• Graphic Elizabeth Xu

I get that when you’re in a relationship, you feel the urge to show your partner some affection by kissing them or holding their hand—or just expressing it verbally. Sure, that’s really sweet, and I encourage it.

But I have a major issue when it comes to couples that openly play tonsil hockey in very public areas as if there’s nobody else around them. Almost like they can’t comprehend the concept of a public area.

Hallways at school? Two people sucking face right around the corner. I’m just trying to get to my locker, guys. Metro ride back home? Oh, there they are, going at it again like it’s their only source of air.

I get it, you guys are super into one another, and that’s really cool, but there are private places for that kind of stuff. Y’know, places where it’s just you guys and you can go at each other however you’d like.

But in a place where it’s crowded with people who can very well see what’s going on? Not only can we see it, but the sound your guys’ mouths make is very much audible.

So even when we’re doing our best trying not to make things even more awkward by looking in your general direction to, I don’t know, TRY to give you guys some privacy in this public space, we can still hear it. Very clearly.

Yes, it makes people uncomfortable. No, I’m not some prude who can’t handle the sight of sexual activity. Yes, I can see you grabbing your partner’s ass, please stop; I just want to get my shift at Provigo over with, this is a grocery store for Christ’s sake.

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