• Could an Illegal Drug Change the Way We Treat Psychological Trauma?

    In the last 11 years, the Iraq war has resulted in the deaths of approximately 4,500 United States soldiers. In contrast, 6,500 war veterans committed suicide in 2012 alone, amounting to roughly 18 veterans taking their own lives every day of that year. The failure of the US government to appropriately take care of war veterans’ mental health and well-being is resulting in far more casualties for the nation than war itself.

  • Montreal Urban Agglomeration: A Plan Worth Delivering?

    The Montreal Urban Agglomeration Land Use and Development Plan was recently released for public consultation. It’s the first time the plan will be updated since the original version was introduced in 1986, so it’s unsurprising that it has received a lot of attention from those who want to remodel Montreal.

  • Austerity: Not an Obligation, Not a Necessity

    Since the announcement of cuts to Quebec’s education budget, the necessity of austerity has become a matter of public debate. We were prompted to write this piece after being repeatedly asked, “What is austerity?”

  • UberX: Innovation or Anarchy?

    A Look at the Pros and Cons of Montreal’s New Ridesharing App

    “Uber doesn’t pay their taxes; they’re circumventing regulations,” said Martha Karounis, a daytime dispatcher at Atlas Taxi for 25 years. “It’s like Jack and Jill or you and I starting a milk company and keeping all the money for ourselves. It’s anarchy.”

  • Editorial: Let’s Come Together to Stop the Energy East Pipeline

    Canada is beginning to display the grotesque characteristics of a rentier state—economically reliant on money generated from natural resources, placing little emphasis upon the importance of innovation in other economic sectors.
  • Psychedelic Trip Sitting

    A How-to on Facilitating a Friend’s Psychedelic Experience

    Above all, remember that you are there to facilitate someone else’s experience, and not to have your own.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Plea to the MyConcordia Numina

    O, thou great and mighty bureaucrats responsible for these things in the mysterious offices that I have yet to locate or invade.

  • Editorial: Despite a Climate of Budget Cuts, Exam Invigilators Deserve a Union

    Under pressure, some individuals might try to trade their honour for a desirable grade. Imagine if only a minority of a class is unprepared and ready to cheat—10 students scattered around a lecture theatre that can seat 100 is still difficult to keep track of.

  • Imagining a Space Where All Student Associations Can Be Heard—Equally

    Concordia Student Congress Set to Take Place on Nov. 20

    Concordia University is a gargantuan institution. But where do students fit into this equation?

  • Editorial: Indexing CSU Membership Fees Is Hypocrisy

    Undergraduates will vote at the end of November on whether or not to index the per-credit fee charged by the Concordia Student Union to the inflation rate. That this referendum question will be on the ballot is a prime example of the union’s hypocrisy.