Special Issue

  • U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Eyeing Run For Prime Minister of Canada

    Because Why The F*ck Not, Right?

    Following United States Senator Ted Cruz’s announcement that he is running for the American presidency, there have been a few questions about whether or not the Texan immigrant is even eligible to run for office. Most legal experts believe he’s in the clear; but if that turns out to be false, the Canadian-born senator is prepped and ready with a back-up plan.

  • This Year’s Quidditch Draft Flooded By Athletes

    Love of the Game in Question after Mass Exodus From NFL

    This is disappointing. Usually I’m between third and eighth selected. And what, we’re already a dozen deep? This seems unfair. I don’t see why we should bend the rules just because they lost their jobs. I hate to get so passive aggressive about it but this is like, my thing…

  • Clichéd Out

    The 10 Best Sports Clichés

    Sports jargon is awesome. The language of sport is essential for guys and gals to communicate during the biggest sporting events, and to confuse the living hell out of editors who have to edit such language from game recaps (what’s deking?). However, with great athletic vernacular comes repetitive, yet enthralling sports clichés! Here’s a list of ten great overused sports phrases that fans will love hearing until their ears bleed.

  • Local 19th-Century Grey Nun Ghost Tired of Floating In On Dorm Orgies

    “I just can’t take it anymore!” local ghost Mary Laframboise told The Link about the “sex fiends” found at the Grey Nuns Residence in Concordia’s downtown campus. The spectral aura has been hanging around Grey Nuns since she died in 1893, and says that her afterlife was fine for a while.

  • Israel and LGTBQ Rights

    Why Israel Provides a Model for LGTBQ Rights Other Nations Should Follow

    While there is certainly much debate and controversy on the subject of Israel, the fact that it is a country with a remarkably progressive record on the subject of LGBTQ rights needs to be recognized.

  • BDSM: Beyond Those Exciting Chains and Whips

    It’s Not Just Men Like Christian Grey Who Find Acceptance in Submission

    At the grassroots of BDSM, I have found male domination to be far less of a reality than the untrained eye may observe.

  • Women and Austerity: Your Economic Policy is Gendered

    Women are more likely to have part-time jobs, work in the social sector and be single parents.

  • A Second Assault

    Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Violence

    For many women that have been sexually assaulted, getting a conviction for their rape is a process so lengthy and excruciating that it almost amounts to a second trauma. This may explain why the large majority of them decide to remain silent: more than 91 per cent of them, according to Statistics Canada.

  • Legislating the Human Body

    Centre for Gender Advocacy Contests Backwards Regulation on Changing Gender Marker

    “If you want to have your gender marker changed, you’ll have to have your penis cut off.”

  • Women and AA Don’t Mix

    As Alcoholism in Women Becomes More Visible, Targeted Solutions Are Needed

    The entry of women into the workforce, women’s suffrage, the feminism of the ‘60s and ‘70s—all this progress has changed the cultural landscape of North America, and as such changed the cultural norms surrounding alcohol.