Special Issue

  • Get Ready for Action

    Concordia’s Sustainability Action Fund Sponsors University’s Green Ideas

    The greenhouse, the People’s Potato, Le Frigo Vert, the list goes on—just about anywhere you turn on Concordia’s campuses, sustainable hotspots are waiting for you to peruse. They don’t run on biofuel, however—even these green projects and others yet to be initiated need money to get started.

  • Reimagining Waste

    Montreal Bio Fuel Plant Develops Game-Changing Waste Management Technology

    Engineers at Montreal-based Terragon Inc. want to change the way the world views its trash—to consider it rather, as fuel.

  • Across Borders, Student Groups Unite Against Fossil Fuels

    Student Divestment Groups Sweep Across North America

    When experts from around the country arrived at McGill University on Feb. 7 for a conference on oil, energy and Canada’s future, they found the doors were locked.

  • Soil and Herbs Above Our Heads

    Studying, Growing and Learning in Concordia’s Greenhouse

    As university students, sunlight is hard to come by this time of year. The sun rising earlier and setting later now than during the summer months is worsened by the fact that we’re trapped indoors during daylight hours due to school and perhaps work.

  • Welcome to the Sprawl

    Analyzing the Spread of the Suburbs in Montreal

    For Lissa Marcotte, there’s truth in the marketing slogan “La vie est belle à Mirabel.” In this suburban municipality on the northern periphery of the Montreal metropolitan region, where suburban comfort meets the tranquility of farm country, life is good—but it comes with an environmental cost.

  • Towards a Greener Concordia

    Reports Assess Concordia’s Sustainability

    At an institution as big as Concordia, in order to be truly “sustainable,” long-term efforts must come from all corners of the university.

  • Divest Now

    Why Divestment Is Necessary for Concordia to Flourish

    Divestment. It’s the talk of the town, the word on the street. It’s the subject of workshops, the screen print on gym shirts, and the latest petition making the rounds. What’s all the fuss about this newest addition to our vocabulary?

  • How To Read The Web

    A Breakdown of Some of Today’s Popular Coding Languages

    Programming languages make up the Matrix that is behind most new technologies.

  • A Universal Language

    What Can Esperanto Do For You?

    The world is home to about 6,500 spoken languages.

  • Bienvenue à la classe d’accueil

    ‘Welcome Classes’ Introduce Immigrant Children to French Language, Quebec Culture

    Picture a class of children each from a different corner of the globe. Some have been in the country for a few weeks, others several months. There may be two or three from one country or another but only one speaks Spanish, one Arabic, one Ewondo…