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  • The Link Launch Party #1 - Orientation Panel

    • Magazine cover graphic Laura Lalonde

    For our first ever magazine launch party, we held a panel on the theme “What would you have liked to know in your first year at Concordia?”

    Recorded live, panelists were Hannah Brais from the Housing and Job Office (HOJO), Cassie Smith of CURE Concordia, Raphaëlle Bigras Burrogano of the Centre for Gender Advocacy (CGE) and Sharon Renold of the Concordia Student Union Student Advocacy Centre.

    The panel was hosted by The Link’s Creative Director, Carl Bindman.

    Panel Recording Time Code

    (2:17) Raphaëlle Bigras Burrogano introduces herself.
    (3:07) Sharon Renold introduces herself.
    (4:36) Hannah Brais introduces herself.
    (7:02) Cassie Smith introduces herself.
    (8:52) Renold on helping the community and what the CSU Student Advocacy Centre does.
    (11:12) Brais on what HOJO does.
    (14:18) Smith on what CURE does.
    (19:36) Bigras Burrogano on what the CGE does.
    (24:12) Smith on what she wanted to know as a first year student.
    (25:12) Renold on what she wanted to know as a first year student.
    (26:53) Bigras Burrogano on what she wanted to know as a first year student.
    (28:52) Brais on what she wanted to know as a first year student.
    (31:21) Bigras Burrogano on in and out of school influences.
    (32:57) Brais on in and out of school influences.
    (34:40) Smith on in and out of school influences.
    (36:28) Renold on in and out school influences.
    (39:22) The four panelists on adulting and moments where they realized they were adulting.

    In a previous version of this post, Sharon Renold’s name was spelt “Sharron Renold.” The Link regrets the error.

  • The Link’s Big Move

    Journalism is a changing field. Over the past years, we’ve watched as major newspapers transition to online only, and others have shut down entirely. And while newspapers are struggling, magazines are booming, becoming more and more prominent in the industry.

    It’s a brave new world for the media, and The Link is no exception to that rule. So after lots of reflection as a team, we’ve decided that we’d like to jump into the change. We’ve created a plan to transition The Link from a weekly newspaper to a source of daily online content, in order to better get you breaking news and up-to-the-minute updates. But we won’t stop printing! We’ll be putting out a sick monthly magazine with in-depth features.

    It’s a big change, and it’s not one that we want to make alone. That’s why we’re going to be discussing and voting on our plan at The Link’s Annual General Assembly this Thursday.

    Annual General Assembly
    4:00 p.m., Thursday March 30
    The Link office—Room 649 of the Hall Building, SGW Campus

  • The Link’s General Elections for Volume 38 Are Almost Here

    As it is now, The Link is run by an editorial team of 15 people. But beginning next year with Volume 38, the new masthead will have an additional position as well as a change to a current one.

    The new masthead will have a new video editor. Up to this point, we have had one person handling photo and video. With this change, we want to have someone dedicated to making videos in a number of new formats, which will ultimately enhance our coverage.

    As well, we are changing the assistant news position to “co-news.” This means that there will be no hierarchy defining the news team as we have now. Historically, finding a differentiation in work between assistant news and news has not been clear. This change will rectify that.

    In the graphic above, you will find a description of each position and the eligible candidates. To be eligible, you must have contributed to the current volume four times in four separate issues.

    A contribution can include writing an article, taking a photo, shooting a video, illustrating a graphic, or editing pieces for at least three hours during our print production on Monday.

    It’s not too late to become eligible—letters, as well as three samples of your Link work, are due in our office by Tuesday, Feb. 21. Our office is located in room-649 in the Hall Building on Concordia’s downtown campus (1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.).

    A letter should ideally be a page-long and include your intention and qualifications as to why you are running for a position. You can run for multiple positions.

    The elections, which include a public interview process, are on Tuesday, Feb. 28. Because Feb. 21 coincides with the university’s reading week, please contact to arrange a time to come into the office to post your letter.

  • The Link’s Workshop Series: Privacy, News Writing and Drawing

    The Link hosts journalism-related workshops every week. Come by the office (1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W. H-649), they’re free.

    Here are events coming up in March 2016.

    Internet Privacy

    How do you protect your data and sources from government spies? Come learn about internet privacy at our encrypting workshop on Friday, March 4 @ 5 p.m. with The Link’s tech saviour Cleve Higgins. Bring a laptop and/or smartphone!

    News vs Current Affairs Writing

    Join The Link’s news team on Friday, March 11 @ 5 p.m. to discuss how to write ledes, cover panels and talks, report on protests, and write a dope feature that’ll have readers weeping by the conclusion.

    Portraiture Draw Jam

    Drawing isn’t just for hoity-toity art students, everyone can be a graphics contributor! It’s not scary, we promise. Come loosen up on Wednesday, March 16 @ 3 p.m. with a guided afternoon live-model-jam featuring our graphics editor Madeleine Gendreau. Bring paper, bring a model (?), bring yourself.

  • Contribute to the Gender and Sexuality Special Issue

    HEY YOU!

    We’re looking for writers, illustrators, photographers, poets, videographers and any creative minds to share their experiences of identity, and journalism about issues related to gender and sexuality for our last print special issue of the year.

    Share your ideas and ensure your voice is heard.

    Deadline for submission: March 11, 2016


    …or come by The Link’s office (1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W. Room H-649).