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The 40th edition of the Festival de Nouveau Cinema, “Ruby” edition, promises a brilliant array of sexy and cutting edge films from all over the world, beginning this week with film labs, master classes and exciting new initiatives from the festival.

The festival establishes a great reputation amongst the Montreal film and art community with a mandate is geared towards films and filmmakers instead of products and commercial aspects of cinema, that many other film festivals preferentially cater to.

Programmers take part in activities around the City of Montreal. This year they participated as jury members at the Annual Concordia Student film festival in May where they engaged emerging and young filmmakers. The FNC also collaborates with Cinema Politica and presents cutting edge and socially conscious documentary films.

This year the festival highlights include Asghar Farhadi’s Golden Bear winner A Separation and Alexandre Sokourov’s Golden Lion winner Faust. Master international filmmakers Pedro Almodovar, Nuri Bilge, Ceylan, Bertrand Bonello, Lars von Trier, Wim Wenders and Takashi Miike also have promising works in this year’s FNC.

Many great films that may not be commercially accessible will be screened at the FNC. The Indian film Gandu (faggot) is making its Canadian debut here. Kaushik Mukherjee’s critically acclaimed film is making waves due to its violence and sexual depiction of a highly conservative society.

There will be an Amos Gitai masterclass and retrospective. Along with several workshops this year the FNC promises to be one of the best festivals in Canada and definitely the one Montreal cinephiles await all year.

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