• No Olive Branch for Amnesty International Concordia

    Surprise Security Costs Prompt Petition

    Two days before Amnesty International Concordia was set to hold an event at the DB Clark Theatre in the Hall Building, they were told that they would have to pay an extra $120 for security guards at the event.

  • CEO-Gate Continues

    After Appeal, Judicial Board Chair Resigns

    The ongoing controversy surrounding the position of Concordia Student Union Chief Electoral Officer took another turn last week, as the Chairperson of the CSU Judicial Board resigned, citing personal reasons and a “toxic environment.”
    Cassie Smith, who had presided over the hearing that nullified the position of former CEO Bram Goldstein on Nov. 2, sent her letter of resignation on Nov. 10.

  • CUTV Seeks To Reinstate Full-Scale Live-Stream Project

    Students looking to live-streamed Concordia Student Union meetings lately have undoubtedly noticed a decline in the quality of service.

  • Students United

    Students Out en Masse for Nov. 10 Tuition Protest

    Red paint stained the flagpole and the ground. Vapour from a discharged fire extinguisher made the rainy darkness even gloomier.

  • Aftermath of a Mutiny

    Students Condemn University Actions at “We Are All McGill”

    An estimated 1,000 McGill students participated in an open-air discussion and general assembly on Nov. 14, designed for members of the community to talk about the recent altercation between students and riot police on campus.

  • Back to the BoG

    The Board of Governors—Concordia’s highest body, which has final authority on all university affairs—will meet this week, and while motions from the Graduate Students’ Association have been added to the agenda, the undergraduates’ motions have not.

  • Strike Zone

    Concordia students have seen a first strike. It was made official, in part, by the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ vote for a one-day strike on Nov. 10.

  • Pointe-Claire Pub Saying Goodbye

    Clydes Restaurant and Pub to Close Doors at End of Month

    The faithful patrons of Clydes Restaurant and Pub in Pointe-Claire will have to find another place for a beer, warm meal and local music. Come December, the pub’s owners have announced they will not be renewing the lease.

  • Award-Winning Band Denounces Charest Government Project

    CerAmony Rejects Plan Nord, Releases New Album

    The Juno Award-winning musical duo CerAmony launched their eponymous first album on Nov. 10 at the Théâtre Plaza in Montreal.

  • Montreal Remembers

    Large Attendance at Memorial Day Service in Montreal West

    Posters on lamp posts along Westminster Ave. in Montreal West ask, “How will you remember?”