Special Issue

  • Tips for Your First Year

    Starting university can be a nerve-racking experience, and while that’s perfectly normal, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Here are some tips to make your first classes a little less stressful.

  • Resources

    A student survival guide.


    This week: Sex, drugs and a piss stain in the elevator!

    Hello…? Is this thing on…? Peter? Can you hear me? Stupid thing. It’s Wormsworth. They took my precious. Damn kids… Stuck me away in a broom closet. I just want my monies back. Peter? Can you sign for my snacks? [CLICK!]

  • Patrick O’Ceallaigh Quote Generator

    When the Ministry of Education gets drunk and tries to make financial decisions, Patrick O’Ceallaigh is the man Concordia turns to to mop up the budgetary vomit.

    It’s sort of like…

  • CSU Executive Criticized for Throwing Parties, Throws Party to “Rebrand Parties”

    After receiving criticism for their most recent party, the Concordia Student Union attempted to redeem themselves by hosting a party at The Hive to
    “rebrand parties.”

  • Just Fight the System

    New CSU Electoral Reforms Put the “Blood” in Bloodsport

    Instead of bothering with polls and ballots, our student representation is now decided at the CSU Fight Club.

  • Premier Morris Announces French Language Is Secure

    OQLF to Turn Attention to Protecting English

    Quebec Premier Polly Morris announced on Monday at a Westmount ice cream shop that the French language is thriving in the province.

  • Hall Building Ceilings Lined With Cash, Not Asbestos

    “Flowy’s Gold” Discovered, Concordia Looks to Close Funding Gap

    Concordia folklore has it that behind the ceiling tiles of our decrepit Hall Building lies enough asbestos to effectively wipe out all 40,000 Concordia students through debilitating respiratory illness.

  • New CSU Campaign Seems Just Right

    “Idle All the Goddamn Time” a Resounding Success

    Inspired by the politically active climate they’re surrounded by, the Concordia Student Union launched a branding campaign that will encompass all of its activities: Idle All the Goddamn Time.

  • Best of Montreal

    The Broken Mirror’s Guide to What’s Hot & Hip in Montreal

    Featuring the best of the Hall Building, the best Panhandling Sign and the best Place to Vomit!