Editorial: Canada Shouldn’t Get to Decide How Indigenous Women Identify

Canadian History is Built on Centuries of Deep-Seated Oppression Towards Indigenous Women

Canada has been dictating Indigenous peoples’ identities throughout its entire history, and still does so today.

  • Co-op Bookstore Salutes You

    I am writing this letter to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you, on behalf of all of us (past and present) at the Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore.

  • A Print You Can Believe In

    In 2008, graphic artist Shepard Fairey did what hours of attack ads and millions of campaign dollars couldn’t: he energized people about politics. Fairey’s Obama “Hope” poster likely helped launch the current U.S. President into public office. And he did it for free.
  • Black Mountain Aren’t Hippies Anymore

    West Coast Band Go for a Colder, Harder Sound

    Black Mountain is giving Canadians reasons to get excited about our music scene.

    Starting off as that cool and trippy up-and-coming band from the West Coast, they are now catapulting to new heights with global success.

  • Wiesel Speaks

    In the 65 years since Elie Wiesel survived the Holocaust, there has been no end to ethnic cleansing, genocide and mass murder on a global scale.
    Faced with this staggering reality, Wiesel refuses to be discouraged.

  • Strength in Numbers

    Families Affected by Police Violence Take to the Streets

    A group of families affected by police violence joined with civil justice advocates and supporters this past weekend to demand an end to police brutality.
    The group hosted several events over the weekend in recognition of the North American Day to Stop Police Brutality and Oppression.

  • Bathroom Activism

    Two weeks after 12 single-stall restrooms in the EV building were “gender neutralized” by an anonymous guerrilla sign maker, the Concordia administration stated that the project to create dedicated gender-neutral bathrooms on campus is currently “on hold.”

  • CSU Clubs Budget Released

    Concordia’s 61 clubs found themselves a little richer on Oct. 15, as the $92,000 clubs budget was released.
    Each club’s share is determined by the Clubs and Space Committee, chaired by CSU VP Clubs and Outreach Ramy Khoriarty, and made up of four CSU councillors and one student-at-large.

  • Queer Concordia Reaches Beyond Gay Community

    Over the years, Queer Concordia—one of the longest running clubs on campus—has been through many changes.
    The club has seen new executives, new mandates to address the transitioning issues that affect the university’s queer community, and even new names: the Queer Union gave way to Queer Alliance which eventually became Queer Concordia.

  • Briefs

    Plastic Bag Ban Across Canada
    An NDP MP introduced a private member’s bill on Monday to ban plastic shopping bags across the country. With the widespread use of reusable bags and alternative carrying solutions, petroleum-based, non-recyclable bags should be obsolete, according to MP Irene Mathyssen.

  • Green Roofs Over Loyola

    One of Several Projects Among Building Boom

    Concordia’s Loyola Campus is bustling with activity.
    Construction workers are hustling to put up the Genomics Centre and PERFORM Centre before federal stimulus money runs out.
    The finishing touches are being put on the Hive Café, and the Loyola Luncheon is due to launch any day, once equipment issues are worked out.