• Self-Love Conquers All

    Social Justice Days Offers Alternatives to V-Day

    For the third straight year, the co-op Café L’Artère hosted the Self-Love Cabaret: l’amour se conjugue à la première personne, a show designed to challenge the consumerist auspices of Valentine’s Day.

  • Cuts to Health Services: Necessity or Ideology?

    Provincial Health Reforms Will Unquestionably Reduce Quality of Healthcare

    Racing to eliminate a budgetary deficit, Quebec’s Liberal government is moving forward with reforming the province’s healthcare services. Unfortunately, the system’s stakeholders—doctors, nurses, support staff and, most importantly, patients—will be the real losers of it all.

  • Racism, the Canadian Way

    McGill Panel Explores Canada’s Relationship to Slavery

    Canada’s relationship to slavery dates back to the 17th century and it’s its own problem—not part of the United States’.

  • Give me a Home Where the Undergrads Roam

    CSU Advances Student Housing Initiative

    With a little time and investment, Concordia students will eventually be removed from Montreal’s tenant market. At least that’s the goal of the Concordia Student Union’s ongoing housing campaign.

  • A Guide to MDMA Harm Reduction

    One of the most important things when taking drugs of any sort is to be well educated on their possible risks and complications and to use that information to make your use as responsible and safe as possible. Unfortunately, much of what we’re taught about drugs from school or public education campaigns is fear-based or in support of abstinence rather than education and harm reduction, reducing the accessibility of credible information about drugs.

  • Editorial: Making the Case for a Student Housing Co-op

    The pressures of finding an apartment in a new city, visiting it, negotiating numbers and signing a lease are taxing enough, but doing so with so little time leaves most first-years out of luck when it comes to finding a good deal.

  • From Bachelors to Battlezone

    A Concordia Graduate Talks War Reporting

    The horrible realities of Israel left a scarring impression on former Concordia student Jillian Kestler-D’Amours, who recounted her experience as a war correspondent for Al Jazeera last Tuesday.

  • Student [Mis]information System

    Glitches Pervade New Student Portal

    Thousands of graduate students temporarily lost their government bursaries when the new Student Information System took effect two weeks ago, according to the Financial Aid and Awards Office.

  • Love, Not Tears, For Those Lost

    Hundreds Gather for Annual Women’s Memorial March in Montreal

    Sub-zero temperatures and Valentine’s Day weren’t enough to stop hundreds from marching in Montreal at the 25th Annual Women’s Memorial March on Saturday.

  • Dribbling Out The Snow

    As Soccer Players Head Indoors, They Also Head into a Different Game

    The winter months aren’t friendly to Canada, and the world of Quebec soccer isn’t exempt from such harsh conditions. The only solution to protecting this beautiful game from the freezing wind and snow showers is to bring it indoors.