• Rationing Representation

    SGM Strike Vote Excludes Students

    Since the recent Board of Governors bloodbath, it’s pretty clear that the Concordia administration doesn’t represent us—but as it turns out, neither does our student union. Well, at least not all of us.

  • Egypt After the Arab Spring

    A View From Cairo

    Almost nine months after Hosni Mubarak resigned, activists are saying that not much has changed in Egypt since the revolution. Human rights violations and the division of political powers are some of the main obstacles Egypt is facing during this period of transition.

  • No to Movember

    Share the Funds, Shave the ‘Stache

    The whole ‘Movember’ thing is cute and all, but can we stop and be real about it for a second? Movember is a movement to celebrate North American guys not practicing basic facial hygiene for a month in order to raise money towards saving a group of extremely privileged people—themselves.

  • Getting Raped? There’s an App for That

    Government Should Fight Abuse With Legislation, Not Applications

    Last week, the White House endorsed two new smartphone applications they’ve unveiled as part of “ongoing efforts to help better prevent and respond to sexual assault on campuses across the country.”

  • The Benefits of Bill 33

    Construction Unions Shouldn’t Oppose Proposed Legislation

    Quebec’s construction unions ought to rethink their efforts in combating Bill 33.

  • Can’t Always Get Fresh at Tim Horton’s

    Couple Kicked Out for Kissing

    Oh, the queer, religious, coffee shop politics of small-town, southwestern Ontario… In late September, Riley Duckworth and her partner Patricia Pattenden exchanged an embrace outside a Blenheim, ON Tim Horton’s window and were promptly asked to leave the premises.

  • Heard In The Hall

    Concordia on: Artists or Vandals

    This week The Link decided to take to the halls of Concordia to find out what students think about graffiti murals. We asked them whether they view graffiti as a public art form or as an act of vandalism. Here’s what they thought:

  • 6 a.m. Bar Closing Prone To Probems

    Your best friend is un-gracefully draped over a toilet seat while your boyfriend is throwing up in yesterday’s grocery bag. Your stomach is filled with two-dollar peanut butter noodles—its four a.m. and after enjoying a solid night of debauchery, you’re home-sweet-home and triumphantly calling it quits.

  • Editorial

    Breaks in the System

    The way that student governance at this school is supposed to work—on paper anyway—makes sense:
    You have your council, your chair, your secretary and your student media informing students about the politics of the day. Together, everything runs smoothly and above-board. This is how the democratic process works, theoretically.

  • Sex and Pancakes

    Busting Nuts

    Getting hit in the crotch is pretty much a universal comedic gag, but
    obviously the reality of being the receiver isn’t so fun. How bad can the consequences really be? Is it true a hit can kill you?
    —Bieber My Balls