• Academic Appointments Abound

    Council Names New Senators, Gives CJLO New Shot at Fee Levy

    Four new senators were appointed by the CSU at their first Council meeting of the school year on Sept. 21.

  • Caring by Not Car-ing

    Workshops, Conferences, Arcade Fire Mark Car-Free Week

    From Sept. 19 to 23, the Agence métropolitaine de transport, in partnership with the Société de Transport de Montréal and POP Montreal, presented In Town Without My Car All Week Long, an event that showcased eco-friendly events, concerts and conferences to educate citizens on the effects of car-use and alternative transportation.

  • Arab Spring Turns to Fall in UN

    Montrealers Weigh in on the Bid for a Palestinian State

    If the bid for Palestine to be recognized as a state that is currently working its way through the bureaucracy of the United Nations is successful, the irony is that Palestinians may wind up be less represented at the UN.

  • The Rest Of The Reps

    Concordia’s undergraduates might be on the verge of raising hell because of the proposed changes to the Board of Governors’ bylaws—which aim to reduce their representation—but they aren’t the only ones affected.

  • Still Four On The Board

    Student Reps Speak Up on BoG Membership Cuts

    Student representation on the Board of Governors—the university’s highest governing body—is in the process of being slashed.

  • Dear Governance Review Committee

    Please Add Another Student Rep to the Board

    Concordia has a long history of engaged students and educators […] Students have historically been able to engage in difficult issues, take part in university affairs and influence decisions.

  • Bypass Bill 38

    Tabled Bill Behind New Board’s Undergrad Rep Cuts

    A provincial bill that was tabled in 2009 is being cited as one of the major reasons the Concordia Board of Governors aims to cut its student membership.

  • A Mountain of Shoes

    Activists Draw Attention to Landmine Victims Around the World

    Don’t be worried if you heard an explosion and saw a mountain of shoes at Phillips Square the afternoon of Sept. 24. The fifth annual Shoe Pyramid in Montreal took place to raise awareness of victims of landmines and cluster bombs around the world.

  • CJLO to Campaign for Fee Levy Increase Again

    Concordia’s Student-Run Radio Station Seeks to Grow

    Having been declined at the March 2011 referendum, Concordia’s radio station CJLO will have another go for a fee levy increase during the Concordia Student Union by-election in November. Voted “Station of the Year” in 2010 at the College Radio Awards given by the College Music Journal,

  • ASFA’s Search for a CEO

    More Time Given to Find Candidate

    The deadline for appointing the Chief Electoral Officer of Concordia’s Arts and Science Federation of Associations has been extended until Sept. 29. ASFA President Alex Gordon said the extension was put in place “to give us time to prepare and to train the CEO.”