Special Issue

  • A New Sexual Standard

    The Nature of Relationships and Sexual Orientations Are Evolving

    There are so many iconic representations of love, sex and desire embedded in our social consciousness, it’s hard not to get a picture of what it is well before we even start our own relationships.

  • I Seem Like an Average Straight Guy

    Should I Out Myself to Everyone I Meet?

    I came out just a few weeks before coming to Montreal.

  • Growing Up Gendered

    A Look at Transgender Issues From a Medical Perspective

    Those who think of gender as something as simple as being born a girl or a boy and growing up to become a woman or a man should think again.

  • The Space Issue

    An Introduction

    Space is somewhat of a vague topic. For many of us, the word calls to mind outer space. But what about space that’s closer to home? In our everyday lives…

  • Mapping the Main

    A Guide to Montreal’s Venues

    St. Laurent Blvd. and its surroundings represent one of the most vivid and thriving cultural arteries in town.

  • The Cost of Space

    How Construction Spending Is Eating Into University Operating Funds

    At first glance, it seems paradoxical: if Concordia University is so constantly plagued by budget troubles, where does it find the money to keep expanding?

  • Renewing Heritage Buildings

    The Darling Foundry, the Notman House and the Culture of Preservation

    It’s easy to sneer at bars, restaurants and cafes with an “industrial edge.”

  • The Link’s Guide to Bookstores and Cafes

    How to Find Salvation from the Snow

    Montreal in mid-February can seem like a dark, snowy hold you’ll never get out of.

  • Much More Than a City Park

    The Fight to Preserve Mount Royal Is Ongoing

    That giant park that gave our city its name has a lot going on, but most people don’t know it’s more than just a mountain.

  • To Clarify the Confusion:

    The word Indian is a legal term in Canada. As of a few weeks ago, non-status and Métis are now also considered Indians under the Constitutional Act of 1867.