The Link

  • Aim Low

    Aim Low find a home for their drone-heavy post rock in Montreal, combing heavily-effected guitars with atmospheric percussion. What better place to experience their brooding, meditative sound than in a church?

  • Young Lungs

    Punk-inspired indie trio Young Lungs played an acoustic version of their song “Blood on the Streets” for us at the Mile End diner Nouveau Palais.

  • Ruckus

    Ruckus blends sax, bass, drums and guitar as foundation for live, smooth Montreal hip hop.

  • Motel Raphäel

    Motel Raphaël sang folky, country harmonies over soft guitar and glockenspiel for us at Burritoville’s library on a rainy Sunday night.

  • David Simard

    Local singer/songwriter David Simard will be releasing his new album Slower, Lower at Casa del Popolo on Nov. 28, with Toronto’s “intimate indie-songstress” Loom as a special guest.

  • Sweet Mother Logic

    Sweet Mother Logic play two new songs off their Natural History LP and chat about the new record.

  • Gauntlet Hair

    With a new album, Top Bunk, hitting the stores on Oct 18, the Denver duo Gauntlet Hair closed their Canadian tour in Montreal before heading down to the American east coast. They performed at Casa del Popolo on Sunday night to a small but welcoming audience.