Two Stingers Football Players Drafted to the CFL

Offensive Lineman Maurice Simba and Defensive Lineman Michael Sanelli Will Both Be Headed to the Canadian Football League

  • Maurice Simba looks to pursue his football career with the Toronto Argonauts, after four seasons with the maroon and gold. Elisa Barbier

Maurice Simba and Michael Sanelli have been selected 29th and 39th respectively in the 2019 Canadian Football League entry draft last Thursday.

The selections come following stand out performances from both stingers, which garnered Simba attention from the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs.

Simba, an offensive lineman, was taken 29th overall by the Toronto Argonauts after turning heads for the last two years with his imposing six foot and eight inch, 320-pound frame as well as his dominant playstyle. What is most extraordinary about his story is how he only started playing football six years ago after having immigrated from the Democratic republic of the Congo.

Being the first pick of the fourth round at the draft help cement his place among the top ten offensive linemen who were eligible, as he came in ninth position.

Sanelli, who has been on the Stingers roster since the 2015-2016 season, was taken 39th overall by the Montreal Alouettes. He finished second in the RSEQ with 5.5 sacks last season and consistently found himself giving offensive lines a difficult time.

As the second pick of fifth round, Sanelli’s talent ranks him as the eighth-best defensive lineman available in the draft.

There are still developments in Simba’s case given that the Chiefs’ rookie camp is still ongoing, but it is always nice to see a Stinger stay in Montreal.

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