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  • Want A Cup Of Coffee? Join The Link!

    Ever dreamed of seeing your work being published all the while sipping on a fresh cup of coffee?

    Well, your dream is about to come true.

    The Link is currently looking for writers, photographers, videographers and graphic artists to join our news team.

    We cover art, sports and current events at Concordia University and beyond.

    Your independent paper since 1980 is also looking to swell its ranks.

    A few positions need to be filled including photo & video editor, copy editor, current affairs editor, assistant news editor and opinions editor.

    Come and meet with us. Our office is in room H-649. We gather for pitch story meetings every Tuesday at 6 p.m.

    We also have a meet and greet on Sept. 11. at 4 p.m.

    Video by Brandon Johnston

  • New Year New Look At The Link

    For The Link‘s 36th anniversary, our masthead has agreed to give your beloved muckraker a new look. We racked our brains last year, trying to figure out ways to make our website more user-friendly, taking hints and borrowing tricks from popular news sites. Our Creative Director Laura Lalonde lent her unique style to create a minimalist logo that we hope will define us in this era of cool—recognizable yet abstract—widgets.

    Let’s face it, our website was in dire need of an update.

    Beside the new logo, we’ve added drop down menus so users can reach sections—especially blogs—a lot quicker than in the past.

    Our photos are bigger. The homepage boasts articles complimented by visuals—something we think is crucial in this visual landscape that is the Internet.

    But more importantly, The Link website is visually less cluttered than it was. Our welcomed readers can refresh the homepage to display a new top story.

    Our outgoing Photo and Video Editor—he will be sorely missed—Brandon Johnston came up with a new sleek intro to adorn our videos this year.

    No doubt, this year The Link is bringing something fresh to its readers. Stay tuned. This is only a start.

    Even our office at H-649 got revamped. Come take a look.

    Video by Brandon Johnston

  • The Link’s End of the Year Review

    It’s the month of May, summer’s right around the corner and folks at The Link can’t stop reminiscing about the past year. Join our hosts Zina Oukil and Fany Hebert at the End of The Year Review. Featuring special correspondents Brayden Jagger Haines and Elysia-Marie Campbell.

  • A Call to Arms: Join The Link!

    Do you love writing, but don’t know where to get your work published?

    Do you have a passion for illustrating graphics like the stylish one on this page? Or maybe
    you’d like to take photos of Stingers’ games, shoot video of the latest protest or edit footage
    from one of our musical live sessions?

    We’re looking for writers, photographers, illustrators and editors. Head down to H-649,
    meet our team and start contributing!

    Don’t know where to start? Email and we’ll point you in the right direction.

  • Top 5 Videos of Volume 34

    Time to dust off those old CDs and whip out the Vitamin C—it’s nearly the end of the year. Before we hand the paper over to a new generation of editors, we voted for our top-five favourite videos of the volume. It was a close one!


    The Link (friends forever)

    Check back for our favourite covers and articles of the volume. This was our list of the best graphics.

    5. Skate, Drink, Slam, Repeat

    “Nestled in a nook along St. Laurent Blvd.’s main strip, with a bulky metal door adorned with a wreath of shattered Maplewood skateboard decks, the thrash-hold to TRH-Bar is pretty discrete from the outside.”

    Shot and edited by Brandon Johnston

    4. Harper Comes to Montreal

    “When Stephen Harper comes to town, it rarely goes unnoticed.”

    Shot and edited by Brandon Johnston

    3. Fringe Giveaway: TOPS & Pat Jordache

    Fringe Arts Editor Jake Russell chooses the winner of our TOPS and Pat Jordache ticket giveaway using The Link’s trusty bow.

    Shot and edited by Brandon Johnston

    2. Maridee

    “Don’t be fooled by the title of Maridee’s ‘Heart to Heart’; it’s not the typical, sappy love song you’d usually hear on Valentine’s Day.”

    Shot by Leslie Schacter, Baghdig Balyan, Juan Zamarripa and Brandon Johnston. Audio by Evan Stepanian. Produced by Geoffrey Vendeville.

    1. Frisky Kids

    Frisky Kids know what it’s like to be the nice guys who finish last, but at least they got a damn good song out of it.”

    Shot by Leslie Schacter, Shaun Michaud and Brandon Johnston. Audio by Evan Stepanian. Produced by Geoffrey Vendeville.