• Editorial: Where Are All the Women?

    Calling for Concordia Administration to Live Up to its Own Standards of Equality

    Concordia administration should respect its own policies, and actively make gender parity and social justice the priority that they say it is.

  • Fight Where You Stand

    Lessons From the Global Struggle Against Fascism and Racism

    As racists and fascists play an increasingly large role in our society—and on a global scale—it is important that we learn about how to effectively fight against them.

  • Calling for the Implementation of BDS

    Why One Student Believes the Canadian Government Should Change its Stance on Israel

    In my opinion, the opposition is ready to break rules, sabotage elections and misinform voters in order to slow down the BDS movement.

  • Editorial: TRAC and Concordia: Move Forward on Sufficient Pay-Rate

    Essentially, TRAC is asking that people be paid the same wage for the same job, regardless of education level—a sentiment The Link agrees with.

  • Protests and Perceptions

    Reflections on the 2012 Quebec Student Protests

    It was a time that fundamentally changed the way I see the world.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Why Your Doors So Heavy Tho, Concordia?

    If I’m not mistaken, every door at Concordia is heavy as shit.

  • Let the Weird Sun Rise Again

    Canadian Government: Bring Back Katimavik

    What matters is that, for a while, there was an opportunity in Canada for any young adult to have a genuinely confusing, powerful experience. I hope Trudeau will bring it back for them.

  • Editorial: Another Severance Package, Another Severed Tie

    The university acted irresponsibly in hiring a CFO only to fire her a mere three months into the contract, and to award her such a large severance pay in a time of major financial compression is unacceptable.

  • Mental Squeeze

    Discussing Mental Illness and Medical Stigma

    This new pattern of dismissing physical health concerns because of a mental health diagnosis is disturbing, to say the least. I’ve come to realize that I’m not the only one who feels they were or are not being taken seriously.

  • On Black Representation in the Media

    This Just In: It Is Not Okay

    Newsflash: white people struggle to empathize with Black people because we are not depicted as actual people within the mainstream media.