Special Issue

  • Finding Home in Foreign Lands

    The New Reality Greek Students Face, According to One Studying in Montreal

    A graduate student reconciles the realities of living and studying in Greece with her experience at Concordia.

  • Austerity in Britain

    The Disadvantaged Hit Hardest: Bankers Unscathed

    Dismantling the welfare state has often been justified on the classical Victorian distinction between the “deserving” and “undeserving” poor, the modern “shirkers” and the “strivers.” An example of “divide and rule” at its most crude and blatant.

  • A Short History of the Egyptian Youth Movement

    One of the world’s oldest civilizations, Egypt has surprised the world once again with all the events that have been taking place for the past few years in this Afro-Asiatic transcontinental country.

  • Le Labo Décolonial: une initiative qui démocratise la connaissance

    La conscience collective du milieu étudiant bordelais s’éveille avec le documentaire Suédois Concerning Violence (2014) de Göran Hugo Olsson et forme Le Labo Décolonial, un groupe de réflexion et d’éducation populaire qui vise à débattre des questions de gestion de l’héritage post-colonial et d’émancipation citoyenne.

  • You Are Where You Live

    How Design Affects Your Psyche

    Architectural spaces that are of different shapes, sizes and colours and that are made of different materials affect our mood differently.

  • Taking Up Space in the Big City

    There is a man sitting next to me on this early-morning packed Orange Line Metro car, who is taking up way too much space.

    It’s eight in the morning, which is rush hour, and the car is brimming, literally bursting with Montreal commuters. People have to shove themselves inside, bristling with Quebecois resentment, no one ever entirely sure how to take up space politely. Most people, anyway, are concerned enough with politely occupying themselves.

  • Smile! You’re on (a Lot of) Cameras

    Surveillance, Safety and Sacrifice in the Age of the “Smart City”

    The data zeitgeist has swept over police departments worldwide, enhancing the recent practice of “predictive policing”—a methodology that sounds good in theory and looks like bloated surveillance in practice.

  • Is Overdevelopment Just Par for the Course?

    The Battle Over Turning Meadowbrook Golf Course Into a Park

    For 25 years, activists and housing developers have fought over the Meadowbrook Golf Course. On Jan. 29, Montreal’s agglomeration council finally waded into the debate, approving a new land-use plan that calls for Meadowbrook to be rezoned from “residential” to “large green space or recreational.”

  • Sous la Peau de la Ville: a Reflection on Informal Architecture

    Concordia Alumnus Explores the Special Nature of Urban Construction Sites

    Montreal’s Centre for Sustainability presents the exhibition Sous la peau de la ville by Linda-Marlena Bucholtz Ross, raising a number of questions on our cultural relation with space and what symbolic meaning there is behind different spatial practices.

  • How (In)Accessible is Montreal?

    Accessibility Groups Agitate for Change in the City’s Structures

    Accessible or inaccessible, lift or no lift, stairs or ramp, announcements or silence—these dualisms are inescapable in the daily life of those with limited mobility