• Editorial: The SPVM’s Bylaw Squad

    You can’t call it a march if it doesn’t go anywhere. Around 300 people were kettled for hours, eventually processed and fined hundreds of dollars under municipal bylaw P-6.

  • Don’t Burn the Bridge

    Fee-Levy Groups Provide Benefits Outside the Classroom

    I’m probably one of the most unlikely people to be writing this article.

  • Not So Surprising

    Marois’ Refusal to Participate in English Debate a Tactical Move by PQ

    Within the past two weeks, Premier Pauline Marois turned down an offer to participate in an English-language debate twice.

  • Editorial: The Cynical Path of Martine Desjardins

    As the province prepares for yet another election, more names that made headlines during the Maple Spring have been announced to appear on the ballot.

  • Nah’msayin?

    Wacky Waving, Arm Flailing, Bendable Handle Man

    Hey, STM: I have a hard enough time standing on my twiggy legs the other 99 per cent of the time.

  • A Manipulative Campaign

    Israeli Apartheid Week Capitalizes on Bad Habits

    This week, Israeli Apartheid Week events will be mounted all across the city with participation from McGill University, the Université de Montreal and Concordia.

  • Your Food, Your Money, Your Choice

    A Leap Towards a Multivalent, Student-Run Food System

    In light of recent discussions about fee-levy reforms, it may come as a surprise to hear that one of the three petitions handed to the Concordia Student Union had to do with an immense recognition and appreciation for the progress and potential exhibited by campus fee-levy groups.

  • Confronting the Divide

    Israeli Apartheid Week Serves an Important Need

    More than 200 cities worldwide are participating in Israeli Apartheid Week 2014, which will feature conferences, workshops, film screenings and cultural events to raise awareness about the nature of Israel as an apartheid state.

  • Editorial: We Need Zero-Tolerance for Sexist Chants

    Making light of sexually crude and explicit slurs only teaches people the mentality that it’s acceptable to joke about these topics in other contexts.

  • Stronger Together

    An Argument Against Per-Faculty Opt-Outs

    The whole point of a student union is that we’re more effective together in dealing with any number of issues that students care about universally, from campus sustainability to student poverty to ensuring a quality learning institution.