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  • Volume 33 Masthead Elected

    We’ve elected masthead for volume 33, so be ready for another year of student politics, city news, arts content and sports coverage. If you’re interested in joining our team for the 2012-2013 school year, give us a shout at

  • The Link General Elections are coming up!

    All of The Link’s Editorial positions will be open!

  • Mobile App!

    We’re working on a really sweet mobile app and we want to know what you’d like to see on it. Help us by answering this really short survey.

  • We’re going to Nash!

    Each year, the Canadian University Press organizes a national conference where student newspapers from all across Canada gather for a week of lectures, workshops and networking with other newspapers and real-world journalists. This year the National Conference (Nash) is happening in Victoria, BC, from January 11 to 15. The Link is sending 8 delegates there.

    Nash also features the Johnies Award, rewarding the best articles, photos, illustration of student journalists across Canada. Currently the following Link’s articles have been nominated:

    Diversity Reporting

    Meagan Wohlberg, Living in Limbo: A Refugee Claimant from Cameroon is in Immigration Purgatory

    Arts and Culture Writing

    Christopher Olson, The End of the Bookstore Cat?

    Josh Davidson, Fringe Foodie


    Peter Haeghaert, Occupy Montreal

    Follow Laura Beeston, Julia Wolfe, Julia Jones, Adam Kovac, Pierre Chauvin and Hilary Sinclair for live updates throughout the conference.

    Come by on January 20th at 4pm for our Back from Nash workshop at The Link’s office in H-649.

  • The Link’s Holiday Card Cut-Out Extravaganza!

    Here are some sweet, wintry-themed pictures to stick on the holidays gifts you send to your most loved of loved ones.

    They’re intended to distract you from the fact that The Link is officially on holidays (or make that acid trip even trippier)! Please enjoy the albino penguin you’ve always wanted, the lasers and the ice-spider that are sure to add just the right touch to the bleak whiteness that will soon be upon us, and the lack of Tuesday excitement in your lives.

    We’re back on the stands January 10. Thank Jesus!

    Love, The Link

    Graphics Clément Liu