• Editorial

    Get Behind the Posters And Flyers

    I just took a sip from a water fountain in the Hall building. Before I leaned down to take the sip, a bulletin board caught my eye.

  • Misdirected Anger

    Tuition Hikes Should Be Used, Not Fought Against

    The fight against tuition hikes has been a constant in the life of every Quebec university student for the last few years.

  • Le CSU a-t-il peur des etudiants ?

    Mercredi dernier, lors de l’assemblée mensuelle du CSU, les étudiants ont pu voir le vrai visage de leurs représentants.

  • ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’

    I’m Jewish, I’m a Zionist and I completely support Israeli Apartheid Week.

  • Capitalism, Austerity and Oppression

    Study In Action Conference

    We are bearing witness to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

  • Editorial

    An Attack On Democracy?

    Before getting into the various reasons that we need to address issues relating to political transparency,

  • Sex & Pancakes

    Women have relied on the pill as their go-to method of birth control for decades. Today it’s still the most popular and commonly used form of birth control, aside from the condom.

  • Disconnected

    Students In Residence Want An Explanation

    Concordia’s Instructional and Information Services have been disconnecting students in residence from the Internet, leaving them without access to the web for days on end.

  • Oman’s Comfortable Revolution

    After spending forty days and forty nights in Oman, I attended a sit-in in front of the Majlis ash-Shura (Consultative Council) in Muscat.

  • Nahmsayin’

    Rez High

    It’s a pretty sad signifier when University students can’t make the distinction between an apartment building and a residence building.