• News Commentary: Mad as Hell

    And We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore

    Ah, springtime in Montreal. That wonderful time of year when the sun starts to shine, the terrasses fill with cheerful, buzzed students and the subtle smell of tear gas wafts through the streets. It’s protest season. This summer, we’ve got a whole lot to protest about

  • The Endless Campaign

    “We have a message of hope. [Prime Minister] Harper has a message of fear.” Liberal MP Marc Garneau’s blunt assessment of this year’s federal election embodies the balancing act his party has employed since the last time Canadians went to the polls in September 2008.

  • Showdown on the Corner

    Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Groups Set Up Camp in the Mile End

    The abortion debate is back again—specifically, in the park on the southeast corner of St. Laurent and St. Joseph Blvd., where an access showdown between pro-choice and pro-lifers is currently being staged outside of Montreal’s Morgentaler Clinic.

  • Choosing Your Voice

    Grad Students Elect GSA Slate, Award Two of Four Fee Levy Groups

    Next year, this school will be yours—in a manner of speaking. Two weeks after the Your Concordia slate took the Concordia Student Union elections, the Your Voice slate took a majority of seats in the Concordia Graduate Students’ Association elections

  • Stop the Music

    French Singer Fired From Play After Controversy Over Violent Past

    The announcement that French rock star Bertrand Cantat would be performing in the Théatre du Nouveau Monde’s production of the play Sophocles did not sit well with many Quebecois residents and, as a result, the singer has lost the gig.

  • Kicking the Bottle

    Concordia Announces Plans to Remove Bottled Water From Vending Machines

    Concordia University’s administration announced on April 6 that it would begin the process of phasing out water bottles from vending machines on campus. “This is step one,” said university spokesperson Chris Mota

  • Show Me the Money

    Student Union Pays ASFA $10,000 After Ticket Gaffe

    An event one Concordia Student Union executive called “cost neutral” on March 14 will instead set the CSU back $29,000. After failing to sell 950 of the 1,000 tickets it purchased for a conference called Youth Action Montreal, the student union decided to give away their remaining tickets, incurring a $19,000 loss.

  • A Union for the Union

    Action and Your Concordia Vow to Work Together Towards a More Democratic Student Union

    Though the 2011 Concordia Student Union election was among the most divisive and controversy-filled in the university’s history, on April 8, leaders from the Your Concordia and Action slates vowed to work together to reform a system both agreed is broken.

  • Journalism Department Unveils Revamped Program

    The Journalism Department at Concordia University has revamped its programs to reflect the evolving nature of the profession. “We want our students to know how to do everything and have a real grounding in the social media,” said Linda Kay, chair of the Journalism Department and an associate professor.

  • Youth in Revolt

    CEGEP Students Lead the Charge Against Tuition

    Heavily armored riot police banged their shields and batons together in unison, yelling “move!” with every step forward.