During Super Bowl, Twitter Storm Denounces Native Logos

  • Tiffany Harrington composed a spoken word poem about Native appropriations. Video Brandon Johnston

During the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, one Twitter trend stood out from the rest.

The #NotYourMascot campaign aimed to get the word out about “racist” team names and Native cultural appropriations.

The campaign was part of an effort to get the NFL team Washington Redskins to change their name, which many Native peoples find offensive. Days before the Super Bowl, the National Congress of American Indians released a video in support of the #ChangeTheName drive.

Closer to home, Quebec chips manufacturer Yum Yums caused a similar controversy in November when it decided to bring back its retro “little Indian logo.”

Tiffany Harrington is a McGill student and a member of the school’s Indigenous Student Alliance. She composed this spoken word poem about Native cultural appropriation last year.

Video by Brandon Johnston

She shared her poem with The Link at Burritoville.

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