• Remembering Doug Leslie

    A Tribute to The Link’s Founding Editor

    This Tuesday, we received word that Doug Leslie, The Link’s founding editor, had passed away.

  • Nahmsayin?

    Like Rabbits

    I’m that weird girl with way, way too many mice. Owning one, two or maximum three mice is a normal enough number.

  • Editorial

    Getting Our Due

    We deserve more from our university. By the time we finally get to hang our Concordia degrees on our walls, we might not feel the same pride previous generations of students enjoyed.

  • That Transsexual Guy

    A Second Chance

    Did you like that tumultuous time when you didn’t understand what was going on with your body, your emotions or your hormones?

  • Oui/No

    On Aug. 25, a Gazette article by former The Link news editor Christopher Curtis featured an interview that laid plain the feelings of many anglo Montrealers: Aside from the Liberals, “there aren’t any other options for English speakers in Quebec.”

  • PQ Passé

    Whether you’re new to Quebec or not, it’s pretty obvious that the province’s politics works on two spectrums.

  • Sex & Pancakes

    Apartment Building Tensions

    My boyfriend and I are in a committed long-distance relationship. Recently, I moved in with a male friend and I’ve gradually discovered that I have deep feelings for him.

  • Editorial

    Kangaroo Court

    The face of the student movement is certainly changing, but at least 26 Concordia students are still stuck in a fight from three months ago.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Construction Criticism

    There must be dinosaur bones below de Maisonneuve Blvd. W. The city has been digging and excavating the stretch between St. Marc St. and Mackay St. for months but still—nothing to show off at the museum of natural history.

  • Katima-Comic

    This is the story of Andrew Murchison, a Katimavik volunteer whose life was changed by the federal youth program.