• Imagining a Space Where All Student Associations Can Be Heard—Equally

    Concordia Student Congress Set to Take Place on Nov. 20

    Concordia University is a gargantuan institution. But where do students fit into this equation?

  • Editorial: Indexing CSU Membership Fees Is Hypocrisy

    Undergraduates will vote at the end of November on whether or not to index the per-credit fee charged by the Concordia Student Union to the inflation rate. That this referendum question will be on the ballot is a prime example of the union’s hypocrisy.

  • The Graduate Students’ Association Becomes a Circus

    Calling on Grad Students to End the GSA’s Downward Spiral

    The Graduate Students’ Association has enormous potential to unite students around common struggles and to represent their remarkable diversity.

  • A Psychedelic Renaissance

    New Research on Psychedelics Is Unveiling Their Potential for Healing

    As university students, we know how prevalent substance use is.

  • The Link’s 35th

    A Former Editor Reflects on His Time at the Paper in the ’80s

    The Link will, for me, always be about all those sleep-deprived hours I happily squandered in the gritty office whose designation I still remember—Room H-649 of the Hall Building.

  • Editorial: Concordia Needs to Take a Stance on Austerity

    Budgets are being slashed left and right in what universities are calling the worst cuts made to the sector—ever.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Gettin’ Old

    Some of you reading this will be graduating in mere months, and you will be told by prestigious commencement speakers that you will move on to a glorious future filled with happy thoughts and unicorns.

  • Editorial: Hey CSU, Let Them Through

    For the first student group to apply for a fee levy under this year’s student union—led by a team whose electoral platform was largely focused on the importance of fee-levy groups—Concordia’s Model United Nations club is having a harder time getting to the point of putting its fee-levy request to a vote by students than you’d expect.

  • Editorial: We Need a Real Plan to Help Indigenous Women

    For a while—nine years actually—we thought the numbers would eventually hit the federal government, shock them into a call for answers and solutions. Then in May, the RCMP released a sweeping report. With numbers.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Hatin’ on Society’s Love Affair with Pants

    I don’t believe in hatred as a rule but I have made an exception over the last few years and I can say this proudly: I hate pants.