• Occupy Wall Street Protest Migrates to Montreal

    Protesters Call for Economic Change North of the Border

    New York City’s Occupy Wall Street protest was brought Montreal for a couple hours on Sept. 23. The few protesters gathered by the Montreal Stock Exchange at Victoria Square. Allie Henderson and Phil Thacker to spread the message of the activists in New York, who disagree with the way the global economic system is run.

  • More Than a Free Show

    Arcade Fire Singer and ConU Alumna Chassagne Gives Talk

    Arcade Fire’s Régine Chassagne spoke about the rebuilding of Haiti at the closing of Concordia’s Homecoming speaker series.

  • Harper Mutiny

    QPIRG Discusses Stephen Harper and Organized Resistance

    Stephen Harper was the topic of discussion and subject of ridicule at an event entitled Harper Mutiny, a part of QPIRG’s Disorientation. “I think it was a success. The important thing is that we are having these discussions, and we are including students in the discussion,” said co-organizer Rushdia Mehreen

  • Ken Taylor Speaks on Campus

    Former Canadian Ambassador Speaks About Middle East

    The Homecoming lecture series at Concordia welcomed Kenneth D. Taylor, a former Canadian ambassador to Iran, to discuss his outlook on Middle Eastern politics and history.

  • Dying For Sustainable Transport

    Cyclists Lay Dead on Montreal Streets to Protest Car Culture

    Bicycle activists staged a die-in to highlight the number of accidents between cyclists and motorists on Montreal streets and to raise awareness of alternative transportation options on Sept. 22.

  • PERFORM Center Opens its Doors

    $35 Million Complex at Loyola Campus Ready for Business

    The PERFORM Center is now fully open in the Athletic Complex at the Loyola campus, housing state of the art research facilities, health programs, and training equipment.

  • Dershowitz Defends Israel in Montreal

    Author Says Arabs are Fundamentally Against Two State Solution to Israel-Palestine Conflict

    World-renowned lawyer, Harvard professor and author, Alan Dershowitz—who is best known for defending O.J. Simpson in the infamous 1995 murder case—came close to Concordia on Thursday, but seemed to distance himself from what he once called the “bigoted” university.

  • Rebel Journalist Dishes to Dawson

    Kai Nagata Discusses Broadcast News and Life Post-CTV

    Former CTV reporter Kai Nagata aired more dirty laundry about his experiences as a mainstream broadcast journalist this past Monday at Dawson College.

  • Thousands Walk for HIV/AIDS Initiatives

    Foundation Raises Millions to Fight HIV/AIDS and Spread Awareness

    Quebec’s leading HIV/AIDS foundation hosted their 19th annual fundraising walk on Sept. 18. The Farha Foundation, which hosted Ça Marche, is in the middle of a campaign to raise $400,000 by Dec. 1 of this year–with $300,000 raised so far.

  • FASA, Finally

    New Executives Get Ratified in Brief General Meeting

    Executives of the Fine Arts Student Alliance can now lay claim to their job titles, as a near-unanimous vote resulted in the ratification of April’s election results at a special general meeting on Sept. 13.