• Shaking it Up

    How to Eat Healthy During Exams

    At first glance this recipe seems like a vegan extravaganza, which to some may not seem appealing. In reality, both the flavour and benefits of each ingredient will leave you satisfied.

  • Nahm’sayin?


    The next time you cut the line at the Hive, you can bet your ass that I will be there to call you out and tell you to take your rightful place at the caboose.

  • Mental Squeeze

    Through the Eyes of Caregivers: Play Helps Clear the Fog Around Mental Illness

    Through the Eyes of Caregivers: An Ethnodrama on Mental Illness in the Family was performed by the Centre for Arts in Human Development at Concordia along with the Action on Mental Illness Quebec Nov. 20 to 22.

  • A Message of Thanks and Solidarity

    A French Perspective on the Paris Attacks

    We cannot lose our humanity in the name of a retaliation that should take place with the help of education, art and love.

  • Refugees and Me

    Let’s make solidarity the defining aspect of our response, not fear and xenophobia.

  • Mental Squeeze

    Crushing on Columbine: Mental Illness and the Cult of Rampage Killers

    With word of mass killing sprees all over the world, I can’t help but feel like nowhere is safe—not even my own university.

  • Nahm’sayin?

    Ban All Barbers!

    I hate the man bun. This atrocity of the 21st century should be banned and its wearers forced to cut it off in a grand ceremony on Parliament Hill.

  • Is International Exchange Changing Concordia Students?

    Studying Abroad Might Cause Students to See the World Through Rose-Coloured Glasses

    While studying abroad might be a positive experience for a majority of university students, I believe there is a blatant lack of education concerning the disadvantaged and underprivileged on an international scale.

  • Social Media in Times of Crisis

    Why Do We Attribute More Meaning to Events with the Most Coverage?

    There was a man with arms outstretched, blindfolded, posed almost motionless against the brick of the Simons building. He stood still in the cold; next to him was a quickly written sign that read “Je suis Musulman. Si vous me faites confiance, faites-moi un calin.”

  • Editorial: We Need to Invest Money and Time Into Women’s Sports

    So, 2015 has proven to be a big year for women in sports. But it could have been bigger.