• Volunteering Abroad Just Got Easier

    CSU Introduces Two New Bursaries

    Starting next year, the Concordia Student Union will be awarding two students with bursaries for their volunteer work.

  • JSA Folds

    Association Disappears Due to Lack of Interest

    The Journalism Student Association may cease to exist next year. Only one person ran in
    this year’s election, which wasn’t enough to meet the association’s necessary requirements to form.

  • Kettle to the Metal

    A Close Up View of an Arrest at the Anti-Police Brutality Demonstration

    The cop was dressed in full riot gear, from his white and blue helmet to his heavy-duty black boots.

  • From Script to Screening

    The Evolution of an Independent Film

    It was a homecoming.

  • Police Brutality

    Another Anti Police Brutality Protest devolved into vandalism and mass arrests on March 15, as 258 protestors were taken away by Montreal’s riot squad. Protestors were out in full force to voice their outrage after a year of particularly strained relations between law enforcement and Canadians.

  • Action #CSU2011

    Action Presidential Candidates

  • Your Concordia #CSU2011

    Your Concordia Presidential Candidates

  • Down with tuition increases, bottled water and bad contracts

    The Your Concordia slate was out in full force early this morning in the first official hours of the 2011 CSU general election campaign.

  • Running With Staplers

    Action and Your Concordia Slates Duke it Out on Poster Night

    Over 70 students scrambled around the downtown campus early this morning as this year’s Concordia Student Union campaign season officially kicked off.

  • Action Takes Aim at the BoG

    Slate’s Presidential Candidate Speaks to The Link

    While talking about the Action slate’s priorities should they prove victorious in the upcoming election, presidential candidate Khalil Haddad gets right to the point.