Special Issue

  • High Number of UFO Sightings Confirms ‘Age of Apocalypse’

    Aliens Have Been Teasing Us with Thousands of Appearances Per Year

    The increase in UFO sightings in Canada—which counted 1,180 just last year—is a message from above confirming what Claude Vorilhon, also known as Rael, has been trying to tell people all along: “We are living in the age of the Apocalypse.”

  • Zoom, Zoom; Zoom

    Outgoing CSU VP Finance Mark Car to Realize Dreams of Street Racing

    Many of us were surprised last year to have elected a car to be the Concordia Student Union’s VP Finance. But as President Patricia All Wheeler put it, “It really shows the tolerance and open-mindedness we have here at Concordia. After all, nobody’s got a better machine-like work ethic than a machine itself.”

  • A Hard-Fought Loss

    Stingers Come Up Short in Sports Game

    It was another tough loss for the Stingers sports team as they fell a lot to not a lot in this past weekend’s sports game against the cross-town rival Buzz Killers.

  • Keep it Casual

    Craigslist’s Casual Encounters Section and the World of Anonymous Sex

    With colourful ad titles ranging from “[Young] and Full of Cum?” to “Your Sweaty Hole Licked Clean,” coupled with an overwhelming number of dick pics, the section can be somewhat jarring to newcomers.

  • Sealing Off the Friend Zone

    Why The Sexist Concept Needs to Be Eradicated from our Dating Discourse

    Men who use this childish term seem to think that women owe them something, that friendship is just a regrettable stepping-stone to an inevitable romp in the hay.

  • A Lot of Work to Do

    Why Are the Skilled Trades Closed Off to Women?

    It seems that as far as in-demand jobs go, it’s a man’s world. On employment sites, opportunities abound in traditionally masculine domains like auto mechanics, electrical work and plumbing.

  • The Transition Transmission

    Instagramming Major Changes To Connect and Communicate

    “Salut, aujourd’hui on fait la sixième injection,” Étienne says, pointing to a vial of testosterone, an alcohol swab and a sterile needle.

  • Let’s Talk About Sex

    Quebec’s Lack of Formal Sex Ed Leaves Students at Risk

    In 2005, the Quebec government made the decision to cut sexual education from its mandatory curriculum, making it the only province without some kind of formal sexual education in their school system. Nearly a decade later, young people in the province seem to be paying the price.

  • Nothing Like Phone Sex

    Mixed Feelings Among Sexologists About Online Therapy Sessions

    In our digital age, nothing seems to be very far beyond the grasp of our technological means.

  • The More the Merrier

    The Benefits of Polyamorous Relationships

    I never really considered the concept of being in relationship with different people simultaneously as having a name, or any sort of connotation at all. It was just a thing that happened, a friendship that shifted, with the added benefit of a sexual relationship.