• Meru Brings You Close to the Edge

    Meru, an indie documentary about three of the best climbers in the world on a multi-year mission to climb the toughest mountain in the Himalayas, filmed by two of National Geographic’s best artists, was destined for failure.

  • Letter: Concordia Group Walks for Mental Health

    Did you know that one in five Canadians will experience mental illness in their lives? The walk brings mental illness out of the shadows and serves to reduce the stigma, which prevents so many people from seeking the help that they need. The funds raised from the event go to mental health resources throughout the City of Montreal.

  • The Link’s Guide to the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

    The Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, one of Montreal’s most prestigious film-festivals, is taking off for its 44th year. The Link spoke with one of the festival’s programmers, Julien Fonfrède, about the highlights and focuses of the lineup.

  • Remembering Erica Cadieux

    Annual Memorial Game Marks 10 Years Concordia Stadium

    Jan. 27 will forever be a day of mourning for the Concordia Stinger family. It was this day, in 2006, that former women’s soccer player Erica Cadieux was killed after a driver, who fell asleep at the wheel of her SUV, hit her.

  • Reality’s Bytes

    Montreal’s Phi Centre Hosts Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival

    In 1992, film critic Roger Ebert wrote an essay titled, “The Chilling Film Concept of Virtual Reality,” expressing anxieties about the ‘technical and ethical’ implications of submerging a live audience into a virtual world.

  • Jahlani of All Trades

    Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren’s Story and His Struggles Being a Canadian Quarterback

    Standing at six foot one and 205 pounds, Jahlani Gilbert-Knorren could be seen as a jack-of-all trades type of football player. Throughout his football career, from his elementary school days in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, his ventures out in Western Canada, to the present day as a member of the Concordia Stingers, he has spent time as a quarterback, wide receiver, slotback and even as a safety.

  • Bite Me! Week Aims to Teach Concordia Alternative Food Systems

    Food is the foundation of civilization. We didn’t become sedentary until we developed agriculture, and it is chiefly the demand for sustenance which birthed trade, and later, markets.

  • Editorial: Montreal Universities Need to Invest in a Cleaner Future

    Kudos to the members of Divest McGill for organizing and following through on a camp-in at McGill’s campus to reignite the debate about their university’s (and Concordia’s) investment in fossil fuel companies.

  • Why I Won’t Be Voting on October 19

    What happens when no one represents your values? Worse yet, what happens when the parties competing for leadership become virtually indistinguishable from one another?

  • McGill Students Protest University’s Fossil Fuel Investments

    Sitting next to a handful of tents and spray painted signs, Antonina Scheer speaks over the sound of a physics professor giving a forum on the science of climate change.