• Not Bored With the Board

    Your Concordia and Action Explain their Stance on the BoG

    One of the most pressing issues facing Concordia this year has become a non-contentious issue in the upcoming Concordia Student Union election.

  • Poster Controversy Cuts Campaign Short

    Your Concordia Accused of Smearing Action

    For the third year in a row, the final day of campaigning in the Concordia Student Union elections was marred by controversy.

  • Sustainable Slates

    Action and Your Concordia Run on Platforms of Sustainability

    “Sustainability” is a word people love to throw around at Concordia, so it’s no surprise that many initiatives relating to this issue have found their way into the campaign trail.

  • Space Race 2011

    Who Will Claim Your Space on Campus?

    During a meeting on student space with former Concordia VP Services Michael Di Grappa in the late ‘90s,

  • Candidate Quibble

    Question Period Yields Excitement at CSU Presidential Debates

    An already contentious election had the tension cranked up another notch with two presidential debates last week.

  • Slates Duel Over Transparency

    Campaign Spending Scrutinized

    In an increasingly heated campaign, both the Action and Your Concordia slates are accusing each other of overspending on this year’s Concordia Student Union elections.

  • Elections Report Card

    The Link’s Guide to the 2011 CSU Campaign

    Your Concordia set the bar pretty high right out of the gate. Just minutes into the election, the slate made a detailed campaign budget available to the press.

  • we need you.

    This isn’t an appeal for your vote. You’ve had enough of those, so have we. You have a choice. If you aren’t sure why, keep read

    The upcoming election presents a once in a generation opportunity.

  • Technical Staff pickets hall building

    Workers demand raise to match cost of living increase

    Concordia’s technical staff demanded salary increases and an end to contract negotiations that have gone into overtime in a demonstration at Concordia’s downtown campus on March 22.

  • Praying in Hallways

    Muslim Students Denied Prayer Space in EV Building

    “I said I thought that was contrary to the values of the university,” Nazar told The Link. “It disturbs me that he thinks there’s a contradiction between being Muslim and being Canadian