• Taking Stock Of The Student Movement

    Forum On Student Activism To Be Held At UQAM

    With the Liberals out of office, the hikes cancelled and Law 12 repealed, the future of the student movement is ambiguous

  • Missing and Murdered Mourned

    Demonstrators in 163 cities across Canada took to the streets last Thursday to demand justice for missing and murdered aboriginal women.

  • A Summit Subcommittee

    Arts and science students have until this Wednesday evening to apply for a position on a subcommittee of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations.
    Once formed, this committee will prepare for the upcoming provincial summit on education.

  • Talking With the Presidents

    For the monthly Talking With the Presidents series, Julia Wolfe sat with Concordia’s President and the Student Union’s president to talk about reviews, resignations and getting settled.

  • Sitting on the Senate

    The Senate, Concordia’s highest academic governing body, met last Friday in what may have been the shortest meeting in the body’s 30-some-year history. Here’s hoping the student union can learn from their friends down the street.

  • Closed File?

    OpenFile Goes On Hiatus Amid Questions

    While Canadian “community-powered news” source OpenFile has temporarily closed its doors, it has been criticized for simultaneously shutting off the lights.

  • “The Ugly Canadian”

    Author and Activist to Present Latest Work On Canada’s Fearless Leader

    Stephen Harper has his critics, but few are as unrelenting as Yves Engler.

  • Anti-Police Protestors Few, Non-Violent

    SPVM’s Behaviour During Maple Spring Protests Criticized

    Despite black masks and anti-police slogans, Saturday night’s anti-police brutality protest was largely calm and peaceful.

  • Take Shelter

    Lorenzo DiTommaso on the Future of the Apocalypse

    According to Concordia religion professor Lorenzo DiTommaso, people need to wake up and face the reality that the apocalypse isn’t coming.

  • Breaking the Blockade By Sea

    Pro-Palestinian Activist and Author Recounts the Journey of Bringing Aid to Gaza

    On August 22, 2008, Greta Berlin and 44 other pro-Palestinian activists left Cyprus in a couple of ramshackle boats in an attempt to deliver aid to Gaza.