• Oliver’s All Over It

    Maybe the Real Contestation Is in His Heart

    Does Oliver Cohen’s contestation ruling that ousted the entire newly elected CSU deserve a slap on the back or a slap in the face? My metaphoric hand is yet to be reddened by either of those gestures because I can’t decide if he’s a martyr or just plain silly.

  • Cohen’s Concordia

    Why the CEO Should Be Disqualified

    As a Concordia student, Action’s antics, abysmal performance at election debates and blatant post-campaigning inspired embarrassment.However, after reading the regulations that Chief Electoral Officer Oliver Cohen determined were breached, it seems that Your Concordia did not run a perfectly clean campaign either.

  • Earth Day 2011

    Make This One Matter

    April is Earth Month, and next week on April 22, the world will be celebrating Earth Day for the forty-first time.
    Earth Day prides itself on offering an opportunity for positive action and results.

  • Don’t Let Them Win

    Strategic Voting: Against, Not for

    The upcoming federal election on May 2 will be, for many Concordia undergrads, the first election in which they will be able to cast a vote.

  • This Needs to Stop

    Decolonizing Concordia’s Bilateral Institutional Links

    If someone were to tell you that your university maintains bilateral links with an academic institution involved in colonization

  • At Least You’re Not From Ontario

    Give me a break. That’s what students across Quebec have been telling the provincial government about tuition fees.

  • Heard in the Hall

    The Federal Elections

    The Link took to halls of Concordia to see what students had to say about the upcoming federal elections. While many of them plan to vote, we asked them why they think students are notorious for not voting.

  • Nah’msayin?


    As a non-dinosaur, university student and living, breathing person in our society—you probably have an email address.

  • Sex & Pancakes

    I can’t get off when I get head because it, well… it tickles. I’ve only been with one girl and when I told her to stop

  • Editorial

    Keep The Movement Going

    With the summer drawing closer every day and exams weighing on the minds of students, it’s easy to see why a sense of indifference, or perhaps just forgetfulness,