• Sex and Pancakes

    The Skinny on Squirting

    I’m sleeping with a guy and things are going great—except for one thing. He’s convinced he can make me “squirt.” He says that every girl he’s been with did but I’m pretty sure it’s not happening and I’m sick of feeling like something is wrong with me. Can every girl do it?

  • Settlement Shopping

    Full Figured Fashion Nowhere to Be Found on Ste. Cat

    Montreal is on its way to becoming a fashion hotspot, bursting with the latest and greatest in trends and styles. The city is a fashionista’s dream and a shopper’s paradise—assuming you fit into a size 12 or smaller.

  • NDP Needs to Back Canada’s 99%

    Party Has Potential to Guide Muddled Movement

    Canadians are standing together against the current economic divide in our population via Occupy movements ongoing in almost every major city in this country. Like their peers around the globe, this country’s poorest “99 per cent” are out on the streets and asking for change.

  • Media Concentrate

    CBC Calls Out Quebecor, Raises Questions of Convergence

    When the media becomes the subject of the news rather than the source of it, someone isn’t doing their job.

  • The Worst of the Worst

    International Students Hit Hardest by Tuition Hikes

    On Nov. 10, students from across the province will march in solidarity against the impending tuition fee hikes proposed by the Charest government.

  • Editorial

    Time To Change Hands

    Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about today’s youth, representation and radical change. The issues boil down to the differences between ‘us’ and ‘them,’ with both parties saying, “Look: you just don’t get it.”

  • Nerd In The Hall

    How Geeky Are You?

    For The Link’s first-ever Nerd Special Issue we decided to take to the halls of Concordia and find out what how nerdy ConU students actually are. We asked students what the nerdiest thing about them was. Here’s what they said.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Braindead Bagel Burglars Beware

    I love Tim Horton’s. It’s a wonderful, magical place where the holes in the bagels are formed by magical unicorns thrusting through the dough with their glimmering horns while magical fairies urinate coffee into the pots. It’s basically Disneyland for the taste buds.

  • Sex and Pancakes

    First-Time Fisting

    My girlfriend and I (a lesbian couple) talk about fisting sometimes and we both really want to try giving and getting it but I don’t want to fuck it up the first time and never get to try again. I’ve tried looking online but it’s hard to get through all the stupid forum responses. Can you tell me how to safely fist my lover?

  • Ask Not for Whom the Bridge Tolls—It Tolls for Thee

    Budgeting for New Bridge Project Needs Balance

    Montreal’s infrastructure is falling apart—the streets resemble a piece of Swiss cheese, the potholes are so big they have their own potholes and a few of the city’s bridges have been hanging by a thread for a while now.