• Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk

    Medical Residents Announce General Strike

    Quebec’s hospitals are facing a 10 per cent reduction in services from their medical residents after the union representing the young doctors held a general assembly to announce a strike, set to begin Sept. 12. “[Our salaries] are 32 per cent behind the Canadian average,” said Charles Dussault, president of Fédération des médecins résidents du Québec in an interview with The Link.

  • Concordia Finds Its Place in Space

    Space Concordia is one step closer to boldly going where no other university in the province has gone before.
    “We could be the first Quebec University to reach out to space,” said Nicholas Sweet, a representative for the club.
    While the group has been developing the project for almost a year, they just recently settled on a mission for their satellite, which will be to study the Van Allen radiation belt, a circle of plasma that surrounds the Earth.

  • Three Years Later

    Montreal North Protests for Justice in Villanueva Case

    Three years since police shot unarmed teenager Fredy Villanueva, his death still resonates in Montreal North, where over 100 people gathered for a memorial rally and march on August 7.

  • Hands Tied

    Student Union in Bind Over Student Centre

    Concordia’s new student union leaders are learning that living up to one of their central campaign promises is going to be harder than they thought.

  • Serving The City

    Bartenders and Baristas Raise Funds for Sex Education

    Local bartenders and servers stripped down to their bathing suits Aug. 7 to spike balls instead of drinks, as over a dozen establishments took part in the sixth annual SERVE Volleyball Tournament.

  • Man and Beest

    Concordia Honorary Degree Recipient Theo Jansen Talks to The Link About His Creations

    On June 22, Dutch artist Theo Jansen received an honorary degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts for his work designing and building Strandbeests, huge animal-like machines made of plastic tubes, powered by wind and with the ability to ‘walk.’

  • Concordia Graduation Ceremony: Highlights

    From June 20 to 22, Concordia University held its summer graduation ceremony at the Wilfrid Pelletier Concert Hall.

  • Full Forum

    Students, Faculty Voice Concerns About Concordia Governance at Packed Meeting

    Though the report presented by the External Governance Committee was over 40 pages long, the focus of much of the talk at an open forum held to discuss the report’s recommendations for Concordia was just a three word snippet: “culture of contempt.”

  • Champions of Change

    Council Votes to Alter Standing Regulations, By-Laws

    On Thursday evening, the Concordia Student Union approved major reforms to the CSU Code of Standing Regulations and the CSU General By-laws, including a restructuring of the executive and the elimination of the slate system.

  • Concordia’s State-of-the-Art Health Centre to Open in September

    Construction of Concordia’s $35 million health and wellness facility is right on schedule, according to the facility’s organizers.