• Editorial: You Can’t Rebrand Budget Cuts

    It’s the beginning of another school year and apparently Concordia’s student body can expect to greet their first week of classes with a brand new sense of unity. This according to Concordia’s Stingers rebrand, an in-process series of efforts to revitalize our university’s modest athletic department.


    No Epiphany in the Amazon After Ayahuasca Ceremony

    Waiting for a shamanic ceremony is almost like waiting for Kanye West to take the stage. Will he provide his audience with an expensive rant or will he wow us with his repertoire? Or, I wondered, would it in fact be more like Kate Bush leading a vomit-ridden séance?

  • Nahm’sayin

    On PDA

    I get that when you’re in a relationship, you feel the urge to show your partner some affection by kissing them or holding their hand—or just expressing it verbally. Sure, that’s really sweet, and I encourage it.

  • Editorial: We Need a Code that Better Supports Sexual Violence Survivors

    There are past and current complaints of sexual violence still largely unaddressed by the university’s existing procedures and policies.  

  • How to Travel to South America, or Elsewhere, on a Student Budget

    In case you’re planning on an extended Christmas jaunt with limited funds, we’ve created this fun fact-filled guide.

  • Journal de Montréal Handles Ashley Madison Hack Coverage All Wrong

    Tabloid prints century-old sexist views

    It enrages me that a newspaper would publish such garbage and contribute to gender inequality. Women are sexual beings! They are just nowadays taught to repress them, in fear of the shame that comes with fully assumed and possessed desires, with such terms as slut or whore.

  • Editorial: Concordia’s Food Contract Shows Improvements, But Still Isn’t What We Need

    Students wanted a refund; instead they got some free juice and snacks, and by May 31, 2002, Sodexho was out of the Concordia food-providing business, replaced by another multinational corporation: Chartwells. What followed was 13 years of uninspiring menus that were actually punishment for students with dietary restrictions.

  • Nah’msayin?

    An ode to station Guy-Concordia, a.k.a. Metro Hell

    It’s hard to breathe, standing on your platforms.

  • Pregnancy: Horror Incarnate

    Why I’m Not Interested in Hosting a Baby in my Body

    I feel a total lack of maternal instinct and the idea of gestating something feels like a betrayal to myself, like purposefully introducing a parasite into a part of me that I have been categorized by all my life.

  • Police Violates Student Journalist’s Rights

    His Perspective on What Went Down and Why the Police are Wrong

    So it finally happened. After covering dozens of Montreal protests with—relatively—little incident for The Link and 99% Media, I was detained on the evening of July 24 by a police officer and given a ticket under Article 500.1 of Quebec’s Highway Safety Code, for a sum of $504.