• Outcry Outside an Office

    Students Protest Tuition Hikes at Ministry of Education

    With signs held aloft and plastic horns, megaphones and whistles turning the peaceful fall air into a roiling cacophony, several hundred students gathered outside the office of Quebec Education Minister Line Beauchamp on Oct. 5 to protest looming increases to university tuition.

  • Stephen Lewis Talks Cancer at ConU

    Fight Against Cancer Needs Student Engagement, says Former Ambassador

    Students have the power to change the face of the fight against cancer, was the message of Stephen Lewis, a former Canadian politician and UN ambassador, at a stop off in Montreal.

  • Community Occupation

    Working Together on Occupying Wall Street

    With over 1, 000 people camping out in New York City’s Zuccotti Park as part of the Occupy Wall Street protests, tight organization has become a necessity. “The organization of the park has grown immensely over the last couple days,” said one organizer going by the name Paul of the protests, now entering their third week.

  • Why Are You Occupying Wall Street?

    Many People Cite Many Reasons to Protest in NYC

    The occupiers of Wall Street are now in their third week of protest against… well, too many things to name. Setting up camp since Sept. 17, the collection of people camping out in front of the New York Stock Exchange have set off a movement that has grown beyond the Big Apple.

  • Talking With Presidents

    Lowy and Gill Open Up on the BoG Meeting

    After a particularly contentious encounter between Concordia’s administrators and students at the Board of Governors meeting last Wednesday, The Link arranged two, 15-minute interviews with the university’s presidents—Dr. Frederick Lowy and Concordia Student Union leader Lex Gill—to talk about the issues that came up. Here are some highlights.

  • ‘How Many Missing Before you Start Listening?’

    Remembrance for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

    The sixth annual March for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women took over Cabot Square Oct. 4, raising awareness and demanding government money for their cause.The march began with a drum circle and a prayer before Bridget Tolley, who founded the annual event …

  • Going Through the Motions

    A Play–by–Play of the BoG Blowout

    The second motion the student representatives put forth was to separate Article 23 from the rest being voted on. They argued that this would allow for continued debate on the Board makeup. “People didn’t think we were going to take this seriously,” said de Santis. “But we are going to move forward. […] Other than respect to the one issue…

  • Activism, Aboriginal Women & Alternative Ideas

    Andrea Smith Speaks At ConU

    Violence against aboriginal women is a problem in Canada, and according to Andrea Smith, it is not one that can be understood, studied or solved as an issue in and of itself.
    “Sexual violence is a tool by which Native people become inherently dirty, and by extension inherently rapeable,” she said…

  • The Future of the Faubourg

    For the administration at least, the Faubourg Ste-Catherine is not off the table.

  • Faubourg Finally Finished

    They sat, asked questions and listened. When it was all over, the councillors of the Concordia Student Union voted as one, killing the $54 million deal that would have turned the Faubourg into a student centre.