• Editorial: Working Towards Better Food Services at Concordia

    The Link would like to endorse the consortium bid or any other potential alternative over a multinational or national corporation like Chartwells, Aramark or Sodexo. This isn’t simple anti-corporation sentiment; Chartwells and companies like them have repeatedly demonstrated incompetence and corporate irresponsibility.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Pizza and Ice Cream: Mix. Them.

    People don’t enjoy victuals anymore. They only eat to nourish their empty stomachs. Nobody makes time to get a second helping. I often dream of days past, when people would have those communal Friday food orgies. Gastric satisfaction has never been the same since.

  • Poutine Week Pandemonium

    Last Week Montreal Celebrated Gravy, Curds and Frites

    What characterizes Montreal? Many say it’s a city of romance or that it’s far too cold and windy. Some like the city; others not so much. There is one unmistakable Montreal trait, however, that makes romance better and the weather bearable—Quebec’s comfort food, poutine.

  • The Global Movement to Divest from Fossil Fuels Gains Momentum

    International support from the UN, political attacks from Jean Charest and a looming day of global action scheduled for Feb. 13.

    Academic institutions speaking out and divesting from fossil fuels makes it more difficult for elected officials to continue taking us down a road that many scientists argue will lead to our extinction. Although the actions taken by the Concordia admin to date are superficial, they will become significant if and only if the admin moves towards 100 per cent divestment from fossil fuels.

  • The Fine Line Between Education and Exploitation

    Why Are Unpaid Internships Such a Culturally Accepted Norm?

    Unless you intend to become a one-hit-wonder, like Rick Astley, you’ll probably have to supplement your studies with an internship before you can live a comfortable life with a Peugeot and a labrador. You won’t often be paid for this in Canada, nor will you be protected by federal legislation.

  • Psychedelic Self-Therapy: An Interview

    How Psychedelics Can Put Your Healing Back in Your Hands

    In the resurgence of psychedelic research in recent years, one of the areas that has been examined with successful results is the treatment of anxiety-related issues in psychedelic therapy.

  • Editorial: Picking Up the Pieces After the BDS Debacle

    After the mishaps during last semester’s Concordia Student Union by-elections, chief electoral officer Andre-Marcel Baril has delivered both his election report and his resignation.

  • Streamlining Today, Privatization Tomorrow at Canada Post

    Dissecting Ottawa’s Neoliberal Crusade Against Public Industry

    In 2014, Canadians sent 1.5 billion fewer letters than they did in 2006, according to Hamilton. In order to avoid becoming “a drain on the taxpayer,” these reforms are a necessity, he said. One wonders, though, how Canada Post could become a drain on the taxpayer when it isn’t subsidized by the state.

  • Editorial: We Need Better Education on Aboriginal History

    With the exception of passing references to Manitoba’s founder and Métis political leader Louis Riel, we hear little about First Nations societies and the struggles of preserving Aboriginal culture and political autonomy in the face of a racist European colonial regime.

  • Editorial: Why We Support the CSU Daycare Initiative

    A university degree can be difficult to obtain. Long hours dedicated to reading, attending classes and completing work leave little time for student parents to balance studying and caring for their children.