• Nah’msayin

    Dog Food is Just Unfair

    Imagine a sizzling, perfectly peppered piece of filet mignon—now top that off with some sautéed mushrooms and gravy. Mmm, an exciting prospect for a meat-loving omnivore.

  • A Dark Comedy and Photo Diary

    I Got Drunk at Larondeen

    Going to La Ronde is as Quebecois as tourtière, and although most of us have fond memories of the place, trust that you’re better off leaving it in the past.

  • Mental Squeeze

    How to Handle Those Fast Approaching Winter Blues

    We’ve turned back the clocks. Scarves and tuques are coming out of their back-of-the-closet hibernation.

  • Editorial: Everyday Feminism and You

    “Because it’s 2015.”

  • Restaurant? More Like Sex-taurant

    Examining Sexism in the Restaurant Industry

    Cara Operations Limited, a company which owns several restaurant chains across Canada, recently revised a new dress code following complaints from female staff that it was too revealing.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Aw Hell-Niño

    Hey, winter. Listen, I have something to tell you and it’s, uh, important.

  • Silent Smoker Subculture

    An Ex-Smoker’s View on the Deadliest Trend

    Light slowly penetrates the curtains as fragments of dust glitter through the stagnant dry air, and I awaken from my heavy slumber. My thoughts for a few seconds are pure and innocent—then suddenly I remember, I need my fix. *

  • Body Dump

    Fecal Matter and The Dehumanization Of The Syrian Struggle

    Earlier this week, I had to endure one of the most traumatic and triggering experiences of my life at the hands of a local art collective called Fecal Matter.

  • Resisting Cuts In and Out of the Classroom

    School of Community and Public Affairs Students and Faculty Oppose Quebec Austerity

    This autumn marks the beginning of yet another round in the fight against the Couillard government’s continuing budget cuts.

  • Editorial: Embracing the Human Side of the Anti-Austerity Movement

    When you see anti-austerity banners in the Hall building, do you think of the many public sectors suffering from extreme budget cuts? Do you think of what austerity has done to doctors and subsequently, their patients, who cannot receive the same level of treatment as before?

    We don’t have a united front, and we’ve lost touch with the core of the movement.