• Stingers Briefs: You Get a Win, and You Get a Win!

    Basketball Teams Beat Bishop’s, Men’s Hockey Beats RMC

    This week in Stingers Briefs, Concordia’s basketball and men’s hockey teams all won on the road.

  • Jamaican Association of Montreal Helping Local Community

    Organization Nominated by Roundtable for Black History Month

    The Jamaica Association of Montreal is a community organization where Jamaica’s culture and food were celebrated and offers social services for the community.

  • Concordia Students Help Out Historic Business in McGill Ghetto

    Consulting Firm Accenture Connects Business Students with The Yellow Door

    Concordia business and engineering students have begun a six-week initiative to aid one of Montreal’s oldest not-for-profit organizations, The Yellow Door.

  • Anti-Consumerism Week Coming to Concordia

    Series of Different Events and Workshops Begins Next Monday

    The Concordia Student Union is hosting Anti-Consumerism Week starting Feb. 15.

  • Letter: Cannabis Prohibition is a Farce

    The level of contempt citizens have for cannabis prohibition demands the end of the farce.

  • Nah’msayin

    The World Sucks, But Your Friends Don’t

    I don’t really know anything, but I love my friends, and while that doesn’t make things okay, it makes it feel okay, and that’s something, right?

  • Is Homeopathy Legit?

    It’s more apparent than ever that these practices are nothing more than organic, gluten-free snake oil.

  • Editorial

    The Blame Game: Concordia, International Tuition, and How the Government’s Austerity Policy is the Problem

    Concordia’s international students should not have to suffer tuition hikes because of the university, but in turn, the university should not be forced to make difficult financial decisions as a result of austerity measures implemented by the provincial government.

  • Mental Squeeze: Furry Remedies

    Pet Therapy Relieves Student Stress

    Animal-assisted therapy is a field that has not been thoroughly examined by science, though there are studies being done to explore the benefits of it on emotional, physical and cognitive difficulties in humans.

  • CATs Evaluates Shepard’s First Term as President

    We, Concordia Against Tribunals, thought it would be a “purrrfect” time to grade Shepard’s actions, inactions and decisions over the past few years just as we are graded on our assignments each semester.