Special Issue

  • Graphene 101

    A Look at the Potential Future Base to Everything Strong, Light and More Efficient

    Like many of the great scientific breakthroughs that came before it, the discovery of graphene happened almost by accident.

  • Humanity + Technology = 1

    Achieving Technological ‘Singularity’ with Google Glass

    Before his death in 1957, Hungarian-American mathematician John Von Neumann said something that, even though it was only paraphrased, would profoundly shape the world to come.

  • Light-Speed Trading

    How Algorithms are Turning the Investment Industry on its Head

    Securities trading has always been about technology, but now it’s becoming far less about people.

  • Who Do You Trust?

    The Rise of Bitcoin as an Online Currency

    Created in 2009 by an anonymous developer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has experienced a wild ride in its short lifetime.

  • Robots Eating Apples

    New Art Exhibitions Blur the Lines Between Human and Robot

    When art meets technology, strange and wonderful things are created.

  • Learning From the Inside Out

    Concordia’s Major in First Peoples Studies Approved by Quebec Government

    After a decade of trying, Concordia University will be able to offer students an official Major in First Peoples Studies, as its long-sought governmental recognition has been approved.

  • Decoding Body Images

    What Industry Insiders Have to Say About the Portrayal of Bodies in Fashion

    Fashion, music and advertising industries in modern media have long been criticized for marketing body images, from “thinspiration” to “sexploitation.”

  • Access This

    Why Canada’s Access to Information Must Be Improved

    This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Access to Information Act.

  • The Maple Spring Revisited

    Inside the Student Movement: A First-Hand Account of the 2012 Tuition Protests

    Of all the things I witnessed during the 2012 student strike, the most powerful image I can recall comes from the March 22 rally.

  • Against the Web

    Breaking News and the Shame of Social Media

    “Less than 10 per cent of what the Internet is used for is good,” declared my professor of European history one morning, as students stared one another down across the picket lines of the Maple Spring.