• Dribbling Out The Snow

    As Soccer Players Head Indoors, They Also Head into a Different Game

    The winter months aren’t friendly to Canada, and the world of Quebec soccer isn’t exempt from such harsh conditions. The only solution to protecting this beautiful game from the freezing wind and snow showers is to bring it indoors.

  • Free Punk, a New Musical Genre

    Peregrine Falls To Introduce Free Punk To Montreal’s Music Scene

    Peregrine Falls is a Vancouver-based instrumental duo composed of drummer Kenton Loewen and guitarist Gordon Grdina. The musicians mix their musical backgrounds in jazz and heavy rock to create a rousing musical combination with an improvisational feel. Their unique sound is difficult to place in a single generic category, so the duo coined their own genre and called it “free punk”.

  • An Uphill Battle Ends In Heartbreak

    Stingers Can’t Beat Top-Seeded Rival McGill, Eliminated From Playoffs

    The Concordia Stingers men’s hockey team were eliminated by their bitter rivals, the McGill Redmen, in the first round of the Ontario University Athletics playoffs. The Stingers searched for their first playoff series win since 2001.

  • A Roar to Shake the World’s Foundations

    Art Exhibition Unground Explores the Excesses of Capitalist Consumerism

    Prepare to be immersed in a land which you had thought to be inconceivable: a world without capitalism. This exhibition will whisk you away from the conservative grounding most of us are long-familiar with.
    From Feb. 27 to March 15, Montrealers can take in Unground, a multi-dimensional, multi-channel video installation containing references to what the press release describes as “mineral understructures of the modern metropolis, financial meltdowns, thawing glaciers, archaic caves and volcanic, arctic wastelands at the border of the inhabitable world.”

  • Obsessive-Despondent Disorder

    Concordia Graduates Perform Adam Rapp’s at the Mainline

    Red Light Winter is the story of two friends, Matt and Davis, who head to Amsterdam and end up in a love triangle with a prostitute, Christina. Matt is depressed, and following his suicide attempt, Davis arrives at their place in Amsterdam with Christina to cheer him up. Instead, the love triangle that ensues creates conflict and carries over to Manhattan when they return.

  • Unwittingly Becoming an Agent of Gentrification

    Landlords in Montreal are Putting Students in Competition with Long-Term Residents

    But, we have two incomes that together can pay more in rent than the single parent we displaced by moving into this apartment and it still feels like we got a good deal. But is it a good deal for the neighbourhood?

  • Redmen Strike Back

    Stingers Head to Game 3 After 5-0 Loss to McGill

    With a 1-0 lead in the series, Concordia headed back home with the hopes of sweeping the McGill Redmen and winning a playoff series for the first time since 2001. Instead the Redmen invaded the Ed Meagher Arena, and left with a 5-0 victory.

  • You Are Where You Live

    How Design Affects Your Psyche

    Architectural spaces that are of different shapes, sizes and colours and that are made of different materials affect our mood differently.

  • Special Teams Helps Stingers Draw First (Redmen) Blood

    The Stingers Take First Game After Wild Third-Period Finish

    Wednesday night at McConnell Arena, the Stingers showed everybody what hard work does by disposing of their bitter rival by beating the McGill Redmen 6-4 in the first game of the series.

  • Plateau Snow - Winter Nightmareland

    Who Should Answer the Questions on Clean Up Ops: Ferrandez or Coderre?

    The mayor’s office of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, a Montreal borough located on the east side of Mount-Royal, has been under the city’s microscope in recent weeks for certain decisions made regarding snow removal services.