• Let’s Get Growing

    PQ Landscaping and the Future of Anglos in the Quebec Garden

    They told me it would be like this, but I didn’t believe them.

  • Nah’msayin?

    The Worst of Humanity (aka Being Fit and Productive)

    After waking up in a POP Montreal-fueled daze/four-day hangover, I was less than pleased this past Sunday morning.

  • Space Man

    ConU’s Good Decision Just Out of This World

    Something crazy happened last week.

  • That Transsexual Guy

    Interview With Jen of We Happy Trans

    I had the privilege this week of interviewing my beautiful friend Jen, of We Happy Trans fame. We met online, where we managed to discuss Kant and flirt for all the world to see. She kindly agreed to answer my questions.

  • Nah’msayin?

    In All Pizza Seriousness

    A slice of pizza is not a hard thing to eat. I mean, yeah, it can be a little flimsy at the end, and occasionally the cheese has separation issues and clings to the crust—but overall I think we can agree that consuming a slice is not a difficult task, one that can even be done with relative grace and enjoyment while incredibly intoxicated.

  • Editorial

    More of the Same

    You probably haven’t heard, but Concordia just paid off a pretty embarrassing debt.

  • Sex & Pancakes

    Playing With Your Glue Stick

    When I was a teenager, I used to hate masturbating in the shower, despite the fact that it sometimes was the only place I could do it.

  • Letter to the President

    GSA President Appeals to Shepard: Drop Strike Charges

    Dear Dr. Shepard,

    It is not of your doing, yet as the new president of Concordia University you have inherited a culture of contempt, and you are now in a position to facilitate reconciliation in our campus community.

  • Doing the Debate Dutch

    A Perspective on Local Language Issues—From Abroad

    When you arrive in Quebec as an immigrant, or just happen to be an Anglophone living in the province, the message is pretty clear: do yourself a favour and figure out how to parlez-vous Français—ASAP.

  • That Transsexual Guy

    What are the benefits to an androgynous society?

    Imagine that you’ve landed on another planet where the inhabitants are human beings who have no gender, except for once a month when they have sex.