• Commemorating a Tragedy

    Vigil Marks the 39th Anniversary of the Blue Bird Café Fire

    Older and grayer, survivors, friends and family of those who perished in the second-worst fire in Montreal’s history came back to the site of the Blue Bird Café, where an act of arson claimed 37 lives almost four decades ago.

  • Buzz Kill

    Hive Opening Delayed by Electricity Deficit

    Despite hopes that the long-awaited Hive Café would be ready for Orientation Week, Concordians will have to wait a little longer to use the only student-run food service on the Loyola campus. After over a year of planning, it was discovered that the electrical consumption of the café would exceed the capabilities of the building and would therefore prevent it from opening until at least October, according to Concordia Student Union VP Services & Loyola Melissa Fuller.

  • While You Were Out

    Notable news stories of Summer

    Student Union elections, presidential loans, tunnels and bridges falling apart. A lot has happened since you left school in April, both on campus and off. Here’s what The Link thinks you should remember.
  • Remembering Layton

    Montreal Members of the NDP Move on After Leader’s Death

    Though his death has sent shock waves through the federal government, former New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton’s death was equally shocking to those who supported the NDP at the grassroots level.

  • Blowin’ Up the Budget

    Where the Concordia Student Union is Spending Your Money

    If you think running the Concordia Student Union comes cheap, you might want to take a look at this year’s CSU budget. With a preliminary budget of almost $5 million, most of which comes from student fees, your money gets spent in a lot of ways.

  • Hall Reno On Track

    Students can finally say goodbye to the unpredictable escalators in the Hall Building as the first of four phases of renovations is set to wrap up by Sept. 12. “We are right on target, and I’m extremely pleased with how it’s going,” said John Fisher of Concordia’s Facilities Management department.

  • Beer Buzz

    Reggie’s to Diversify Their Beer Portfolio

    In years past, students’ ability to get their drink on at our campus watering hole was tragically limited, as Reggie’s Bar had an exclusive contract with Molson. With the expiry of that contract earlier this summer, samplers of suds may see a long due diversification in their choice of chilled chugging beverages.

  • November 10: Tuition Day

    Concordia Student Union Launches Tuition Campaign

    Don’t like the idea of paying even more for your already-expensive post-secondary education? Then mark your calendars for Nov. 10, where a massive, province-wide mobilization of students against tuition increases is set to take place in Montreal.
    Recently announced by Quebec’s largest student lobby group, the Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec, thousands of students are expected to turn up and show the provincial government their disapproval.

  • Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk

    Medical Residents Announce General Strike

    Quebec’s hospitals are facing a 10 per cent reduction in services from their medical residents after the union representing the young doctors held a general assembly to announce a strike, set to begin Sept. 12. “[Our salaries] are 32 per cent behind the Canadian average,” said Charles Dussault, president of Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec in an interview with The Link.

  • Concordia Finds Its Place in Space

    Space Concordia is one step closer to boldly going where no other university in the province has gone before.
    “We could be the first Quebec University to reach out to space,” said Nicholas Sweet, a representative for the club.
    While the group has been developing the project for almost a year, they just recently settled on a mission for their satellite, which will be to study the Van Allen radiation belt, a circle of plasma that surrounds the Earth.