• A Net Gain

    Stingers Women’s Hockey Add Size, Skill and a Familiar Name to the Roster

    With four veterans moving on from the team this year, Concordia’s women’s hockey team will be missing a large chunk of the leadership core that helped lead the Stingers to their first playoff appearance in three seasons.

  • Vote Experience CSU

    Being a part of Colors of Concordia has taught me the value of cultural diversity within the Concordia community and the importance of having well-rounded associations. Team Experience CSU encompasses a variety of executives who deliver specific strengths from different areas; this would be the first major point where Experience CSU has irrevocably gained my trust and support.

  • FASA Votes to Join ASSÉ

    Following a vote last week, Concordia’s Fine Arts Student Alliance will join the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante, the most militant of Quebec’s major student federations.

  • An Open Invitation to Art Matters’ AGM

    Art Matters has signed the Support Concordia Community declaration because our organization believes that the question of per-faculty opt-out en masse is problematic.

  • I Support Experience CSU

    As president-elect of Casa Cares, I am writing to express my support for Experience CSU. Having worked with Melissa Payette (running President) and Sabrina Jorrin (running VP Student Life) at Casa Cares for almost a year now, I am confident that both will do an excellent job in representing the student body and better our University experience.

  • VOTE YES to the Per-Faculty Fee-Levy Referendum Question

    Concordia students have been told that per-faculty votes on fee-levies would do more bad than good. Some have even preached that this question is “killing” fee-levy groups, or even that those who wrote these referenda hate fee-levy groups completely.

  • Vote NO to the Per-Faculty Fee-Levy Referendum Question

    Together we can keep the fee levy community alive and keep cross faculty interactions between students.

  • Out-of-Province Students Aren’t Trying to Steal the Election

    Please believe me when I say that, last week, when I went to try to register to vote, I did not do so with malicious or dishonest intentions.

  • Stronger United

    Vote for CSUnited This Week

    Concordia is strong. But it is stronger united.

  • Working Towards Student Engagement

    Why You Should Vote for Community Matters

    Through travelling I have come to realize that the privileges afforded to us in Quebec, through our student organizations, are to be cherished, held onto and defended—they are not a given.