Special Issue

  • Viet Cong Out of Cowtown

    Former Women Members Leave Calgary Behind for POP

    There’s nothing like a 50-show tour to put a new band through its paces.

  • Sugar in the Rap Game

    Cakes da Killa Has a Sweet Spot for Hip-Hop

    Cakes da Killa (alter ego of Rashard Bradshaw) is on the rise, and that’s not just a baking pun.

  • Voyeuristic Psychic Vampirism

    Dalibor Baric Hosts Retrospective of Experimental Animated Short Films

    The works of Croatian filmmaker Dalibor Baric cannot be easily ascribed a genre. Avant-garde, futuristic and experimental come to mind, but after watching a few of his short films, one would more readily believe that they belong in a bizarre category all their own.

  • Power Powwow

    Black Bear Brings the Drum Circle to POP

    Drum group Black Bear is having a powwow—and you’re invited.

  • A Time to Flourish

    Braids Overcome Speedbumps to Churn Out Synth-Driven New Record

    It’s been a tumultuous year for the Montreal-based and Calgary-born group Braids—from ditching the guitar-fuelled art rock that put them on the map, to losing a founding member—but drummer Austin Tufts believes it’s only helped solidify the band’s positive outlook and experimental drive.

  • Ghosts In the Machine

    Paranormal-Themed Film POP Kicks Off with Spooky EVP Installations

    This year’s Film POP has decided to take the spooky approach for their theme, but has ditched the washed-up clichés in favour of legitimately spine-tingling subjects—like the bone-chilling whispers of the dead through electronic voice phenomenon.

  • Québécois 101

    Can’t speak a word of French? Here’s your crash course.

  • The Student Space Saga

    How much of Concordia’s space belongs to students?

  • Used MTL

    Where to find the best in used clothing, books, records and more.

  • Where to Go to Get Active

    For many of us, back to school also means back to the gym. For the athletically inclined, here’s what you need to know about Concordia’s training facilities and sports activities.