• People, Power, Politics & Protest

    Occupy Wall Street and the Pursuit of a More Perfect Union

    From the American Revolution to Tahrir Square, everyday citizens have brought on many great moments of sweeping historical change. As the foundation and centrepiece of all political power, with every institution existing for their benefit, it is the obligation of the citizen to assert their individual and collective sovereignty in the face of institutional power.

  • Oh Hell No, NatPo!

    Canada’s Trusted, Transphobic Source of News

    On Sept. 28, the National Post ran a full-page advertisement from the Institute for Canadian Values, a right-wing think-tank “dedicated to advancing knowledge of public policy issues from a Judeo-Christian intellectual and moral perspective.”

  • Slippery Discourse

    The Danger Behind the Green “Job Killing” Argument

    Whether you read the newspaper, watch the news or simply find yourself leaving your business classes with a head full of stats, you’re probably under the impression that there are some serious problems with the global economy right now.

  • Sex and Pancakes

    Sometimes It’s Hard

    My boyfriend of one year and I don’t have intercourse.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Oh, the Annoying Band of Bros

    So, a girl goes out and parties hard downtown, stays ‘til last call and is now trekking home alone to the Mile-End.

  • That Transexual Guy

    Trans 101

    Goods news, Concordia! I start hormones on Oct. 26. Are you excited for me? If you are, congratulate me! Really, do. It’s a good thing. It means that you are acknowledging my struggle and patting me on the back.

  • From Chair to Chair

    Mr. Kruyt Needs to Revise the Rules

    In the wake of last year’s controversial dismissal of Concordia President Judith Woodsworth, much optimism surrounded the future of Concordia University’s Board of Governors.

  • The ConU Powder Keg

    Concordia’s Governance Crisis Continues

    Concordia’s top decision-making body, the Board of Governors, claims to have reformed itself by passing a set of bylaw changes. But does this mean Concordia University’s governance crisis is over?
    Don’t bet on it.

  • The Meaning Behind the Movement

    There’s More Than Tuition on the Table

    The province-wide student demonstration slotted for Nov. 10 is now only weeks away. In preparation for protest, it is crucial that students ask what they are protesting against, what their goals are and how they can be achieved.

  • An Unholy Mistake

    The federal government recently announced it would be establishing the Office of Religious Freedoms. While in theory the creation of such an office appears to be both progressive and beneficial, it seems like