• ConU Student’s Complaint Accepted by Quebec Human Rights Commission

    A human rights complaint filed by a Concordia student and former employee of Concordia Instructional and Information Technology Services over a string of homophobic and sexist remarks in the workplace could change how universities across Quebec manage issues relating to homophobia on their campuses.

  • “It’s Time to Tear Down This Wall of Silence.”

    Vigil Remembers Victims of Police Brutality, Calls for Accountability

    A crowd of more than 150 people packed the sidewalk and overflowed into the street in front of the offices of the Fraternité…

  • Yet Another ConU Space Case

    Admin Purchases Upper Floors of the Faubourg

    Despite being turned down as a location for a student centre by students not once but twice, the Faubourg is back on the books for Concordia.

  • Reforming a Fallen FASA

    Shorthanded Executive Awaits Much-Needed Byelection

    With byelections approaching, the Fine Arts Student Alliance is ready for take two.

  • Burritos, Bicycles and Broken Barriers

    Burrito Project Montreal Feeds Homeless and Hungry

    The Burrito Project is attempting to break down the barriers between those living on and off the streets—one burrito at a time.

  • Changing of the Grade

    Political Science Student Takes Concordia to Court

    Midway through June, Concordia political science student William Groombridge decided it was time to take the university to court. Enough was enough.

  • Talkin’ Trash

    Concordia Waste Audit Results and What It Means for the Landfills

    With over 40,000 students and staff who study, eat and occasionally sleep on campus, Concordia University inevitably has a lot to deal with on garbage day.

  • Dropping the Gloves

    CSU Councilor Laura Glover Resigns

    Laura Glover has resigned from her position as Concordia Student Union fine arts Councilor Sunday night citing lack of time due to obligations.

  • Laval Anthro Students on Strike

    Quebec Students Join International Movement

    The Association des étudiantes et étudiants en anthropologie at Université Laval in Quebec City held a one-day strike on Oct 18.

  • Disproportionate Senate

    Students Complain CSU Appointments Don’t Rep JMSB

    The lack of John Molson School of Business students sitting on Concordia’s Senate has sparked at least half a dozen students to email identical denouncements to both the chairperson and president of the Concordia Student Union over the weekend.