Protectors’ Policy

It’s a dangerous world out there. Luckily for you, Concordia has numerous policies in place aimed at keeping you safe. Here’s a look at some of the things keeping you out of harm’s way.

Recognition of student organizations and the use of university space

The school doesn’t just want to keep you safe from the bad people. They realize that sometimes they need to save you from… themselves. Hence section two of this official policy, which states: “In the normal course of events, the University should not attempt to monitor the activities or to screen the materials used by student associations or organizations.”

Emergency Management

Concordia has a designated team who is tasked with coming up with contingency plans for all kinds of bad stuff. Think of the Emergency Management Team as an iPhone of or disasters. Fire? There’s a plan for that. Chemical spill in a science lab? There’s a plan for that? Godzilla? No plan for that. Yet.

According to section two, the team is headed by VP Services Roger Côté (or, as the policy calls him, ‘Incident Commander and Chair’). They’ve got plans for three types of emergencies.

Category 1. “An emergency that is localized, requiring an initial response by the Security Department, with limited support from [Environmental Health & Safety office], Facilities Operations, Volunteer Emergency Responders, and in some cases, external emergency services. These emergencies are usually short in duration (generally less than one hour) and do not significantly affect the University’s operations.”

Category 2: “An emergency that may last more than one hour, with adverse effects on University operations, such as class cancellations and department closures. These emergencies usually require the coordination of several University departments and, in some cases, external emergency services.”

Category 3: “Declared by the Vice-President, Services, this is an emergency situation that threatens to cause, or has caused, death or significant injuries to staff, students, faculty or the public; or that has, or threatens to, disrupt operations, or cause physical or environmental damage. Additionally, an event that may threaten the University’s financial standing or public image may be classified as a Category 3 emergency.”


So, what are you not allowed to do on campus? Well, that’s a pretty broad category.

According to section 13, “No person shall damage or destroy University property, engage in violent behaviour, threaten violence or engage in any other illegal behaviour on University premises.”
So, basically, if it’s against the law, they don’t want you to do it. Simple?

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