Editorial: AFSA Mishandled Harassment Claims Against Former President Jonathan Roy

ASFA Is at the Centre of a Quebec’s Human Rights Commission Complaint, Again

We hope to see ASFA’s actions reflect a desire to learn from the allegations against Jonathan Roy, and we expect a concise plan of action following the accusations against ASFA.

  • First Nations G20 protest at Queen’s Park

    No clashes with police as protestors call for better treatment

    About 350 protesters turned out on June 24 in front of Queen’s Park, Ontario’s legislature, as part of a First Nations protest in conjunction with the 2010 G8/G20.

  • Vintage vixens

    Ladies of vintage take on Mile-End studio project

    Vintage has become more than just a style for Brooke Doyle and Becky Emlaw. What many fashion-savvy people consider a hobby has become these ladies’ livelihoods.

  • Death and ballots

    Filipino vote marks end of a decade with 1,000 political killings

    During outgoing Filipino President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration, violence has played a vital role in the political process. Amnesty International reports that as of May 7, at least five candidates and 16 campaign organizers were murdered during this year’s campaign.

  • The power of hope

    Local indie darlings headline a show at the revitalised The Rialto

    As the dust settles on the now-condemned Green Room on St. Laurent Boulevard after a recent fire, many in the city lament the loss of another mid-sized local venue. However, as one building falls, a bright light appears in the horizon in the form of the Parc Avenue institution The Rialto.

  • Defederation denied

    National lobby group won’t recognize results of CSU March referendum

    On May 28, the CSU called for a motion to have their referendum to defederate from the Canadian Federation of Students recognized by the national lobby group at its annual general meeting in Ottawa. CFS chairperson Katherine Giroux-Bougard shot the motion down immediately, ruling it out of order.

  • Of leaps and bounds

    The Olympic Park becomes prime real estate for parkour

    At first glance, parkour may seem like simply an adrenaline junkie’s fix for random sprints, gravity-defying leaps and a lust for imminent danger. The l’art du déplacement, as the physical discipline is known in its native France, is actually an elaborate exercise of body displacement with the goal of getting from point A to B as quickly as possible.

  • Starting fresh

    Concordia student proves his value with Impact Academy

    When Concordia student Hussein Awada left his home country of Lebanon for Montreal last December, he had at least two objectives in mind: finishing school and playing professional soccer. Within a month of his arrival, Awada was on his way to accomplishing both.

  • Wacky and weird

    The Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival celebrates a decade of existence

    Among the bigwigs of Montreal’s summer music festivals—ahem, Montreal Jazz Festival—stands a small but significant festival that is as wacky and interesting as its name. The Suoni Per Il Popolo festival is gracing Montreal with its tenth year with an odd lineup of mysterious and obscure acts.

  • The beginning of an end for Isis

    It’s the final curtain call for Boston-bred and LA-based post-metal outfit Isis. After 13 years and five full-length releases—as well as a myriad number of EPs and live albums—the Ipecac Record recording artists’ appearance at Club Soda on June 23 will be their last show ever.

  • Arcade Fire fails to bring the heat

    Local band falls short of impressing fans

    I fell in love with Arcade Fire with the release of their groundbreaking album Funeral and had my devotion reignited with Neon Bible. I don’t believe there is much chance or much point in trying to accomplish what previous albums did. According to the interviews given upon the release of this new single, it seems the band agrees with me.