Special Issue

  • Seeing Through the Dark

    How three game developers took a gamble to form the studio Red Barrels and create their hit Outlast

    Montreal has become a hub for the video game industry, with household names like Ubisoft and EA setting up shop in the city.

  • Off-Road Righteousness

    Concordia’s Automotive Engineers Gear Up for Baja Races

    The Baja racing team at Concordia has set lofty goals of top ten finishes in all competitions they’re slated to compete in this year. Preparation for their first race is already underway.

  • The Spending Culture of Science

    Funding Redistribution Threatens Science Promoters

    When the Quebec government decided to reverse spending cuts to science publications, it proved two points: science funding is in a fragile state and the austerity project isn’t all that well thought out.

  • The Germs of Growth: Montreal’s Promising Biotech Startups

    Montreal is brimming with academic activity and the innovation centres popping up around the city are a fertile ground for biotech research.

  • A Game of Life with Crooked Rules

    Concordia Students and Faculty Create Video Game on the Lives of Sex Workers

    There has been much ado about sex work since Canada’s prostitution laws were struck down in December 2013 in the historic Bedford v. Canada decision.

  • Will Androids Dream of Killing Electric Sheep?

    A Violent Robot Filled Future Might Not Be Far Away

    As we inch closer to elucidating the mystery of artificial intelligence—the Holy Grail of robotics—and accelerating the clock on technological singularity, scientists and laymen alike have warned that birthing the ghost in the shell could spell tentative doom for humankind.

  • You Can’t Have Your Apple And Eat It Too

    How corporately irresponsible is Apple?

    It’s very easy to blame third parties that are based in authoritarian states for the shortcomings in your supply chain. The third most profitable company of all time ought to begin taking responsibility and cease to outsource their labour to countries whose employment laws fall way below those in North America.

  • Simplifying the Student User Experience

    How Smartphone Apps are Changing Universities

    There’s an app for everything. Whether you’re looking for a ride, medical advice or girl scout cookies, a 20-second download is the only thing in your way.

  • Food & Sustainability Microsite

    Check out our succulent microsite for our Food & Sustainability issue!

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  • Bean Me, Cleanly

    Montreal Hops Aboard the Third Wave Coffee Movement

    Coffee has become Canada’s fuel. Every day approximately 65% of adult Canadians consume coffee, according to the Coffee Association of Canada.