• Distractible Minds

    Who’s Got Who On A Leash?

    Attention and focus are implicated in everything we do, so how well we can harness our attention has a significant impact on our lived experience and quality of life.

  • Editorial: On Charlie Hebdo: Government Suppression and Media Hypocrisy

    While the attacks on Charlie Hebdo have raised support for free speech, the popular narrative has leaned more towards nationalism, demagoguery, and populist rhetoric.

  • Let’s Talk Academic Freedom

    A Response to Concordia President Alan Shepard About the BDS Movement

    To give some context to this question, we should shed some light on Concordia’s infamous Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies, which is named after David Joshua Azrieli, a man who, according to the Financial Post, fought in the Arab-Israeli war in 1948 alongside the Jewish paramilitary organization Haganah.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Feel Olive My Rage At Once

    When one loads up on Greco greens at Al-Taib or any downtown deli, one may accidentally encounter an olive lurking somewhere in the belly of one’s Mediterranean smorgasbord.

  • Alternatives to Austerity

    For the past thirty years, our governments, in collusion with the business sector, have been trying to sell us a bill of goods about how their coffers are empty, how they must cut down the size of the state and how they cannot afford the cost of our public services anymore.

  • Santa’s Shamanic Origins

    When Mythology and Mycology Collide

    With the holidays approaching, I would like to share an interesting take on the origins of Christmas mythology.

  • The Fires That Bind: Neoliberal Parallels From Ferguson to Montreal

    There will come a time in our lives when we will set our backyards on fire and watch them burn. In most cases, the fire will be extinguished. But sometimes the force of the blaze will burn unhindered and spread, connecting with other fires until there is nothing left to burn but the ground underneath.

  • Concordia’s Latest Greenwashing Half-Measure

    $5-Million Green Fund Doesn’t Go Far Enough

    The Concordia University Foundation announced in a press release last week that it would invest $5 million in a fund adhering to “environmental, social and corporate governance” criteria. This is certainly a nice gesture, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

  • Change Is Spare

    As the winter snow creates a blanket over Montreal, it’s not enough to cover the city’s homeless problem.

    The scowl that many homeless people receive when asking “Vous avez un peu de change?” is one that I myself sometimes bestow upon them. Society at large needs to reexamine the ways in which we treat those that we keep on the margins. Otherwise we will only perpetuate a growing problem.

  • Editorial: We Need Electoral Reform at the CSU

    Following last weeks decision to change the wording of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions question hours before voting opened, The Link and the CSU can finally agree on something: the electoral process needs reform.