Editorial: A Look Back at Volume 39

This month marks the end of The Link’s Volume 39, and for many of us, the end of our mandates as editors of this publication.

  • Montreal After Mordecai

    21st Century Authors Aim to Capture Their City Post-Richler

    Take a poll of readers, critics and authors on which writer’s work is most strongly associated with Montreal, and watch as the hands go up to proclaim Mordecai Richler king of the city’s literature.

  • Sir George, Where Art Thou Space?

    Do you approve to increase the Union Building Fund component (currently at $2.00 per credit) of the Concordia Student Union membership fees each Fall, Winter and Summer semester incrementally by 50 cent per credit over five semesters, beginning in the Winter 2010 semester and ending in the Summer 2012, whereas the fees will be collected in accordance with university tuition and refund policy?

  • Combative Narrative

    A.J. Somerset’s Combat Camera Is a Novel in a Struggle With Itself

    Combat Camera is the first novel by A.J. Somerset. It concerns Lucas Zane, once a praised war-photographer, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, now a broken man who’s turned to drinking, fighting off his demons, and shooting low-budget pornography to pay the rent.

  • Former President Praises Student Union Building

    Students will be voting on increasing the fee to the Student Centre Project from Nov. 23-25. As a civic responsibility, it is imperative that all students vote and have a say as to whether they want to make this a reality now or in the unforeseeable future.
  • Students Needs to Know

    As a Concordia student and staff, I have been following this nonsensical problem going on between the student body, administration and Pepsi. I actually just wanted to ask you guys a question, and if possible I think that this question should be directed to the university.

  • Student Wants More Info

    I am writing because I am against the fee increase for the student centre. There are several reasons why, but the main one is the secrecy that is surrounding the project.

  • Student Centre History Repeated

    Having read your article last week titled An Affordability Issue: Property CEO [Vol. 31, Iss. 14, Pg. 4] I could not help but notice that Jonathan Wener, who helped promote the proposed student centre at ASFA council, was mentioned in a previous The Link article.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Damn Leftists

    I don’t know what’s happened to our generation. We’re so cynical about everything. Since when did being opposed to something like WAR become a political opinion? Like there’s no human element to the decision, you know. It seems like anything I could possibly say about any social issue paints me into some sort of political corner.

  • ‘U.S. Gov. No Longer Understands Freedom’

    New Bill Cracks Down on ‘Copyright-Infringing’ Websites

    A free government does not demonstrate its cherished ideals by detaining, and then repeatedly harrassing a security researcher with a clean criminal record for defending an accused whistle-blower.

  • Sex and Pancakes

    Dear Melissa,

    Despite being in a healthy relationship, I still masturbate almost every day. Is this normal?
    —Sticky Fingers