• Editorial

    Eye of the Storm

    While September typically means back to school for students, this year it means back to strike. But the universities and CEGEPs that closed their doors early due to Bill 78 don’t even need to wait that long.

  • VP Lexus

    What We Could Buy Instead of a Fancy Foreign Car

    Continuing a long tradition of fiscal responsibility, Concordia spent almost $40,000 on a new car for VP Institutional Relations and Secretary-General Bram Freedman this year. And it’s a perk all VP’s can take advantage of.

  • The End of Nothing

    Last Saturday night, like many students in Quebec, we sat huddled around our computers, anxiously staring at our Twitter feeds for news of this new deal that could have brought a close to this endless strike.

  • The Most Awkward Job Interview

    Presidential Candidate Calls in, Says Nothing New

    As presidential candidate Dr. Alan Shepard addressed Concordia April 27 via conference call, there seemed to be one word that student politicos and reporters…

  • CUPFA Statement to the University Community

    The Association is thankful to members of the University community for assisting faculty and students to conclude an arduous semester.

  • Budget Coverage Slanted Penny-Wise

    As the Conservative budget came down last week, the media was aflutter with the numeric details as they emerged.

  • Nah’msayin?

    One Doesn’t Simply Use a Meme

    There was once a time where you had to do very specific things to be exposed to memes.

  • Editorial

    Starting Over

    This has not been a great year for Concordia. Our school spent huge bags of money firing administrators—so much money that even the notoriously corrupt Quebec government accused Concordia of financial mismanagement and slapped the school with a $2 million fine.

  • Bleu, Blanc, Maroon and Gold?

    Befuddled Habs and ConU Admin Have a Few Things in Common

    At first glance, there isn’t much Concordia University and the Montreal Canadiens have in common, except perhaps their proximity to Lucien-L’Allier Metro.

  • Father Doesn’t Know Best

    In the Land of the Blind, Charest Is King

    In the perverse macrocosm of “father knows best” that is our culture, we keep listening to the black-suited bureaucrats. In theory, their credentials and experience guide policy-making, but realistically, private interests rule the roost. The United States’ economic collapse came about because of a number of factors, not least of which is the unquestionable belief in power of logos and business models.