• CATs March Against School Administration

    Demo Ends with Alan Shepard Nowhere to be Found

    Following the tribunal decision which gave students letters of reprimand for striking in spring 2015, protesters delivered their own letter to Concordia University President Alan Shepard earlier this afternoon.

  • A Broken Homestay

    Concordia International Student Condemns Montreal Housing Conditions

    A Concordia international student will be filing a violation this week to Quebec’s Human Rights Commission for discrimination based on ethnic origin and language.

  • Why Can’t I Speak My Mother Tongue?

    The Trials of Learning African Languages in Canada

    African languages make up about one third of the world’s spoken languages, but those languages rarely travel outside of the continent and its islands.

  • Who Do We Trust?

    Police Brutality Hurts More Than Its Victims—It Harms Society as a Whole

    What is true for individuals tends also to be true for society in general. That is why even one case of police brutality is too many. It chokes the life out of the living, breathing faith that, as human beings, we have certain fundamental and inalienable rights regardless of merit.

  • Montreal Activist Arrested Following Anti-Right Wing Demonstration

    Jaggi Singh Fined $588 For Noise Violation And Refusal To Cooperate With Police

    He was fined $440 for being in violation of a by-law concerning noise and $148 for refusing to cooperate with the police.

  • The Emotional Weight of Womanhood

    How Women are Expected to Do More For Less

    The unfair cost of being a woman is rarely acknowledged.

  • Nahm’sayin?

    Fitness Culture Doesn’t Give Us Squat

    I’m not trying to hate on people who want to improve themselves. I’m just exhausted and nauseated from wrestling with the fact that the one lane to being considered healthy in Western culture seems to be buying $10 bottles of organic juice and never skipping leg day.

  • Letter: Vote for Act Together

    In a sea of big (often empty) talk, the actions of the Act Together team resonate clearly and meaningfully, and not just for me. If you let them, they will for you too.

  • Letter: Vote YES to Opposing Pipelines and the Tar Sands

    It has now become our duty to resist, and to join the movement to end tar sands development and end pipeline construction.

  • Editorial: Concordia, Help Your International Students With Housing

    If the school is already referring international students to a student- run housing organization for residence issues, then Concordia should be funding this organization. With more money for resources, employment, outreach to students and information, HOJO will be able to go beyond what they are doing now to help create a less exploitative city for international students.