Editorial: A Look Back at Volume 39

This month marks the end of The Link’s Volume 39, and for many of us, the end of our mandates as editors of this publication.

  • Midnight Marauders

    Right By Midnight Lend a Helping Hand to Budding Musicians

    There was a time, not too long ago, when Montreal was the new Seattle. No, not just because of an overabundance of precipitation, but because of an overabundance of starving musicians flocking here to capitalize on our burgeoning indie scene.

  • The Ghosts of Griffintown

    Friendship Cove Takes on New Forms, Lives On

    Tucked away in the heart of Griffintown is the ghost of Friendship Cove.
    Although Friendship Cove, renamed The Cove, has been laid to rest as a public space, the energy of the space lives on through two mediums: Campaign for Infinity and No Vacation Records.

  • White Cowbell Oklahoma do the Hoodoo, Voodoo Thing

    If there is one thing missing from rock and roll these days, it is fire. Not the metaphorical “flames of passion” kind of fire. I mean pyrotechnics. If there’s a second thing missing, it’s probably cowbells—or chainsaws—or semi-naked dancers.

  • Exhibition Woes

    Atlantic Conference Huskies End Road Trip with Win

    Lisa Jordan won bragging rights over her old coach Sunday, as her Saint Mary’s Huskies beat the Concordia Stingers women’s hockey team 6-4 at Ed Meagher Arena.
    “I played for Les [Lawton] and it’s always lots of fun to play his team,” said Jordan, the Huskies’ current head coach, who played for the Stingers in 1996. For her, the exhibition game was far from being meaningless.

  • Got Gatka?

    Sikh Traditional Martial Art Being Revived as a Sport

    Swords clash, sticks meet and battles take place in front of audiences as they watch awe-inspiring Gatka—the Sikhs’ traditional martial art form.
    While it is generally shown for public display, usually during religious procession, the ancient martial art is being popularized and revived as a sport across the globe. In these public displays, robed men and women dressed in traditional attire combat fiercely as they showcase their technical abilities.

  • Sudden Chemistry

    Players’ Reunion Plays Big Part in Hockey Team’s Success

    Arriving in Montreal to play with the Concordia Stingers as a rookie from Atlantic Canada, Alyssa Sherrard might have been in an unfamiliar city trying to get accustomed to a locker-room full of strangers. Luckily, she found one familiar face among them in Moira Frier.

  • Original Synapse

    Local Reading Series With Concordia Roots Debuts

    In the brain, synapses pass electrical signals from one neuron to another. In Montreal, Synapse, a new reading series created by poet and Concordia writing professor Sina Queyras, aims to inject some excitement into the literary community by encouraging the transfer of literature from local writers to a captive audience.

  • Andrusyshyn’s Mammoth Up for Award

    Mammoth, much of which acts as a eulogy for Andrusyshyn’s father, balances absurdist, magical realism-inspired comedic elements with the solemnity of that absence.

  • Montreal After Mordecai

    21st Century Authors Aim to Capture Their City Post-Richler

    Take a poll of readers, critics and authors on which writer’s work is most strongly associated with Montreal, and watch as the hands go up to proclaim Mordecai Richler king of the city’s literature.

  • Sir George, Where Art Thou Space?

    Do you approve to increase the Union Building Fund component (currently at $2.00 per credit) of the Concordia Student Union membership fees each Fall, Winter and Summer semester incrementally by 50 cent per credit over five semesters, beginning in the Winter 2010 semester and ending in the Summer 2012, whereas the fees will be collected in accordance with university tuition and refund policy?