• Ready. Set. Game.

    CESA Holds City Heroes 2015 Tournament, Looks To Improve Membership

    As students celebrate the beginning of reading week, a group of hardcore video gamers remain on the 7th floor of Concordia’s Hall building, competing against each other for League of Legends supremacy.

  • Next Stop: Playoffs

    Huge Weekend Victories Set Up First Round Tilt Versus Montreal

    Their game plan was simple: go out, play hard, and come away with some added confidence before the first round of the playoffs this Thursday. From the looks of things, the Concordia Stingers women’s hockey team brought their work ethic, confidence, and a much needed goal-scoring punch at the right time.

  • Ariel Pink Is Way More Than You Think

    He’s Not a Monster, He’s an Artist

    “We are afraid of monsters because they are ugly.”

    So goes one of Ariel Pink’s most lucid tweets. Of course, any sense of austerity is immediately blown off by a silly GIF, sitting directly under the statement, a quick clip of a lo-fi monster, awkwardly flailing about.

  • Long-Term Stability Between The Pipes

    Women’s Hockey Goaltending Tandem Tops In Country

    For a hockey team to succeed on and off the ice, they need a core group of leaders. A solid and stable lineup with a balanced attack, a strong defensive core and, behind all lines of defense, a goaltender. When you have one, you’re good. But when you have two, you’re set.

  • Reggie’s to Open in September

    Students to Vote on Renovation Costs and the Future of CUSAcorp

    The highly anticipated reopening of Concordia’s student bar could take place this fall if Concordia students vote to approve a multimillion-dollar budget for renovations.

  • Women’s Basketball: Final Home Game

    Five-Year Veteran Kaylah Barrett Plays Final Home Game in a Stingers Uniform

    The Concordia Stingers could not overcome the McGill Martlets’ physical play in five-year veteran Kaylah Barrett’s final home game, losing 65-53 and giving them a 6-9 record on the season.

  • Swarming the Redmen

    The Stingers Edge Out the Redmen in their Final Home Game of the Season

    Trailing by four heading into the fourth quarter, the Concordia Stingers rallied to beat their longtime rival, the McGill Redmen, 69-61 on Saturday afternoon, clinching their ticket to the postseason.

  • A New Team in Town

    Montreal Impact Academy Club FC Montreal Looks Ahead to Inaugural Season

    This spring, Montreal will gain another professional soccer team. FC Montreal will play in the United Soccer League, the league the Montreal Impact used to compete in during the early 2000s. The Link spoke to Phillippe Eullaffroy, the Montreal Impact Academy director and head coach of FC Montreal, about the creation of the new club.

  • A Hip-Hop Artist Turned Concordia Professor

    Yassin Alsalman, a.k.a. The Narcicyst, Tries to Be a “Conduit for Free Thought” in Class

    I could hear the music getting louder as I approached the door—this was not my imagination. MF Doom’s Potholderz was playing full blast on the professor’s MacBook Pro. A short, young-looking man with a black beard, big round glasses and a toque that read “POUTINE” was bobbing his head to the music. So this was the famous “Narcicyst” my friends were raving about, the MC turned professor.

  • Protests No Longer Postpone Marc Garneau’s Talk

    Event to Take Place March 20

    A talk featuring Liberal MP Marc Garneau has been rescheduled for March 20 after it was postponed last month due to possible protests.