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  • To Rent or Not to Rent

    Students looking for an apartment in Montreal typically have to trust that a “potential landlord isn’t ripping them off—but there may be a solution in the works.

  • Who Wants To DM Stephen Harper?

    Geoff de Ruiter is a student just like you. One day while reading through articles on the National Post’s website and watching how engaged people were with something as trivial as the comments section, he had an idea.

    What if it was just as easy to type a message to your local politician as it is to reply to BigBadJoe56?

  • New Media Hackers

    CBC Hackathon-Winning Community App May Change The Way News Is Shared In The Future

  • Tough as Sticks: Troitsky Bridge Building Competition

    Using popsicle sticks, toothpicks, white glue and floss, participants create bridges and test their durability with a crushing machine that puts pressure on the structures.

  • Arcade 11 Celebrates Video Games

    Arcade 11 featured several experimental and independently designed games making use of a wide variety of familiar and innovative technologies such as the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

  • Hacking The Patriarchy

    The Pyladies are an international membership group formed to help women learn Python, a programming language, in a safe, friendly environment. While men are still welcome, the group enables ladies to network without having to deal with the usual trappings of patriarchy.