• Open Letter Outlines Tension Between CUTV Management and Members

    As soon as the agenda points were finished, tempers flared at Monday’s Concordia University Television meeting.

  • The State of the Station

    Financial Questions, Governance Issues Remain at CUTV

    Concordia University Television might be mired in an uncertain legal grey area, but financially speaking, they could be headed for the red.

  • A New Concordia

    The Beginning of the End of the Governance Crisis

    It was $10 million in settlements, 45 departures and one external review that defined Concordia’s decade-long governance crisis. It might be Alan Shepard and Norman Hébert, Jr. who end it.

  • CSU Byelections, a Bust?

    Legitimacy of Polls to Be Determined by Judicial Board

    The Concordia Student Union is set to hold byelections beginning a week from today—but a procedural slip-up in announcing open positions could mean the results will not be legally binding.

  • Maintaining the Mountain

    Local Association Addresses Mount Royal’s Future

    Surrounded by Montreal’s rapidly growing urban core, increasingly buried by its skyscrapers, governed by repeatedly shifting managerial mechanisms and covered by soon-to-be vacant institutions…

  • Second Meeting to Decide Next Step for CUTV

    Membership, Structure and GA to Be Discussed

    Members of Concordia University Television have called a second meeting to discuss the state of the station with the hopes of…

  • Frigo Vert Has a Healthy New BoD

    Co-op Elects Directors to Help Find New Location

    Le Frigo Vert has a new board of directors after a unanimous vote at its annual general meeting on Wednesday evening—and unlike years past, they were able to announce a surplus to work with.

  • “Haiti’s New Dictatorship”

    York Professor Launches New Book Detailing “UN Occupation” of Haiti

    Haiti’s been on our collective radar for years now—first the coup d’état, followed…

  • “We Need to Get Paid”

    Freelance Journalists Publish Letter to OpenFile CEO

    Late Sunday night, an open letter addressed to OpenFile Chief Executive Officer Wilf Dinnick was published online by a group of Montreal-based freelance journalists. The message was simple: pay us, please.

  • Petition Addresses Poli Sci Departmental Issues

    Grades Curved, Courses Cut Among Students’ Complaints

    Political science student Gene Morrow brought the petition to the Arts and Sciences Federation of Associations at last week’s council meeting, after it had garnered approximately 250 signatures.