• Nahm’sayin?

    Fitness Culture Doesn’t Give Us Squat

    I’m not trying to hate on people who want to improve themselves. I’m just exhausted and nauseated from wrestling with the fact that the one lane to being considered healthy in Western culture seems to be buying $10 bottles of organic juice and never skipping leg day.

  • Editorial: Concordia, Help Your International Students With Housing

    If the school is already referring international students to a student- run housing organization for residence issues, then Concordia should be funding this organization. With more money for resources, employment, outreach to students and information, HOJO will be able to go beyond what they are doing now to help create a less exploitative city for international students.

  • Cats Against Catcalling

    How Women Are Fighting the War on Rape Culture, One Reblog At a Time

    Since our schools, the police and even the public have failed us time and time again, survivors have been forced to create a new support group online that reaches way beyond any borders or social demographic.

  • Lessons from a Successful Anti-Police Brutality Demonstration in Montreal

    The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP) annual march against police brutality, for the first time in years, actually finished without being subjected to massive police violence.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Concordia, Your Toilets are Crap

    If Concordia administration can hand out $235,000 to terminated employees as if money were no object, then why can’t they invest in some more maintenance staff to tidy up the bathrooms?

  • How Do We Show Support for a Survivor of Sexual Assault?

    Instead of condemning each other for how we reach out to help, we should be encouraging each other to show support in anyway that we can, while focusing on, as Manning said, the way in which we speak about gender, age and racial violence.

  • Editorial: Vote Yes for ASFA Restructuring, No to Fee-Levy Increase

    It’s obvious that changing the structure won’t fix all of the problems ASFA has been experiencing, but it’s better to fix the foundation now, than continue to pour our future hopes into a shaky structure.

  • Why Queer and Trans Characters Must Be Properly Represented

    I thought we were further than we actually were—I believed the seemingly impenetrable walls of gender roles had been broken down, at least by this industry, but I soon realized this wasn’t the case.

  • Editorial: Where Are All the Women?

    Calling for Concordia Administration to Live Up to its Own Standards of Equality

    Concordia administration should respect its own policies, and actively make gender parity and social justice the priority that they say it is.

  • Fight Where You Stand

    Lessons From the Global Struggle Against Fascism and Racism

    As racists and fascists play an increasingly large role in our society—and on a global scale—it is important that we learn about how to effectively fight against them.