Theatre a la Sauvage

The Mother of all Mother Houses

The St-Ambroise Fringe Festival is just around the corner, May 30th to June 19th!

With over 700 performances to see of all the different genres of theatre you can think of, it gets little overwhelming to pick and choose. So every week Theatre a la Sauvage is focusing on a few must see events. At the top of our list is…

The Mother House by Tamara Lagrandeur

91 year old Constance McMullen is forced to leave her home after more than 70 years to make way for new Concordia University student residences. Not going down without a fight, this spunky nonagenarian struggles to find her strength and faith in God to stand her ground.

This comedy hits close to home as Montreal watches a piece of its history diminish in size slowly over the next few years. The Grey Nuns order sold its building in 2004 to Concordia University, and with it sold their home and hearts.

Lagrandeur took a tour of the chapel while working on The Mother House.

“It was saddening seeing the pride these woman had in their place of worship and how heartbreaking it would be leaving after so many years,” said Lagrandeur. “One of the Nun’s fathers donated the floors to the chapel and the sentiment pained when she thought she would never step through the doors again.”

This touching comedy struggles with identity, faith and a need for our own sacred space. It is my number one pick of the Fringe.

Playing at Improve Montreal (3713 St Laurent) June 10th 8pm, 11th pm, 12th 4:30,14th 7:35, 16th 7:35 18th 11:45

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