Special Issue

  • Getting Back on Track

    Railing Against the Dangers of Oil Transportation

    The train derailment at Lac Mégantic left Canada reeling in its wake. The disaster, which occurred on July 6, 2013, took the lives of 47 people. The incident brought into question the security concerns that surround railway transportation of hazardous goods.

  • Wasting Away

    The Rate of our Consumption is Unsustainable and Changes Must be Made

    What drives people to want more, when what they already have could be enough?

  • Recapping Climate Welcome

    The Protest You Didn’t Know Happened At 24 Sussex Drive

    Hundreds of protesters from across Canada assembled at the Prime Minister’s residence in the name of climate justice, from Nov. 5 to 8.

  • These Problems are Garbage

    Trying to Solve Big Problems With Little Soutions

    Humans, especially in developed countries, generate more garbage than we can dump, bury, or recycle.

  • Divest From Toxins

    Why You Should be Making Homemade Cleaning Products

    It’s best to forget toxic cleaners and go for the homemade, natural options instead. In other words, divest from bad chemicals.

  • Environment and Sustainability: An Introduction

    The Earth is reaching its capacity faster than ever before; through our consumerist lifestyles and heightened technological dependencies, we’re living beyond our finite resources. Visit our special issue microsite.

  • Dying Sustainably

    Don’t Be a Jerk With Your Dead Body

    People have been dying for a long time, and due to the institutionalization of some effectively unsustainable burial practices, the world is currently a difficult place to rest in peace.

  • The Wheel Deal

    Le Petit Vélo Rouge Rolls Into Loyola

    Le Petit Vélo Rouge is non-hierarchical, providing a space to repair bikes—and to learn how to repair bikes. It’s DIY, so the more experienced volunteers might show you what to do, but the onus is on you to fix your ride.

  • Justin, Ya’ Better Follow Through

    Will a Trudeau-headed Liberal Government Push For Real Environmental Sustainability?

    It’s been a pretty shitty nine years in Ottawa, as far as environmental policy goes.

  • Women in Science Make the Unseen Seen

    eXXpedition Crew Researches Toxins on a Sailboat

    How do you make the unseen seen? If you’re the team behind eXXpedition, you put it on a boat off the coast of South America, with a crew of female scientists, filmmakers and policymakers.