• Hundreds Gather to Remember Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada

    Liberal MP Michèle Audette Among the Attendees at the Montreal Event

    On this cold Valentine’s Day Sunday at St. Laurent metro, hundreds of people gathered to show solidarity for the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women across Canada.

  • A People First Approach to Urban Planning

    Japanese Architect Manabu Chiba Presents Alternative Design to Canadian Audience

    The Canadian Centre for Architecture’s lecture series, “They want to speak with you,” invites architects to take a step beyond the draftsman table, to share their ideas and design processes to the public, which they ultimately affect.

  • CASA Elections Ahead

    Presidential Hopefuls Looking to Raise Student Awareness of Association

    Elections for the Commerce and Administration Students’ Association begin today and both presidential candidates are looking to increase student awareness of the association.

  • Concordia Senate Update

    President Alan Shepard Addresses CFO Severance Package, New Budget Model Presented

    With lawyers present in the room, Concordia President Alan Shepard asked the university’s senate body to understand he can’t fully comment on the news that a recently departed senior admin received $235,000 in severance.

  • The Beginning of Gardening Season

    A Seedy Weekend to Discover Gardening

    The NDG Food Depot’s Seedy Weekend announced the unofficial start of the gardening season.

  • Terms for the Concordia Student Union’s New Housing Decided

    Deadline to Deliver Affordable Housing to Concordia Undergrad Students Is 2019

    The template, called a term sheet, clearly defines and covers the entire legal framework for the four parties responsible for creating the new cooperative housing, according to CSU General Coordinator Terry Wilkings.

  • Dumpster Diving Culture

    Anti-Consumerism Week Highlights Dumpster Diving

    Canadians waste $31 billion-worth of food annually, one of the ways to reverse that trend is to go dumpster diving for your next meal.

  • Letter: I Love You, People’s Potato

    You nourish my body and liberate my soul.

  • Editorial: Another Severance Package, Another Severed Tie

    The university acted irresponsibly in hiring a CFO only to fire her a mere three months into the contract, and to award her such a large severance pay in a time of major financial compression is unacceptable.

  • Beat it

    Drum Your Stress Away

    Everyone is welcome to drop by the chaplaincy to participate in the drum circle, no experience is necessary and the hand drums are provided.