• Chuck Wilson for CSU President

    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chuck Wilson for three years now, and he has my complete endorsement for the job of CSU President.

  • Vote for Community Matters

    I’m writing to urge as many students as possible to vote for the future well-being of the Concordia community in the upcoming CSU elections on March 25, 26 and 27.

  • #CSU2014: Teams Square Off in Election Debates

    3 Teams, 2 Independent Candidates Debate Student Space

    Turnout was high compared to past years at the Concordia Student Union’s election debates this week, with around 40 people coming to listen to the three teams and two independent candidates at the downtown campus Wednesday and roughly a dozen the following day at Loyola.

  • Vote for Experience CSU

    As the president of the John Molson Sustainable Business Group (JSG), I wish to personally support the team: Experience CSU.

  • CSU Judicial Board Upholds Per-Faculty Fee Levy Question

    Referendum on Funding for Independent Student Groups to Appear on the Ballot

    The Concordia Student Union Judicial Board has approved a modified version of a referendum question passed by CSU council asking undergrads if they want fee-levy group…

  • Cameron H. Tisshaw for VP Academic and Advocacy

    We, Andrew Proppe (President of ABACUS), Rasha Al Homsy (President of SCSA & VP Internal Affairs of BSA), Shannon Bellevue (VP-Social for SCSA), and Eva Fog (President of BSA) support Cameron H. Tisshaw for VP–Academic and Advocacy for the Concordia Student Union (CSU).

  • Cameron Hogg-Tisshaw for CSU VP Academic and Advocacy

    I write to support Mr. Cameron H. Tisshaw’s candidacy as next CSU VP Academic and Advocacy. I’ve known Cameron for the past 2 years – both as a friend and colleague. Cameron’s effortless charisma, intellect, dedication and friendliness are some of the many characteristics that make him qualified to occupy the above-mentioned position.

  • If the Webster Library Grows, the Education Department Has to Go

    Department Could Move to Faubourg as Library Unveils Plans for Expansion

    Concordia’s education department might have to leave the LB Building—and some members of the department are concerned about the space proposed for their relocation…

  • Bad Business

    The ABCs of the Segal Centre’s New Production ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’

    The world of David Mamet’s classic Glengarry Glen Ross is one built on the power of words as weapons and glasses of hard whiskey. It’s a world where the single golden rule is ABC—Always Be Closing.

  • Centre for Gender Advocacy Seeks Fee Levy Increase

    Eight Cents Per Credit to Cover Inflation, New Campaigns

    The Centre for Gender Advocacy currently receives $0.29 per credit from undergraduate students, but a referendum question to be featured in the upcoming Concordia Student Union general elections seeks to raise that amount by $0.08.