• CFS? More Like CF-Fesses

    Breaking Down a Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit

    Back in 2009, a petition by Concordia students was served to the offices of the Canadian Federation of Students. Summed up, it said: We want out.

  • Tagging Goes Too Far for Nilufar

    While it might seem common for victims of vandalism to pursue criminal cases and press charges, some people like restaurant owner Nilufar Al-Shourbaji don’t think it’s necessary to go after the perpetrators.

  • For the Last and First Time : Sophie Calle @ MAC

    Themes of perception, sight and voyeurism have been at the centre of Sophie Calle’s work ever since her 1979 photographic series Suite Venetienne, where she disguised herself to follow a man and document his walks around the city of Venice. Much like a detective, she can establish an intimacy with her subjects through close, attentive observation.

  • Diverse Backgrounds Converge for International Women’s Day March

    The sound of drums and passionate cries to action rang out Sunday, as around 100 demonstrators celebrated International Women’s Day in Norman Bethune Square.

  • Arts and Science Graduate Students Seek Possible Separation

    The Graduate Students Association (GSA), which represents all graduate students, is seen as inefficient by many of the university’s graduate students—like those in the various and broad-ranging departments of the Arts and Science Faculty.

  • But What if I Don’t Like Undemocratic EU-Imposed Austerity?

    Anti-austerity Protests Unite Oppressed Majorities Throughout Europe

    Sadly, Europe is perhaps the most divided it ever has been since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The EU’s solution is largely more federalism and softly reforms at a time when many countries, including Greece, need radical change.

  • Finding Home in Foreign Lands

    The New Reality Greek Students Face, According to One Studying in Montreal

    A graduate student reconciles the realities of living and studying in Greece with her experience at Concordia.

  • One Final Time

    Stingers Men’s Basketball Team Loses Semi-Final Game Versus McGill

    The Concordia Stingers men’s basketball team were eliminated from the Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec’s final-four playoffs on Friday night, losing 74-60 to the McGill Redmen at Bishop’s University’s Mitchell Gymnasium.

  • MSA Reviews its Collection after Meeting Dean of Students

    Concordia’s Muslim Students Association has started removing controversial texts from the their library after meeting with the university’s administration following a TVA report.

  • Quick Exit for Concordia

    Women’s Basketball Team Is Eliminated From RSEQ Final Four

    Smiles were a rarity on the Stingers bench following their 54-47 loss against the UQAM Citadins on Thursday night at Bishop’s University’s Mitchell Gymnasium. The Citadins clinched a berth in the Réseau de sport étudiant Quebec basketball finals with their win, eliminating Concordia from the four-team playoffs.