• The Struggle Goes On

    Labour Board Finds in Favour of McGill on Replacement Workers

    “Looking very briefly at the evidence, [the replacement workers] didn’t seem illegal—at least the casual workers,” said Kalant. “So that’s another reason [the commissioner] denied the emergency order,” continued Kalant. “Now McGill put this out as saying they’ve been cleared, which they haven’t, because we still have to have the full hearing with all the evidence, and dates have to be set for that. It’s not over yet.”

  • Needle Point and Counter Point

    Local Injection Site to Open After Syringe Exchange Closure

    While Cactus may be operating as a safe injection site as early as April, another similar outreach service recently had to cut back its outreach. Head & Hands, located on Sherbrooke St. W. in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, had to get rid of two street workers in August after its provincial funding was cut by $75,000.

  • Occupy The Square

    Montrealers Set Up Camp in Financial District

    Cities across Canada have officially hopped on the Occupy Wall Street juggernaut, which has seen chapters spring up across the western world and as far away as Hong Kong.

  • Scabs Allowed at McGill

    Emergency Stop-Work Order Denied

    Quebec’s Labour Relation Board has rejected an emergency stop-work order for McGill University.

  • Highlights from the CSU Council Meeting

    Sexual Assault Centre, November Referendum Discussed

    The first order of business at the meeting was on the subject of creating a sexual assault centre at Concordia

  • Controversy Over Development of Northern Quebec

    Environmentalists Cry Foul Over $80 Billion Development Plan

    Northern Quebec will soon be coming into some cash.

  • Students Sit In Solidarity

    McGill’s Mob Squad Supports MUNACA

    The Mob Squad has struck again, this time in support of McGill’s non-academic employees who have been on strike for six weeks.

  • All About Your ASFA Candidates

    Council Hopefuls Outline Campaign Promises

    After a rough start, the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ by-elections are wrapping up as polling begins tomorrow and ends on Oct. 13.The election had originally been scheduled to take place last week…

  • Getting Out of the Habit

    Sisters to Leave Grey Nuns Residence in 2012

    Fine Arts students will be packing up their dance shoes and theatre props, and moving into the Grey Nuns complex on St. Mathieu St. The only question is when, as the nuns who currently inhabit part of the building will be vacating earlier than expected.

  • Life Among the Occupiers

    The Revolution Will Be Brought To You By McDonald’s

    The murmur of political banter is heavy in the air, reflecting upon the day’s struggle at the stock market. Some put their feet up to take a load off, others laugh and enjoy a beverage in the lounge.