym

    If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball,” a wise man and dodgeball legend—or, more precisely, a character from the film Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story—once said.

  • Not Just Another Medal

    6-time Olympic Medallist and Humanitarian Clara Hughes Awarded Loyola Medal

    Olympic speed-skating and cycling medallist Clara Hughes took a quick break from biking and stopped by Concordia, where she received one of the university’s most prestigious awards—the Loyola Medal.

  • Back in the Hive

    New Concordia Football Head Coach Mickey Donovan Hopes to Return Stingers to their Glory Days

    In 2003, linebacker Mickey Donovan helped lead the Concordia Stingers football team to a 7-1 record and an appearance in the Dunsmore Cup.

  • A Net Gain

    Stingers Women’s Hockey Add Size, Skill and a Familiar Name to the Roster

    With four veterans moving on from the team this year, Concordia’s women’s hockey team will be missing a large chunk of the leadership core that helped lead the Stingers to their first playoff appearance in three seasons.

  • A Glorious Past

    Lynda Baril’s Nos Glorieuses Examines the History of Women’s Hockey

    Millions of Canadians witnessed Canada’s women’s national hockey team’s comeback win in last month’s Sochi Winter Olympic gold medal game.

  • Beware of the Buzz

    Concordia Stingers Will Be On Full Display at Upcoming Regional and National CFL Draft Combines

    A swarm of Concordia Stingers is headed to this year’s regional and national Canadian Football League combines—but it’ll be every bee for himself once they arrive.