Letter: Vote Yes to QPIRG

In a world where disturbing anti-immigrant and anti-women views are getting more and more space, it’s important to have organizations and resources to unapologetically promote social and environmental justice.

QPIRG Concordia is one such space, and I urge my fellow students to vote YES to QPIRG Concordia and their small fee levy increase during the upcoming Concordia Student Union by-elections.

One of the positive things about Concordia is that it’s a place where progressive, feminist and ecological ideas can thrive. QPIRG helps that process with its many working groups, on issues ranging from anti-racism and immigrant rights, to accessibility and queer/trans support.

QPIRG is a welcoming hub for justice and one of the reasons that makes the Concordia learning experience so interesting.

For all of these reasons, I encourage everyone to VOTE YES to the QPIRG fee-levy increase, and VOTE YES to supporting grassroots research and social and environmental justice!

I appeal to all progressive, feminist and ecological Concordians to come out in large numbers between Nov. 15 to 17 to support social justice on campus, and support QPIRG Concordia.

—Jenna Rose, Women’s Studies & Community, Public Affairs, and Policy Studies

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