• Locked on the 105

    The Night an STM Bus Driver Held Me Captive

    Well, tonight I called the cops on a bus driver. Yes. The driver of the 105, bus number 22-288, departing from Concordia’s Loyola campus, held me captive on his bus at my stop.

  • Editorial: Trans Rights Are Moving Too Slow For Comfort

    The heavily bureaucratic process involved in legally changing one’s gender is a daunting task.

  • Jaywalking Through a Misguided System

    Why We Should Contest the SPVM’s Prioritized Crackdown of Cross-Walkers

    The traffic light count-downer, along with an authoritative palm, informs you that you have five seconds to complete your traversal. As you make it across the road just as the time expires, the law apprehends you.

  • Is Quebec’s De-radicalization Centre Fit For Purpose?

    Preventative Hotline is a Shallow Solution to a Deeper Problem

    Montreal’s municipal authority has taken it upon itself to stop radicalization in its tracks, but will Mayor Denis Coderre’s radicalization “prevention centre” be able to serve its intended purpose?

  • Sacrifices of the Student Strike

    Why It’s A Counterproductive Strategy Against Austerity

    ‘Tis the season for student strikes. Whether students are driven by a “Je me souviens” nostalgia for the Maple Spring that is innate to their Québécois identities or the government’s austerity policies are weighing on their fabricated economic authority, the time has come for student associations to support or oppose a strike against austerity.

  • Editorial: Philosophy Students Vote to Censor Journalists

    The Link and The Concordian Denounce Actions at SoPhiA GA

    Yesterday evening, two journalists from the student press were called out for doing their job.

  • Growing Pains in a Growth-Stunting Family

    Living With and Leaving Behind a Narcissistic Parent

    If the expression “you’re only as sick as your secrets” could be applied to one category of people, it would most definitely be family. Since the breakdown of the classic nuclear family circa 1950s white suburbia, the meaning of that word has changed.

  • The Social Strike of 2015 and Why You Should Care

    The current budget cuts imposed by the neo-liberal government are jeopardizing the social measures that allow for a land of equal opportunities, one where there is an actual possibility of upward social mobility.

  • Sixteen Bars Against the Tar Sands

    Activists Call for Climate Justice Through the Mouthpiece of Rap

    Local rappers, slam poets and activists will be performing original verses against the tar sands, and donations will go towards Aamjiwnaang and Sarnia Against Pipelines, an environmental activist group in Ontario.

  • Food for Thought: Why Are Student Jobs So Undignified?

    Questions About Political Views for a Restaurant Job Highlight a Nasty Trend

    As he looked over my CV he began to read aloud the list of films I had previously directed for school and independently. “Les etudiants, un journal intime,” he read. My Student Strike. “Ah, so you’re a socialist,” he concluded.