• From Chair to Chair

    Mr. Kruyt Needs to Revise the Rules

    In the wake of last year’s controversial dismissal of Concordia President Judith Woodsworth, much optimism surrounded the future of Concordia University’s Board of Governors.

  • The ConU Powder Keg

    Concordia’s Governance Crisis Continues

    Concordia’s top decision-making body, the Board of Governors, claims to have reformed itself by passing a set of bylaw changes. But does this mean Concordia University’s governance crisis is over?
    Don’t bet on it.

  • The Meaning Behind the Movement

    There’s More Than Tuition on the Table

    The province-wide student demonstration slotted for Nov. 10 is now only weeks away. In preparation for protest, it is crucial that students ask what they are protesting against, what their goals are and how they can be achieved.

  • An Unholy Mistake

    The federal government recently announced it would be establishing the Office of Religious Freedoms. While in theory the creation of such an office appears to be both progressive and beneficial, it seems like

  • Hush-Hush in Hampstead

    By-Law Amendment Disregards Religious Freedom

    The religious freedoms of Hampstead residents took a hit last Thursday when the Montreal town’s councillors modified its “no noise” bylaw, limiting excessive noise from lawnmowers, leaf-blowers and other loud equipment, especially during statutory holidays.

  • Let’s Talk About Scabs

    When McGill University and the McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association stood before Quebec’s Labour Board last Thursday, it became evident that our province’s “anti-scab” laws, along with the power allotted to the unions that brought them into existence, are in dire need of a facelift.

  • Don’t Let the Pipeline Pass

    Over 200 protesters risked being arrested by crossing a Royal Canadian Mounted Police fence, and many more stood in solidarity to protest Harper’s support of both the pipeline project and the Alberta tar sands. We were two of those protesters—and we’re writing to tell you why.

  • Editorial

    Democracy is Alive – and Unwell

    The Board of Governors spoke to students on Wednesday morning and, though the message took over an hour to be made official, it can be boiled down to two words: Fuck. You.
    Let’s recap: last week was a week that exemplified the use and misuse of democracy at Concordia.

  • Sex and Pancakes

    The More The Merrier

    My boyfriend and I experiment with other people often. Usually it goes well and it’s just a fun time. Recently, though

  • Heard in the Hall

    What Students Want From Their Space

    This week, the CSU officially said “no” to the Faubourg Ste-Catherine as the official site of the student centre. Now that negotiations on the contract have been put on hold, our union has over $8 million to spend on student space downtown.