Special Issue

  • New Sexuality Major Finally Gets off the Ground

    Program Reaches Senate After Years of Delay

    After years of development and perceived bureaucratic delays, Concordia University is getting close to having its own interdisciplinary sexuality major.

  • Bringing Prostitution Out of the Shadows

    The New Zealand Model Could Benefit Canada

    The decriminalization of prostitution is a touchy subject, with people on both sides of the argument claiming to be fighting for the safety of those working in the trade.

  • The Naming of Things

    Can the DSM Do Something Right for Mental Illness?

    In 1952, homosexuals were considered sociopaths. The first edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, at the time a new attempt to bring psychiatric nomenclature in line with the modern era, listed homosexuality as a pathological fear of the opposite sex. This listing remained for over 20 years until protests and improved research saw the seventh printing of the second edition, DSM-II, change the category to “sexual orientation disturbance.”

  • Introduction

    Mental illness is one of the most pervasive elements in society—not all of us have been directly affected by it, but we’ll likely all experience it in some form during our lifetime, either personally or through someone else.

  • The Heaviest Branches of the Family Tree

    On the Role of Heredity in Mental Illness

    I was in my early twenties when I learned that my grandfather had committed suicide. I had never met him, but for as long as I can remember, I had just assumed his death was the work of a heart attack or old age. No one had ever spoken up to correct this with the more painful truth.

  • I’m Not Fine

    New Concordia Program Addresses Mental Illness in a Digital Space

    “Hey, how’s it going?” “Fine, thanks. You?” It’s the type of conversation that happens every day at home, work or on campus—but is it genuine?

  • What’s Wrong With Mom?

    Issues in Diagnosing the Unkown

    There is a condition in my family called fibromyalgia. Its main symptom is chronic and widespread muscle/tissue pain and sensitivity, but it can also result in fatigue, insomnia, migraines and a number of other unpleasant things.

  • This Should Ease the Pain a Little

    A Closer Look at Counselling and Development

    For Alex Manley, the decision to speak to someone in Concordia’s office of Counselling and Development came after the government ran a campaign raising awareness about mental illness. The campaign featured…

  • Stories of Mental Illness

    It’s been four months since I first sought mental health treatment in the Quebec medical system, and it’s fair to say that my experience has resembled a slow-motion tennis game in purgatory, with me as the tennis ball.

  • Where to Go and Who to Call

    Resources for Mental Health in Montreal

    A huge part of mental health is knowing where to go to get help if necessary, but the stigma surrounding mental illness, not to mention the cost of treatment, can make that difficult. We’ve compiled a list of resources—many of which are free of charge and operate 24 hours a day—that provide support in a variety of areas.