• Editorial: These Student-Protester Tribunals Are Just for Show

    As we fast approach the Sept. 29 tribunal to determine the fates of some of over 25 student-protesters from this past spring’s anti-austerity demonstrations, there is unmistakable apprehension and anxiety for all concerned.

  • Dear CSU: Fanny Packs Are Not Hip

    Dear CSU: Do us all a favour and stop trying to be hip. No matter how bright their shine, no matter how much they’ll up your insta-game, no matter how big the command “Take Action” is emblazoned on your faux-80s school spirit merch, the packs are #notback.

  • Canada Needs Electoral Reform

    Canada’s plurality-vote electoral system, colloquially known as “first past the post,” is broken. Depending on which party forms government after Oct. 19, this federal election may well be the last to use this antiquated way of electing Members of Parliament.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Pizza Problems of Displaced East-Coast Americans

    I’ve eaten a full circle of pizza before. Yeah, I admit it. Sometimes when you play soccer for eight straight hours at Jeanne Mance park, you need a beautifully crafted carbo-load with cheese to prevent yourself from passing out.

  • Just Chill Out

    Dealing with Anxiety and Deadlines

    Your chest tightens. You try to catch your breath but find yourself gasping for air. You grow anxious as your tongue turns to cotton. Your heart pounds. Your brain tricks you into thinking the worst.

  • Just Shut The Fuck Up

    How I Learned to Be a Better Ally

    This week, I betrayed friends. I was wrong, and stubborn about it. I was not an ally, and I am deeply remorseful.

  • Behind the Scenes of ASFA’s Launch Week

    From the Perspective of a Launchee

    As an international student, I promise myself to live every experience that university has to offer me—one of them being “Frosh Week.”

  • On Oct. 19, Canadians Need to Vote for a Universal Childcare Program

    Most undergraduate students probably don’t consider affordable childcare to be a top issue in this federal election campaign. Faced with a challenging labour market, out-of-control housing prices and unstable employment, we are, on average, taking longer to finish school, enter into established relationships and have children of our own.

  • Editorial: No Question, a TA is a TA

    TRAC’s record is slowly straightening out. Led by a new executive team—featuring some familiar faces—the Teaching and Research Assistants of Concordia held its first general assembly of the year on Wednesday.

  • Behind the Scenes of ASFA’s Launch Week

    From the Perspective of a Launch Leader

    I naively applied to be a Launch leader, not really knowing what the job entailed, but thought it would be a great opportunity to meet new people and have some fun. What resulted was a chaotic week filled with many highs and lows, which felt more like a high school experience than a university orientation.