Polarized Polaris Prize

You’d figure that the president of the Canadian University Press would know how to write a non-biased article; unfortunately, it seems like Erin Cauchi has to take a few more objective journalism courses next semester.

Trivializing Karkwa’s win of the Polaris Prize by implying that the Francophones on the jury were so small-minded as to only consider French artists for the prize is idiotic. Yeah, the fact that three out of the eleven grand judges were French must have been why Karkwa won. Anglophones must somehow be above that kind of prejudice, right?

I guess it’s understandable that some would consider such a band to be “random.” They’ve made quite a name for themselves during the past 12 years that they’ve been active, collecting three Félix Awards and multiple notable references in Voir. I find it to be a shame that certain individuals don’t delve into the Francophone music scene more than they do—maybe then they wouldn’t resort to writing insulting and immature passages in articles if their favourite band didn’t win a particular prize.

—E.C. Willard,
Independent Student

This article originally appeared in The Link Volume 31, Issue 09, published October 12, 2010.

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