• Nah’msayin?

    The Cycle of Life

    If you don’t think that the 30-second commute from the EV Building to the Hall Building is a dangerous one, let me tell you something: you’re wrong.

  • Too Much at Stake to Shut Students Out of Meetings

    The Board of Governors meeting on Sept. 28 was a disaster.

  • We’re Done Too

    The Students Walked Out in Protest

    Our cover this week is a direct quote from Peter Kruyt, the Chair of Concordia’s Board of Governors, which is the highest governing body at the university.

  • Community Building

    No to the Faux-Bourg. Now What? 

    Student space has been a contentious issue at Concordia for over a decade.

  • Not In Good Taste

    Well-Intentioned Bake Sale Takes Things Too Far

    Considering someone’s race or gender when setting their tuition amount seems ridiculous—almost as ridiculous as charging white people more than black people for cupcakes at a bake sale.

  • Editorial

    Bring Bodies to the Board Room

    Concordia’s Board of Governors seems to think they’re stuck in some sort of 28 Days Later scenario. I think they picture a Concordia campus void of students; building after building empty, wind whistling through unoccupied desks, blackboards gathering dust.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Java Jerks

    Normally when you enter a coffee shop and order a medium coffee, the employee behind the counter reacts by saying “Sure” and proceeds to pour a medium amount of coffee into a medium-sized cup. However, if you walk into a Starbucks franchise with the exact same request, a slightly different scene unfolds.

  • The Numbers Aren’t Adding Up

    Board Needs to Bone Up on Math Skills

    The current Board of Governors would do well to enroll in an elementary math class before deciding to mess with undergraduates’ representation and membership.

  • Breaking Down the Blood Ban

    UK’s New Donation Restrictions Are Ass-Backwards

    On Thursday the United Kingdom’s Health Department announced that as of November, gay men will be allowed to give blood—if they refrain from any form of sexual contact for an entire year. Despite being deemed as progressive, this newly established concession is actually more ignorant than it is groundbreaking.

  • There’s More to Independence Than an Application

    Statehood Won’t Necessarily Mean Progress for Palestine

    This past Friday, Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas applied for formal recognition of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations General Assembly. This move, despite being symbolically uplifting for his constituents, was a step in the wrong direction for the Palestinian cause.