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  • We Look Different: Online Edition!

    Over the past few months we (mostly our awesome developer) have been working hard to enhance your experience with The Link online.

    Last year we embarked on developing mobile apps, and now have both an Android and an iPhone app.

    After some time we realized that while the apps are really cool and work well, not everyone wants to download an app. And if you’re reading from a link off Facebook or Twitter, you’ll be reading The Link on your mobile browser anyway.

    Enter our new website, responsive to your screen size.

    For the last two years we’ve had a lightweight mobile site as a secondary option when a user connected to our website through a mobile device. The site was a bit clunky, and didn’t take advantage of everything smartphones and tablets are capable of these days.

    For those who prefer to peruse from their desktop or laptop browser, our main website now features a wider page width overall, a touched-up home page, new widgets for our Link Radio and Fringe Calendar content, some more slight aesthetic changes, but, most importantly, a more responsive and intuitive interface.

    Try it yourself! Resize your browser window as large or small as you want. The site will respond and adjust accordingly.

    We really like the changes, and hope they work well for you.

    Give it a shot and let us know what you think, right here in the comments section, or tweet at us.

  • Workshop: Online Privacy and Security Tools and Practices for Journalists

    A few days prior to the workshop, Kobeissi—a well-known computer security researcher, developer of the encrypted messaging service Cryptocat and The Link’s former systems administrator—approached a few of our reporters about holding this workshop in light of recent news events surrounding surveillance of journalists and then, of course, the giant National Security Agency leak whereupon it was discovered that the American government is just as terrifying as we’d all expected.

    Kobeissi was eager to share his tools and impart his knowledge in hopes of helping to secure our online communications in an increasingly insecure environment.

    We were fortunate enough to also have a few members of CUTV come by to listen, learn, and broadcast the workshop live online.

    As requested by a group of those unable to attend the workshop, we’ve posted the full two hours here, courtesy of CUTV.

    An impromptu hashtag was set up for the event, so check out our Storify below for some notable tweets from the workshop.

  • Link Radio | April 11, 2013

    This week we cover some possible resignations at the Concordia Student Union, and we bring you an update on Raymond Robinson.

    We also take a look at what FASA is doing to stir up student politics, and our former Editor in Chief reviews Alan Shepard’s first year as Concordia’s president.

    We also bring a special report from our Archives Blog of a reporter who interviewed Hunter S. Thompson during his 1985 visit to Concordia.

  • Link Radio | April 4, 2013

    This week we cover the outcome of the CSU elections, TRAC is considering a strike, the CSU’s vote to condemn bylaw P-6, and we hear an emotional address from Grand Elder Raymond Robinson on the first day of his full hunger strike.

    Tune in every Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to noon on CJLO to listen live.

  • Win a MUTEK Festival Pass

    Pick up the April 9 print edition of The Link for a chance to win a full pass to the MUTEK Digital Creativity Festival!