• Little Black Box

    McGill, Pepper Spray and the Arab Spring

    Last week as I was perusing the Internet, I came across the writings of third-year McGill Student Teddy Weinstein on the National Post’s Full Comment blog.

  • Blacking Out Freedom

    Websites Protest American Anti-Piracy Legislation

    Cyberspace was censored last week.

  • It Could Get Worse

    Campaign Against Crime Bill Goes Viral

    As Occupiers across North America were ripped from their tents, protesting students were maced on their own campuses, and police flexed their brass brutality, an equally insidious and serious news story was, until last week, flying under the media’s radar.

  • That Transexual Guy

    Seeking Stability Within the Spectrum of Blue and Pink

    “I want to share my transition. I want to write to you about public bathrooms, navigating my name change and taking hormones. I want to tell you about the scary parts, the fun times and share with you the celebrations that come along with transitioning. I want to tell you all of this because I think that it is important that you know about it.”

  • Sex & Pancakes

    Excuse or Infection?

    I’ve been fooling around with this guy for about a month now, and everything was really great until he told me we can’t do anything for a bit because he’s clearing up a yeast infection. He also told me I should see a doctor to get antibiotics just in case. Is he trying to avoid sleeping with me, or can guys actually get yeast infections?

  • Editorial

    Keep To the Streets

    For those of us invested in the fight against tuition hikes, Nov. 10 was an amazing day. Tens of thousands of students and allies marched, despite abysmal weather, to show Premier Jean Charest and the Liberals that we’re not going to take this without a fight. But now it feels like we’re in a weird sort of post-Day of Action limbo.

  • An Apology

    When the initial draft of the article “No to Movember” published in Vol. 32, Issue 11 of The Link wound up in my inbox, it didn’t sit well with me. I had an uneasy gut feeling about it, but nonetheless proceeded to do what I do when I read every opinions piece submitted to me—push my personal feelings aside.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Passing Gas

    Just imagine—you’ve been working for hours on a paper in the library, you’re exhausted, your eyes are bleeding from caffeine intoxication, and the deadline is drawing ever closer. Then, all of a sudden, your train of thought is disturbed by a sneaky, near-lethal gastric emanation: your neighbour has farted.

  • Moving Forward By Looking Back

    Students Fighting Tuition Should Use Their History

    On Nov. 10, Concordia and McGill students joined hundreds of thousands of across Quebec for a one-day strike. But until all students are clear about our history and unity, we won’t fully reap the benefits from student strikes.

  • Gated Coverage

    The Gazette’s Take on Hike Strike Lacking Something: Students

    As a university newspaper, The Link regularly reports on topics with a very specific readership in mind. Students pay for these pages, fill them with content, pick them up, and read them. The paper in your hands is Concordia University’s Independent Student Newspaper. It only makes sense …