• The Man Pill

    What Happens When Male Contraceptives Catch Up?

    I have a serious question for the males out there who could, theoretically, impregnate their sexual partners: How many of you would actually take a shot to the scrotum, or an ultrasound to the nuts, in order to assume contraceptive control of your sexual relationship?

  • CSU’s Anti-Hike Campaign Will Do More Harm Than Good

    The Concordia Student Union is fighting a losing battle against tuition hikes with an irresponsible approach that is likely to do more harm than good.

  • Gag Order

    Why Activists Shouldn’t Engage in Self-Censorship

    The student-led movement against tuition hikes in Quebec is set to take a turn that is both hypocritical and quasi-fascist.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Science Sometimes Sucks

    As I’m sure my legions of fans at Concordia have noticed, my byline has been absent from this fine publication for a few weeks now.

  • Editorial

    The Art of Grandstanding

    I’m not quite sure who brought it up, but there’s a concept from the Student Council meeting last Wednesday that really stuck with me.

  • Heard in the Hall

    In keeping with our special sustainability issue, we asked students what further initiatives do they think ConU could take to be more sustainable?­

  • Soccer Impact Yet to Be Seen

    All Quiet on the Football Front as New Season Approaches

    On Mar. 3 the Montreal Impact will play a historic first match against cross-nation rivals, the Vancouver Whitecaps.

  • Sex & Pancakes

    Sustainable Sex

    It’s official: the green movement has reached the bedroom. It’s no secret that being green has become a real concern, but you can tell people are taking it really seriously when the sex industry gets on board.

  • Protest For Your Digital Rights

    Threats against Internet freedom and digital rights aren’t new, but the Internet blackout that happened a couple of weeks ago was. Now, however, the threat is moving closer to home—to Canada.

  • Google Ogling You

    Are We Becoming Google Products?

    It’s official—if you don’t pay, you are not the client: you are the product.