Special Issue

  • Is Computation Arts a Model for the Future?

    When I arrived at Concordia, I had no idea what “Computation Arts” was.

  • Restructuring the Ivory Tower

    How Online Courses and Student Space Are Rearranging the Future of Universities

    Universities stand like pillars in our society.

  • Why We Need To Rethink Journalism and Education

    I’m four years in and only six credits away from getting a degree specializing in both print and broadcast journalism.

  • Long Division and STIs

    A Look at Sex Ed Since Quebec’s Education Reform

    Typically, proper condom use isn’t discussed after a history lesson, and—in most high schools—you won’t see teachers following up a math quiz with a brief discussion on sexuality.

  • Huffin’ and Puffin’

    How Canada Ignores Its Own Whistleblowers

    In case you missed it, last week the American military reclassified Julian Assange and his whistleblowing organization Wikileaks as enemies of the United States. He’s being placed into the same box as al Qaeda terrorists and the Taliban.

  • The Web Democracy Issue

    The Emerging 3.0

    Online activity is ever-increasingly ingrained in all of our actions, but education on the issues implicit in such a shift is often met with indifference or ignorance.

  • Who Owns The Web

    For something that we all use, all the time, the Internet is a phenomenon that most of us are pretty ignorant about.

  • Internet Identity & Art

    “A Safari Into An Autonomous Zone.”

    After moving from Colombia to the United States at age 14, Julian Garcia marveled in the freedom of the even playing field of the Internet. All content was accessible.

  • Big Brother Is Still Watching You

    Hip Hop Satire in Defence of the Web

    Without a single hack, leak or whistle blown, the guys from Juice Media are throwing up their fists, or at least their words, to fight for what they consider our greatest tool—the Internet.

  • Paying With Yourself

    How the Web Is Looking Back at You

    You may spend hours a day trolling through the Internet, but you might not know that it’s looking right back at you.