Special Issue

  • Virtual Fears

    From Soldiers to Spiders, Quebec Psychologists Are Pushing the Envelope When It Comes to Using Computers to Fix the Mind.

  • Reality++

    Concordia Researchers Are Exploring the Future-Morphing Possibilities of Augmented Reality Systems. Get Ready to Play an Eggplant Like It’s a Musical Instrument.

  • Flying Green

    While ConU Aerospace Institute Seeks to Reduce Emissions, Air Canada Slowly Manoeuvres Toward Cleaner Skies

  • The Science & Technology Issue

    We’ve built the means to destroy both ourselves and our environment—but now how do we use these tools to fix these vitally human problems?

  • Alt, Alt Energy

    And You Thought Corn Was Innovative. Here Are Hour New Forms of Energy That’ll Really Blow Your Mind. (One of Them Is a Floating Wind Farm.)

  • Concordia Starts Up

    Alan Shepard Wants to Bring Tech Culture to ConU, As Soon As He Figures Out What That Means.

  • Harvesting a Crisis

    How Canada Can Address Its Farming Needs With Urban Agriculture

  • The Education Issue

    Reimagining, Restructuring, Rebuilding

    Now that the dust has settled after the storm of student protests, the issue of accessibility has receded from the spotlight somewhat.

  • Education Resources

    Want free textbooks? A tuition-free online degree? This guide has your whole timetable covered—and most of the Dewey Decimal System, too.

  • At the Head of the Table

    Concordia’s Department Chairs on Where They Are—And How to Move Forward

    Dr. Yogendra P. Chaubey pauses as he considers the question of optimism. “There is a feeling coming from every corner that anything is on the table,” he says slowly.