CSU Election Results: Cut the Crap Disqualified, Runners Up Elected

Cut the Crap Wanting to Appeal CEO Decision

  • The CSU’s CEO has announced the updated results of the general election. File Photo Nikolas Litzenberger

The Concordia Student Union’s Chief Electoral Officer Florian Prual has announced the updated election results, as follows:

From slate riZe:
Margot Berner – General Coordinator
Manuela Simo – Loyola Coordinator
Paige Keleher – Student Life Coordinator
Apochele Christina Kamwendo – Sustainability Coordinator

From slate New Community:
Jessica Avalos Salas – Academic and Advocacy Coordinator
Emily Faraj – Internal Affairs Coordinator
Nicolas Chevalier – External and Mobilization Coordinator
Désirée Blizzard – Finance Coordinator

The updated results come in the wake of slate _Cut the Crap_’s disqualification, on the grounds of having violated CSU election policies.

Prual received evidence that members of the slate were campaigning during the election period, including sending messages inciting students to vote for them.

The CEO said in a Facebook post Friday night that candidates receiving the second most votes in the election were voted in as Executive seats cannot remain vacant.

Cut the Crap have declined to speak to the media at this time, but have said in a Facebook post that the slate will be appealing the CEO’s decision to the Judicial Board.

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