• Media Misinformation

    Lacklustre Reporting, Bias Damage Fight Against Tuition

    The coverage of university issues in Quebec is getting increasingly one-sided as the mainstream media struggle to cover complicated issues without a glaring bias.

  • A Land Apart

    Why Israeli Apartheid Week Is No Misnomer

    Israeli Apartheid Week aims to raise awareness about the nature of Israel as an apartheid state and give people the tools to put their education into action via

  • Red Red Whine

    Online GA Gripes are Misguided

    There has been a lot of griping and confusion lately about how “undemocratic” General Assemblies being held by the Concordia Student Union and other student associations are.

  • Concordia Bog

    A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

    Whether it’s Peter Kruyt shouting down student reps, Rita de Santis peacocking about the board room and calling students “losers” or Robert Barnes telling students to stop “pissing people off,” meetings of Concordia’s Board of Governors are rarely dull.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Someone Call the Concert Cops

    I love live music, the whole experience of it. The people you meet at concerts are usually pretty stellar human beings as well. But without fail there are always a few Buzz Killingtons that manage to sneak into every show and put a damper on things.

  • Panda-ing to the Masses

    Expensive Empty Gestures on Harper’s Eastern Tour

    There’s nothing like a cute, chubby panda pup tumbling about in lush bamboo to make you forget the ethical issues in friendly relations with China

  • Editorial

    “Socially Responsible” Indeed

    There’s been some talk in the press lately about students who are pro-tuition hike.

  • Jewish Guilt vs. Catholic Guilt

    I’m really sorry about this. I’m just going to get that out of the way.

  • Sex and Pancakes

    To Serve and Protect

    I’m gay and it will be two years that I have been with my boyfriend.

  • That Transsexual Guy

    Big Transsexual Agenda— A Decision on Sterilization

    I was at the supermarket a few years ago and I saw this tabloid headline: “World’s First Pregnant Man.”