• Letter: I Love You, People’s Potato

    You nourish my body and liberate my soul.

  • Editorial: Another Severance Package, Another Severed Tie

    The university acted irresponsibly in hiring a CFO only to fire her a mere three months into the contract, and to award her such a large severance pay in a time of major financial compression is unacceptable.

  • Beat it

    Drum Your Stress Away

    Everyone is welcome to drop by the chaplaincy to participate in the drum circle, no experience is necessary and the hand drums are provided.

  • Talking Consent With HIV

    Documentary Explores HIV Non-Disclosure

    On Feb. 18, Concordia is hosting a lecture on the criminalization of HIV, the impact of non-disclosure laws on people living with the disease and the activist response. It will be accompanied by a screening of a recent documentary by the organization entitled, Consent: HIV Non-Disclosure and Sexual Assault Law.

  • Mental Squeeze

    Discussing Mental Illness and Medical Stigma

    This new pattern of dismissing physical health concerns because of a mental health diagnosis is disturbing, to say the least. I’ve come to realize that I’m not the only one who feels they were or are not being taken seriously.

  • On Black Representation in the Media

    This Just In: It Is Not Okay

    Newsflash: white people struggle to empathize with Black people because we are not depicted as actual people within the mainstream media.

  • Against Crude Food

    Concordia Residence and Residents Need to Reevaluate Their Policies

    Concordia should reevaluate their meal plan contract procedures, and food service managers need to be ready to fix the problems apparent on a daily basis.

  • Where do the Oromo People Fit Into the Story?

    As Concordia students, we feel it is important to promote awareness of this issue and urge international organizations to mount campaigns pressuring the government to release Ethiopian political prisoners, end the repression of political dissent and grant the Oromo people the respect and self-determination they have historically been denied.

  • Baseball: Moneyball

    Baseball Team Kicks Off Second Annual Crowdfunding Campaign

    The Canadian University baseball season is quite short. While the players aren’t in game shape all year round, there is a part of the team cycle that never quite stops: fundraising.

  • “The Smartest On The Court”

    Schneiders Suffrard Doesn’t Study in the Conventional Sense

    Schneiders Suffrard is studying. A video plays, and on the glowing screen, men are playing basketball. On the other side sits Suffrard, watching and learning. Instead of memorizing formulas, he keenly observes plays, team systems and strategies.