Letter: Vote Yes to QPIRG and Its History of Resistance

Since first arriving at Concordia, I have consistently been intrigued and amazed by the Quebec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia.

Intrigued by the discourses and ideas that broadened my political understandings and strengthened my values of social and environmental justice.

Amazed by the incredible work being done by the organization, whether acting as an incubator for working groups, hosting events and workshops or being a campus link to the grassroots community movements.

Today, I continue to be amazed by QPIRG Concordia, and the role it has played in growing and shaping the political landscape of not only Concordia, but Montreal and Quebec at large.

I can not even begin to list ALL the amazing work accomplished by its many working groups. Here is a short list of some notable examples:

  • Solidarity Across Borders: organization that works with migrants, immigrants and refugees towards justice.
  • Childcare Collective: provides childcare for events in order to support parents
  • Open door books: program which corresponds and delivers books to prisoners
  • Indigenous Women and Two-Spirit Harm Reduction Coalition: provides free harm reductive resources, referrals and services to Indigenous peoples in Montreal
  • Collective Opposed to Police Brutality: name says it all!
  • Accessibilize Montreal/Québec accessible: works to make Montreal more accessible for people with disabilities

And many, many more …

Since it began as a fee levy group in 1989, QPIRG has always been on the front lines supporting and building resistance struggles. Beginning in the 80’s and 90’s and continuing till today, QPIRG has been involved in indigenous sovereignty efforts, campaigns for nuclear disarmament and global peace, opposition to apartheid in South Africa, global justice movements, queer and prisoner solidarity, migrant justice, trans struggles and environmental justice.

Over the years many campus organization that are now thriving and autonomous evolved from working groups and projects at QPIRG. These include Right to Move/La Voie Libre; Popular Film Series (evolved into Cinema Politica); Sustainable Concordia; Vegan Lunch Program (became People’s Potato); Project Take Root (evolved into Frigo Vert).

It has been almost ten years now since QPIRG Concordia’s last fee-levy increase, and in order for the organization to continue being at the forefront of radical change, it needs stable and secure funding.

—Gabriel Velasco, QPIRG Board member

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