• Let the Press Pass

    SPVM Fails to Recognize Non-Mainstream Media

    I went to Occupy Montreal as a reporter from The Link. I was covering the event for a legitimate publication, bearing a Link press pass as proof I was doing so.

  • Editorial

    Trim the Fat

    It’s worth noting at the outset that the university turned a $15 million deficit into a projected $8.7 million surplus this year. That’s a $23.7 million increase, which is impressive by any measure.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Roaches Run Rampant

    Next time you’re on the platform in Guy-Concordia Metro, look closely at the floor next to the walls. You can’t un-see it. A teeming mass of horrible little legs and antennae. Hundreds of cockroaches, some of them the size of beagles.

  • Heard In The Hall

    Concordia on: Security

    A week after riot cops stormed the university down the street, The Link took to the halls to find out whether or not ConU students feel secure on the campus and if they feel campus security is effective. Here’s what they said:

  • Censoring a Conversation

    Pope Pulls Controversial Ad Campaign

    Imagine Pope Benedict XVI locking lips with an imam. That arousing mental image got real last week. It appeared on billboards and hung from bridges in Rome, Paris, Tel Aviv, New York and Milan on Wednesday, courtesy of clothing company United Colors of Benetton’s newest ad campaign. The Vatican, in typical Vatican fashion, got offended.

  • Little Black Box

    McGill, Pepper Spray and the Arab Spring

    Last week as I was perusing the Internet, I came across the writings of third-year McGill Student Teddy Weinstein on the National Post’s Full Comment blog.

  • Blacking Out Freedom

    Websites Protest American Anti-Piracy Legislation

    Cyberspace was censored last week.

  • It Could Get Worse

    Campaign Against Crime Bill Goes Viral

    As Occupiers across North America were ripped from their tents, protesting students were maced on their own campuses, and police flexed their brass brutality, an equally insidious and serious news story was, until last week, flying under the media’s radar.

  • That Transexual Guy

    Seeking Stability Within the Spectrum of Blue and Pink

    “I want to share my transition. I want to write to you about public bathrooms, navigating my name change and taking hormones. I want to tell you about the scary parts, the fun times and share with you the celebrations that come along with transitioning. I want to tell you all of this because I think that it is important that you know about it.”

  • Sex & Pancakes

    Excuse or Infection?

    I’ve been fooling around with this guy for about a month now, and everything was really great until he told me we can’t do anything for a bit because he’s clearing up a yeast infection. He also told me I should see a doctor to get antibiotics just in case. Is he trying to avoid sleeping with me, or can guys actually get yeast infections?