• UPA’s Messy Meeting

    President Hopes to Learn From Chaotic GA

    Urban Planning Association President Sam Carter-Shamai wants to avoid the “messy” General Assembly that happened last Tuesday when…

  • Students Unite Against a Strike

    “No” Campaign Goes Public in Wake of CSU GA

    After the controversial Concordia Student Union general assembly on March 7, two things happened: a minority of undergraduate students voted to go on a five-day strike, and the anti-strike movement began.

  • WSSA to Strike a Second Week

    Institute Sends Ministry of Education Invitation for Debate

    The Women’s Studies Student Association held a second General Assembly March 9 and unanimously voted to extend their strike mandate to March 23.

  • CSU Presidential Hopeful Disqualified

    Schubert Laforest and One VP Not Registered Students

    Two members of the A Better Concordia slate, including presidential candidate Schubert Laforest, have been disqualified from the 2012 Concordia Student Union general election.

  • #CSU12 Debate

    A Better Concordia vs. Concordia Could Be

    After an extremely tame poster night by Concordia Student Union election standards, executive hopefuls from both A Better Concordia and Concordia Could Be held a debate Thursday and made their platforms public.

  • Province Fines Concordia $2M Over Severance Packages

    Ministry of Education Fines Concordia Over Payouts

    Quebec is punishing Concordia for shelling out over $3.1 million in severance packages to administrators.

  • Sociology and Anthropology to Strike

    Students Vote to Block Teachers, Allow Students In

    The Sociology and Anthropology Student Union held a general assembly on March 6, ending with a majority vote to be on strike as of Monday.

  • Students Join International Women’s Day March

    A March 8 International Women’s Day demonstration collided with several other protests all taking place in downtown Montreal today.

  • GUSS GA Update

    Chair Threatens to Charge Student Protesters

    Geography, Environmental Students and Urban Studies students are still preventing professors from entering classrooms despite a threatening letter from chair Dr. David Greene.

  • Riot Cops End Student Vigil

    Protesters Gather After Student Hit by Stun Grenade

    A student vigil was violently broken up by riot cops near Berri-UQAM the night of March 7.