• Growing Pains in a Growth-Stunting Family

    Living With and Leaving Behind a Narcissistic Parent

    If the expression “you’re only as sick as your secrets” could be applied to one category of people, it would most definitely be family. Since the breakdown of the classic nuclear family circa 1950s white suburbia, the meaning of that word has changed.

  • The Social Strike of 2015 and Why You Should Care

    The current budget cuts imposed by the neo-liberal government are jeopardizing the social measures that allow for a land of equal opportunities, one where there is an actual possibility of upward social mobility.

  • Sixteen Bars Against the Tar Sands

    Activists Call for Climate Justice Through the Mouthpiece of Rap

    Local rappers, slam poets and activists will be performing original verses against the tar sands, and donations will go towards Aamjiwnaang and Sarnia Against Pipelines, an environmental activist group in Ontario.

  • Food for Thought: Why Are Student Jobs So Undignified?

    Questions About Political Views for a Restaurant Job Highlight a Nasty Trend

    As he looked over my CV he began to read aloud the list of films I had previously directed for school and independently. “Les etudiants, un journal intime,” he read. My Student Strike. “Ah, so you’re a socialist,” he concluded.

  • A Salvia Breakthrough: My First Trip

    A Glimpse at the World Behind the World

    It was a warm sunny day, the summer before my friends and I would leave for college. We borrowed my parent’s van, drove down to a head shop in Toronto and bought a gram of 20x salvia extract, a bong and a jet lighter. *

  • Editorial: Concordia Needs to Stand With the MSA

    TVA contacted Concordia, questioning the presence of works written by controversial Islamic figures in the Muslim Students Association’s library, after a reporter and a film crew barged into the MSA office and harassed the students there. Instead of standing by their students, Concordia administrators chose to take those claims seriously and investigate the matter.

  • The Plague That is Xenophobia

    Speaking Out Against the Vilification of Muslims

    What I read in the news last Friday troubled me. I haven’t felt such profound anger in a while. Perhaps it has been building up, but the new ad by the Bloc Québécois sent me over the edge. The ad I’m referring to regards the use of a niqab to depict a point-of-view of the Parliamentary chamber. Aside from it being a political attack on a specific party that was strategically published to win back the seats it lost, this ad crosses a line.

  • Cuts to Health Services: Necessity or Ideology?

    Provincial Health Reforms Will Unquestionably Reduce Quality of Healthcare

    Racing to eliminate a budgetary deficit, Quebec’s Liberal government is moving forward with reforming the province’s healthcare services. Unfortunately, the system’s stakeholders—doctors, nurses, support staff and, most importantly, patients—will be the real losers of it all.

  • A Guide to MDMA Harm Reduction

    One of the most important things when taking drugs of any sort is to be well educated on their possible risks and complications and to use that information to make your use as responsible and safe as possible. Unfortunately, much of what we’re taught about drugs from school or public education campaigns is fear-based or in support of abstinence rather than education and harm reduction, reducing the accessibility of credible information about drugs.

  • Editorial: Making the Case for a Student Housing Co-op

    The pressures of finding an apartment in a new city, visiting it, negotiating numbers and signing a lease are taxing enough, but doing so with so little time leaves most first-years out of luck when it comes to finding a good deal.