• The Pope of Peace Park

    The Story of “Boots,” the Man Who Fought to Legalize Skateboarding in Montreal

    “Boots” sits as if he has just realized the full weight of his decade-long labour of love. He won’t even crack a smile. I cannot fathom how such a curmudgeonly man could be so admired.

  • Reflections on Metafilms

    Film Curator Danny Lennon Discusses Movie Selection for Carte Blanche Series

    From Jan. 20 to Feb. 17, Montreal’s Phi Centre will be presenting the Metafilms Carte Blanche series, five nights of film screenings highlighting favorites selected by Metafilms’ producers: Nancy Grant and Sylvain Corbeil.

  • Teachin’ about Austerity

    Concordia Students Join Together in Teach-In to Fight Austerity

    Members of the recently mobilized Solidarity Concordia want to bring political activism to students by connecting different Concordia student groups for a weeklong conference on anti-austerity projects at the beginning of February.

  • CSU-Run Daycare Project Moving Forward, Reggie’s to Remain Closed Until September

    CSU Executives Meet with University to Find a Space for a New Daycare on Campus

    Concordia Student Union executives have begun meeting with university administrators to try to find a space on campus for a CSU-run daycare.

  • Ave Mario: An 8-bit Orchestra

    Montreal Video Game Orchestra to Premiere Super Nintendo-Inspired Concert

    Songs from video games are the unsung heroes of the audiovisual world. Film scores are considered “high art,” with their own esteemed dedicated categories at the Oscars, and Top 40 radio pop songs sweep the Grammys every year. Video game music has yet to break free from its confines to the console.

  • Casting Out PTSD

    Fly Fishing in the Lachine Canal Helps Veterans Tackle Mental Illness

    Benoit Sorel throws his gear into an old army duffle bag, gets on his bike and hits the Lachine Canal’s waterfront bike trail. He surveys Montreal as he outfits himself with waders and water-repellent clothing. He can see flashes of perch below the water awaiting his drifting line. With one motion after the other, Sorel loses himself in the act of fly fishing.

  • nah’msayin’?

    I’d rather zero bus shelters than several that tease me so

    One must take shelter in an errant doorway in -30°C temperatures whilst scrambling to check the STM app in the absence of a timetable whilst keeping an eye on the bus stop from your faraway makeshift shelter.

  • Mixing It Up

    Montreal Based EDM DJ Dave Luxe Preps for His Upcoming Igloofest Set

    Dave Luxe, self-proclaimed future beats and R&B DJ and producer, originally from Belgium, claims to have landed in the right city because of Montreal’s vibrant music scene along with the prominent fan base the city has offered him.

  • Movie Review: Arctic Swell

    Surfing the Ends of the Earth

    The Arctic is not only rough but magical. The film, Arctic Swell – Surfing the End of the Earth, immediately instills this sense right from the opening overhead shot of an individual carrying a surfboard through sub-zero snowy conditions.

  • Flag Plus Ingenuity

    Rob Campana and Flag Plus Football Build New Community for Football Players in Montreal

    About 10 years ago, flag football had no home in Montreal. The ability for a casual fan to partake in a non-violent rendition of the game responsible for the patronage decline of Sunday church service was lacking and, in some cases, non-existent.