Our internal affairs blog. Get up to speed on what we have planned next.

  • What Do You Want From Concordia?

    Last week our cover was an open invitation for you to scrawl your thoughts on it. Some were a little crazy (its soul, really?), but some made us chuckle even if they’re overly optimistic. Take a peek, and if you’ve seen one we’ve missed, tweet at us.

  • Blogs on Blogs on Blogs

    Our blog page has just undergone a major facelift.

    Have a hankering for science and tech? Want to know what arts events you can’t miss? Love photography? Wish our comics were online? All these needs and so much more are provided for with our 10 new blogs, including weekly entries of the Sex and Pancakes and That Transsexual Guy columns, plus monthly live sessions featuring local musicians and bands playing around Montreal.

    Take a look—there’s something for everybody.

  • The Link App (Beta)

    Be the first to try the Beta version of our Android App. We’re still rolling out all the features, but here you’ll find easy access to all our content for Android devices. Let us know what you think by tweeting @linknewspaper

    Features include:

    • Easily scrollable section rows
    • Articles available for offline reading
    • Customizable font and text size
    • Article sharing via social media apps on your mobile
    • Push notifications option
    • Customizable home screen

    Note: This is a Beta version, and does not represent the final version of the app. When the app is completed it will appear on the Android Market. You may need to change your settings to “allow non-Market apps” to install.

    The app is now available for free download on the Google Play Store! Click here to get it.

  • POP Montreal Contest

    Win tickets to POP Montreal, just come say hi at our orientation table September 12! More info by clicking on the image.

  • We Look Different!

    As you can probably tell from our excited tweets and the issue itself, we’ve just gone through part of our redesign at The Link. We’ve given the paper a new sleek feel; we have a new logo [which we’ll be rolling out on the rest of our web content soon], section heads and pagination.

    The new section heads give us a larger space to play around with our layout. Not having to worry about a big rectangle at the beginning of each section gives us more freedom for design.The old section heads often enough forced us into working with the same style. We can now pull our images to the top of the page, or we can use negative space more freely. From now on, we can make unique pages without disrupting the content or overall design.

    The new paginations are still similar to our old ones, they’ve been simply rearranged to fit our new style—moved from the edge of the page to the middle.

    Our logo, the symbol of our name, has been around for 5 years. Our new logo is how we hope to see The Link within the next 5 years: A newspaper that has the feel of a magazine. The font we used for the slogan is the same we use in our body text; it represents what we are and what we will always be, a newspaper. But with a website we can update daily, we’re aiming to have longer, feature-style content in print each week.

    A newspaper with a magazine feel has been a concept we’ve been wrestling with ever since the online shift at the end of Volume 31. We’re going to tweak a few more things in our next issue (not major changes; small functionality changes like the visual styles we use in our written content).

    We may have a new look, but we’re working under the same mandate: as an independent advocacy journal to serve Concordia and the greater Montreal community. Make sure you grab our first issue of Volume 33, and stay tuned for Issue 2 (and the resumption of weekly print issues) on stands August 28!

    —Clement Liu
    Creative Director