• McGill Society Puts Occupy in Perspective

    Spending a Thursday night in a crowded Plateau apartment living room may not sound out of the ordinary, until you hear the scope of conversation: radical, systemic change. A hand-written sign on the door read, “Global Cuts, Global Struggles…

  • The Case of the Missing Councillor

    The World Series may be over, but the three-strike rule is still in effect at the Concordia Student Union.

  • An Activist in the Assembly

    MNA Amir Khadir Wants Tuition Frozen and More Options in Politics

    Although the province is a hotbed for progressive ideas, its political landscape is still defined by a 250-year-old language debate.

  • Bonus Money

    Extra $10K Given to CEO and Deputies After 2011 Election

    During a “preliminary meeting” of the Judicial Board on the morning of Oct. 28, it was revealed the former Chief Electoral Officer and three Deputy Electoral Officers received $10,000 in bonus money to attend JB meetings at the close of last year’s election.

  • Zoo York

    Occupy Wall Street Becomes a Tourist Attraction

    New York, NY — The corner of Broadway St. and Liberty St. in New York City brings together diverse crowds these days. Since mid-September, ranks of stoic police officers have been standing in juxtaposition to the milling hive of verbose protesters. Lately, a third group can be added to the mix: crowds of picture-snapping tourists.

  • ASFail

    Despite being called a joint information meeting to inform students about tuition hikes, the Arts and Science Federation of Associations and the Concordia Student Union failed to educate more than a handful of students.

  • We’re 25th! We’re 25th!

    Concordia Slips a Spot in Maclean’s University Rankings

    Much has happened at Concordia in the past year. A president left under mysterious circumstances, setting off a massive overhaul of the governance system. A new academic plan was introduced that will chart Concordia’s next five years. Students and professors alike have won awards, published papers, and made advances in their fields.

  • Help Across Borders

    Kahnawake Community Extends Helping Hand With Clothing Drive

    Winter is coming to South Dakota, and that means a hard few months are approaching the Rosebud Indian Reservation. It means power outages that last up to a week. It means no heat if you don’t have a propane heater or wood-burning stove.

  • Send it to the JB

    Independent Body to Decide CEO’s Fate

    The Judicial Board, an independent ruling body of Concordia Student Union, will hold a hearing on Nov. 2 to decide if the hiring procedure for current Chief Electoral Officer Bram Goldstein was valid.

  • Graham Gets Crackin’

    Concordia’s Provost Talks Tuition, Academic Plan

    Provost David Graham presented Concordia’s new Academic Plan to the Concordia Student Union Council on Wednesday.