• Gimme That Guinness

    A Beer With a Cult Following Prepares for its Day in the Spotlight

    “Guinness is not poured, it is built,” reads a poster on the wall of the famous Montreal microbrewery, Brutopia. The bar, adorned with Guinness Beer memorabilia, is gearing up for its St. Patrick’s Day crowd on March 17.

  • Hitting the Streets

    Concordia Students Sleep Outdoors; Raise Money for the Homeless

    A growing concern in this country will have students living outdoors and sleeping on lawns and cold concrete on campuses across Canada this week to raise awareness for homelessness.

  • ‘Call Security,’ Student Union VPs

    Chaos as Council Grapples with Resignation Fallout

    As one of the most heated Council meetings in Concordia Student Union history degenerated into chaos on March 9, two CSU executives called for security to remove the 80 students in attendance.

  • The March to March

    March 2009: The Concordia Student Union election is one of the most controversial in recent history, seeing the spending of vast amounts of unaccounted money and the end of a six-year dynasty.

  • The Void And Queer Concordia Denied

    Legitimate Student Groups Not Eligible for Fee Levy Request

    Miscommunications with Concordia Student Union Chief Electoral Officer Oliver Cohen and CSU President Heather Lucas will keep two student groups from getting their fee levy requests on the March ballot.

  • No Money Trail for the ‘Yes’ Campaign

    CSU Executives, CEO Haven’t Produced Campaign Budget Lines

    The Concordia Student Union released its annual budget report Friday, but specific amounts pertaining to its spending on the “Yes” campaign for the Student Centre in preparation of November’s referendum still haven’t been revealed.

  • Sustain Yourself, In The City

    Living Downtown Is No Reason Not To Do-It-Yourself

    Are you smarter than an Australian brush-turkey?

  • Israeli Apartheid Week Kicks Off

    Divestment Sanctions, Academic Boycotts Slated

    Ending occupation in the Middle East is a process that has to begin at home, say the organizers of Montreal’s seventh annual Israeli Apartheid Week taking place this week.

  • All Is Not Well

    Another Student Union VP Quits

    Another student union VP has resigned, putting forth serious allegations against the union’s executive:
    Falsified financial documents,

  • What Would Jesus Drill?

    Quebec Christian Organizations Oppose Shale Gas Exploration

    Christian organizations in Quebec joined the growing mobilization calling for a moratorium on shale gas exploration last week.