• Sex & Pancakes

    So, You’re Into Girls?

    I’ve always liked and dated guys, but I met this girl and I think I have a crush on her. I don’t think it’s weird to like girls, but if I’m gay I think I’d know it by now. I’m still definitely into guys and I can’t imagine doing anything with a girl, but thinking about it really makes me hot.

  • Nah’msayin?

    The Secrets of Suck

    The word “suck” gets tossed about a lot these days. It’s almost as versatile as the word “fuck,” and almost as much fun, too. However, there is one context where the word “suck” just isn’t cutting it—and that is in describing the shittiness of awful music.

  • Not Our Cup of Tea

    Hey students, have you read? Quebec has its own Tea Party.

  • Police Brutality–Caught on Tape

    See It For Yourself

    Over the past few days, a controversial YouTube video has been making the rounds. It shows police officers from the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal intervening in a scuffle on St. Laurent Blvd.

  • Nah’msayin?

    McGill Frosh Must Die

    It’s that time of year again. McGill frosh.

  • Editorial

    United on our Government

    “Last year, in a very weird way, has been a success.”

  • Heard in the Hall

    Why Concordia ?

    With the start of every school year there comes a slew of new students roaming the hallways. With four major universities to choose from in the city, we asked them—why ConU?
  • Sex & Pancakes

    Wait, You Mean Girls Do It Too ?

    My boyfriend recently found out that I masturbate on occasion and, though I know he masturbates as well, he was surprised and found it weird that I do it because I’m a girl. Now I feel insecure about it and am confused about the double standard…

  • That Transexual Guy

    An Introduction to The Link’s First Trans Column

    To the alarm of my parents, I am a transsexual.

    I am on the female-to-male spectrum of this gender brouhaha but I have never once identified as female. I just went along with the label until I could no longer handle the mess that was my unconscious.

  • The War On Our Future

    Fighting around the Globe for Education

    This year has seen majorprotests on three separate con-tinents, opposing the plans ofthree separate governments, allboiling down to the same singleissue: affordable—or rather, increasingly unaffordable—post-secondary education.