• The Magic Word

    Our Male-Dominated Culture Has A Beef With Sexual Consent

    The problem of sex and consent lies not only in the 460,000 sexual assaults— according to a study made by Statistics Canada in 2004—reported in the country in a given year. It also lies in the attempted rapes, in the fear of saying “no” to sex, in the problem of the “come on baby, we’ve done it before,” and in the silenced victims.

  • A Budget for Bankers and Businessman

    The Unfortunate Tale of the Unbalanced Balanced Budget

    When you look at the $100bn budget, it is clear that pensioners and corporations seem to be relatively unaffected by the austere neoliberal policies that youths are disproportionately affected by.

  • Editorial: ASFA Is Plagued by Rape Culture

    Last semester, the Arts and Science Federation of Associations drew criticism for their dismissal of calls to provide sexual consent workshops for Frosh attendees. Sean Nolan, ASFA’s VP Social, told the Montreal Gazette at the time that, “the attention span of these 18-year-old kids is not going to last long enough to understand the bulk of the presentation.”

  • Prioritize Cannabis Legalization!

    In a recentinterview with VICE Shane Smith, President Obama was asked about his thoughts on legalizing marijuana, which was one of the most popular viewer-submitted topics for the interview.*

  • Nah’msayin? I Clit You Not

    How Patriarchy Turned Oral Sex Into A Game of Hide And Seek

    “Gloria, can you help me find your clitoris?”

  • Nah’msayin? Touchin’ Yr Dick—It’s Actually Pretty Sweet!

    *This article may come off wrong to some people. I actually kind of feel uncomfortable writing it, as it’s an article that, in reality, only people with penises can really understand.

  • Editorial: Police Response to Protests Can Only Galvanize Students

    The student protesters who awoke with their ears ringing and eyes reddened will only be galvanized and toughened in their resolve in the fight against austerity.

  • Watching the Grass Grow

    Vancouver’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are a Model for the Rest of Canada

    There was a time when I believed that Canada would beat the states in the race to legalize weed. Flash forward to 2015 and the world looks a whole lot stranger.

  • Who’s Right When Everyone is Wrong?

    It has come to my attention recently that people in Quebec—particularly Montreal—don’t get along very well.

  • Nah’msayin?

    The “Tall Kids” Are Taking Over

    You know the ones I mean. They were tall as children, they were tall until puberty, and then everyone else shot up over them. And then they were just average. Or worse, they were short.