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Art Fest to Hold Annual Info Party, Launch New Website

Entering its 11th year, Art Matters, Montreal’s student-run multidisciplinary art festival, is back. Get ready.

Over the years, the festival has become an integral part of Concordia student life, an incredible forum for students to show their work and to experience the artistic forays of their peers.

As the largest student-run festival in North America, there is an opportunity to do big things, and this year’s crop of organizers say they’re ready to do everything they can to further the influence the festival has on both Concordia and Montreal’s artistic communities.

“Art Matters 2012 is looking pretty exciting right now,” said Vivien Leung, outreach coordinator of this year’s festival. “We have a super dynamic team of producers who are all really intent on pushing the festival framework further. We want to make more events and higher quality events.”

The team has already planned several new additions to the festival, including an open house weekend and a Nuit Blanche event.

“I am super excited about the open house weekend, during which people will be able to visit multiple shows in a day following our itinerary and we’ll hopefully also have some collaborations with local art organizations,” said Leung.

“Open house weekend is going to be a risk because it’s the first time we’re trying it, but it’s a very interesting new addition to the festival.”

“Caro Loutfi and Zoe Koke, the special events coordinator and exhibitions coordinator respectively, are planning an amazing Nuit Blanche event, but we can’t say too much about it now.”

This Thursday marks the festival’s annual info party, a free event held at La Sala Rossa. The party will feature displays by Concordia artists, as well as performances by UN, Mozart’s Sister, The Breezes and Gold Zebra, and the launch of the new Art Matters website.

“Patryk Stasieczek, the visual coordinator, has some really creative ideas for the website to make it more interactive and informative that I think everyone will want to keep an eye out for,” added Leung. The new website will focus on interactivity and serve as the main location for information and updates on the festival.

On top of the music and visuals to keep you entertained, Art Matters executives will be on hand to answer any and all questions.

The info party is key in Art Matters’ goal of increasing communication and connectedness within the Concordia community, as well as with the larger Montreal scene. Art Matters is all about proving that art, well, matters—and that artistic exchange and interaction is central within that.

Art Matters Info Party / Oct. 20 / Sala Rossa (4848 St. Laurent Blvd.) / 8:00 pm

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