• Thanksgiving for the Anti-Colonialists

    QPIRG Hosts Alternative Holiday Feast

    An unconventional Thanksgiving feast was held to remember and acknowledge the effects that the colonization of North America has had on the First Nation peoples.

  • Rapid HIV Tests for World AIDS Day

    Head & Hands Touts Importance of HIV Testing

    Head and Hands, a youth organization with a preventive, non-judgmental and holistic approach to helping people, held a rapid HIV testing clinic at their NDG location for World AIDS Day on Dec 1.

  • Byelections of Approval

    CSU Bylaws Pass; CJLO, CUTV Get Fee Levy Increases

    All four new councillors to the Concordia Student Union Council have been approved, and the new bylaws have passed after Concordia undergraduate students voted in the November byelection.

  • MUNACA Back to Work?

    Out of work for exactly three months, the 1,700-member McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association appears set to get back to work.

  • Take This Job and Keep It

    CSU Council Gives Vote of Confidence to CEO

    Amid accusations of bias due to unclear allegiances in last year’s Concordia Student Union general election, CSU Council voted on Nov. 30 to maintain support for Chief Electoral Officer Ismail Holoubi.

  • Get to Know Your Council Candidates

    Students, meet your hopeful future politicos.

  • Bylawlessness

    No election at Concordia is complete without a little controversy. This was proven yet again with the creation of a

  • The Battle for Broadcast Budgets

    CJLO and CUTV Seek Fee Levy Increases

    Students heading to the polls on Tuesday will decide the fate of Concordia’s broadcasting groups’ funding, as both CUTV and CJLO are seeking an increase in their fee levies. Both stations plan on using some of the increased funding to pursue methods of reaching a wider audience.

  • The End of an Occupation?

    Despite Evictions, Occupiers Party and Vow to Go On

    In the end, Occupy Montreal didn’t go out with a flash bang, but with a bass line. Exactly six weeks after the global Occupy phenomenon came to the city, Victoria Square was a place transformed, then transformed again. Gone was the intricate maze of shelters and structures.

  • Talking With the Presidents II

    Concordia’s Leaders Talk BoG, Money and Ticking People Off

    As another Board of Governors meeting thrust the issues of transparency and accountability—as well as an audit—to the forefront of Concordia’s political sphere once again, The Link talked to our school presidents.
    Here are the highlights.