Special Issue

  • ‘Voting is Lame’

    Chief Electoral Officer Tries Reverse Psychology on Students

    “I’m hoping we can make voting cool by saying it’s lame. It’s what all the kids are doing.”

  • Photo of the Week: Llama Greenhouse

    Concordia opens the doors to its new Llama Greenhouse, a student-space initiative catering specifically to students who are llamas.

  • The CSU’s Mobile Liquor Licence

    Little-Known Service Lets You Get Drunk Anywhere on Campus

    Need to get wasted by 2 p.m.? The Concordia Student Union has you covered.

  • Briefs

    Custodial service workers and students alike were shocked to discover a large drawing of male genitalia inside a bathroom stall on the Hall Building’s seventh floor.

  • Concordia to Become a Farm

    ‘Hyperlocal’ Referendum Question Prohibits Outside Food

    Bails of hay are already being stacked into classrooms, and at least some students are ecstatic about their exams being replaced with weeding duty.

  • Twerkin’ for the Weekend

    The Link Gets ‘Turnt Up,’ Misuses $27 of Student Money

    Students protested outside the office of Concordia’s independent campus newspaper, The Link, all Monday afternoon after its editors broke the bank on an extravagant end-of-year party at Bar Bifteck this weekend, spending $27 of student money.

  • New Hive Café Timeline Announced

    Floating Café to Launch in 3014 and Include Locally-Sourced Oxygen

    Concordia Student Union president-elect Ned Bunty met with Link reporters and other members of campus media late last week to unveil his team’s new timeline for the Hive Café.

  • PQ Obliterated in Tactical Anglo-Nuclear Strike

    Out-of-Province Student Responsible for Attack Unaware of Own Strength

    In what is being called one of the largest political coups of all time, the Parti Québécois has officially been brought to its knees and dismantled by a crusading out-of-province anglophone student.

  • SPVM Kettles Protesters at Daycare Demonstration

    Montreal police arrested one protester and detained another 15 under municipal bylaw P-6 at a protest in Dorchester Square yesterday.

  • High Number of UFO Sightings Confirms ‘Age of Apocalypse’

    Aliens Have Been Teasing Us with Thousands of Appearances Per Year

    The increase in UFO sightings in Canada—which counted 1,180 just last year—is a message from above confirming what Claude Vorilhon, also known as Rael, has been trying to tell people all along: “We are living in the age of the Apocalypse.”