• Flagged for Removal

    Lack of Canadian Flag in Quebec Assembly Prompts Protest

    In the lavish Salon Rouge of Quebec’s National Assembly, Pauline Marois and her incoming cabinet were sworn in on Sept. 19 as the new provincial government—with a certain leafy witness conspicuously absent from the occasion.

  • Vacant VP Position Opens Up

    Following the recent resignation of Lucia Gallardo, the position of VP Academic and Advocacy is vacant, and will be up for grabs in the upcoming Concordia Student Union byelections.

  • Hidden Agendas

    Falling behind on your studies? Double-booking coffee dates? Don’t worry. There’s a massive pile of agendas sitting unused and untouched on the seventh floor of the Hall Building.

  • “Delay My Deportation”

    Family Fighting Together to Stay in Canada

    Blanca Peña Gonzalez is facing imminent deportation.

  • Canadian Youth Converge in Ottawa for Environmental Conference

    Approximately 50 students from Concordia University and 1,000 youth from across Canada will assemble in Ottawa this weekend for Power Shift, a three-day conference on climate change and renewable energy.

  • For The Love Of Zombies

    Halloween came early to Montreal this weekend with the annual Zombie Walk flooding the city streets. Watch our video to see yourself all up all zombie-dolled up or to check out all the undead fun you missed.

  • ConU Student’s Complaint Accepted by Quebec Human Rights Commission

    A human rights complaint filed by a Concordia student and former employee of Concordia Instructional and Information Technology Services over a string of homophobic and sexist remarks in the workplace could change how universities across Quebec manage issues relating to homophobia on their campuses.

  • “It’s Time to Tear Down This Wall of Silence.”

    Vigil Remembers Victims of Police Brutality, Calls for Accountability

    A crowd of more than 150 people packed the sidewalk and overflowed into the street in front of the offices of the Fraternité…

  • Yet Another ConU Space Case

    Admin Purchases Upper Floors of the Faubourg

    Despite being turned down as a location for a student centre by students not once but twice, the Faubourg is back on the books for Concordia.

  • Reforming a Fallen FASA

    Shorthanded Executive Awaits Much-Needed Byelection

    With byelections approaching, the Fine Arts Student Alliance is ready for take two.