Special Issue

  • SPVM’s New Rewards System

    Protesters to Earn Kettle Miles for Every Arrest

    Looking for a bargain? The Societé de protection des vitrines de Montréal have you covered.

  • Deranged ConU Lifer Hijacks Campus Media, Uses Student Funds to Finance East-End Media Empire

    After months of bad press, public embarrassments and conspiracy theories, Community University Television went quiet.

  • Students Flabbergasted by the Shocking Reality of CSU Council Meetings

    Curious about all the hype surrounding the Concordia Student Union, one naive fine arts student decided to tune in to the live-stream of a regular council meeting.

  • President Pastor Really a Robot

    Hardware Malfunction Uncovers ConU Prez

    Critics of Concordia President Alan Pastor had long claimed the mild-mannered president was too good to be true. Turns out, he was just too calm to be human.

  • VIDEO: The First Queer Issue

    The Link ‘s first Queer Issue in 1982 ignited a storm of controversy, and has become a yearly tradition ever since. We interviewed Karen Herland, who wrote for the issue, about the atmosphere at the time and what she thinks about the situation today.

  • The Gender & Sexuality Issue

    Human beings seem to like dualities. Life is easier to navigate that way. But binaries don’t always slip so neatly onto human affairs, however much we’d like them to. In this special issue, we look at man/woman and gay/straight.

  • A Safe Space in the Church Basement

    West Island Youth Centre Gives LGBTQ Youth a Community

    Since she was eight or nine years old, Jessica Malz felt she was unlike any other girl she knew. While her friends chased boys around the schoolyard at recess, she remembers usually running after the girls.

  • Out Of Missouri

    How Montreal and a Well-Timed Craigslist Ad Helped Me Come Out

    Somewhere in the heart of America, a little east of Dorothy’s house, you’ll find a place where the rivers run.

  • Are Virgins Better People?

    Jessica Valenti Talks Myths, Virginity and Online Feminism

    Jessica Valenti doesn’t believe that a woman’s moral compass is located in between her legs.

  • Out in the Locker Room

    Young Gay Athletes Face a Sports Culture in Flux

    Although there are gay politicians, entertainers and writers, there are few gay athletes—especially male ones.