• In From the Cold

    SPVM Still Ill-Equipped to Deal with Homeless

    A homeless man wearing a long gray T-shirt and jeans torn below the knees stands in the piercing cold as an SPVM officer warns him, “If I get another call about you, I’ll tie you to a pole for an hour. I swear.”

  • Moving Beyond Memorization

    How Can We Properly Evaluate the Education We Receive?

    We should be questioning the skills we’re being taught—for the amount of time and money we put into our education, we deserve to know that we’re getting what we’re paying for.

  • Editorial: The Levy Doesn’t Break

    There has been talk of new policy on defining student groups, but the current system is not broken.

  • Why I’m Stepping Down as CUTV Chair

    I’m Emily Campbell, I study broadcast journalism and political science at Concordia University and I am the chair of the board of directors of Community University Television in Montreal.

  • Editorial: Drainville is Scared of a Real Debate on the Charter

    Despite being the minister in charge of the Parti Québécois’s proposed Charter of Quebec Values, Bernard Drainville sure seems scared of defending it.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Suck it Up, Sriracha Haters

    Thought you had enough reasons to hate Californians? Well, hold onto your hot sauce.

  • In One Ear and Out the Other

    On the SPVM’s Victim Blaming and Unwillingness to Investigate Crimes

    At 7:15 a.m. on Nov. 10, a friend of mine was a victim of multiple injustices at the hands of not just thieves, but shortly after, by the SPVM.

  • Re-grounded, not Rebranded

    Community Media Must Remain a Voice for the Voiceless

    As the former news director at CUTV, I am disheartened and upset by the recent shift in focus and policy at the TV station.

  • Nah’msayin?

    ‘Mo Brother, Where Art Thou?

    I’m a guy who generally cares, and I try to be involved in different important causes.

  • Keep the Government Out of Trans People’s Pants

    Centre for Gender Advocacy Lawsuit Brings Much Needed Changes to Civil Code

    The Centre is preparing to file a lawsuit in conjunction with the Clinique Juridique Juripop against the provincial government in the hopes of invalidating Article 71 of the Quebec Civil Code.