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Hive Opening Delayed by Electricity Deficit

  • Photo Riley Sparks

Despite hopes that the long-awaited Hive Café would be ready for Orientation Week, Concordians will have to wait a little longer to use the only student-run food service on the Loyola campus.

After over a year of planning, it was discovered that the electrical consumption of the café would exceed the capabilities of the building and would therefore prevent it from opening until at least October, according to Concordia Student Union VP Services & Loyola Melissa Fuller.

“We came in [and] found out that it was a problem, so there was an assessment done on the building,” said Fuller. “We figured out how much electricity was needed to run this café and then an assessment done on how much power was actually available to the CSU for the café. They don’t match by a long shot.”

Fuller added she was given two possible solutions—a short-term answer that would see the installation of a new electrical panel that would cost $50,000, which she said the university would pick up, and a longer-term remedy that could run about $500,000.

After a meeting on Aug. 24, both parties determined the short-term solution was best moving forward, while plans for the future would include using students’ expertise and sustainable power sources such as solar panels.

“There will be an engineering class this year presented with a green roof project for the SC building, where they will have the opportunity to research, plan, eventually present their ideas on the best way to create a green roof,” said Fuller.

Fuller acknowledged that the people in the administration she’s worked with have been helpful, singling out Facilities Management and Andrew Woodall, the new Dean of Students. Fuller said she was confident that a solution will be worked out that will make The Hive a sustainable student resource into the future.

“It’s something we really need the university’s support on. It’s a very positive thing to have a [student-run] café at Loyola. It’s something students have been waiting for a really long time. We expect the university to be co-operative because it will benefit everyone.”

Fuller also said she hoped to have a set date for The Hive Café’s opening by Sept. 6.

Concordia Facilities Management could not be reached for comment.

This article originally appeared in The Link Volume 32, Issue 01, published August 30, 2011.

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