• Editorial

    A ‘Strike’ Is What You Make It

    We’ve learned the hard way this week that democracy is no guarantee, even when everybody wants it.
    We could dwell on a General Assembly marred with logistical failures and short attention spans, but to do so would be counter-productive at this point. It’s done; and we are in the middle of something big.

  • How to Keep Friends and Not Alienate People

    Five Secrets of Highly Successful Strikers

    These are troubling times, my friends.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Trolling at the GA

    While the commotion and political banter was handled in a (somewhat) civil manner on Wednesday, a more—let’s say colourful—conversation happened on the CUTV message boards.

  • (Another) Two Million Dollar Story

    Fine From Ministry Must Be Paid By The Board

    It’s extremely important that everyone in the Concordia community know that the incompetence of our Board of Governors, the highest body in power at our school, has screwed students and faculty over once again, this time to the tune of two million dollars.

  • Sex & Pancakes

    Searching for a Free Spot

    Where the hell do I have sex with my girlfriend? Both of us live at home. My parents don’t know I’m gay and her family situation is complicated. We don’t drive, so cars are out. We’ve had some sex in private places in public, but it’s often really risky. And winter is cold in Montreal!

  • Editorial


    There are many reasons that over 120,000 students have already taken to the streets.

  • Bent Out of Shape

    The New York Times and the Great Yoga Controversy

    Yoga rode into the lives of Westerners on a tidal wave of Lululemon pants and Namastes on Starbuck’s cups.

  • Sex and Pancakes

    Are You Experienced?

    My current lover has had a lot of sexual partners before me. I, on the other hand, have only had sex with a handful of people.
  • Heard in the Hall

    The Link went to the Concordia Student Union sleep-in in the Webster Library and asked: Do you think that a sleep-in is an effective form of protest?

  • Nah’msayin?

    It came to my attention last week, in the wake of the tragic death of the escalators in the Hall Building (requiescat in pace) that a certain number of Concordia students don’t know how to use a pretty basic, time-honoured human invention—the stairs.