• “Just Too Dangerous”

    Cabbies Feel Crunch as City Infrastructure Crumbles

    The roads are safe—according to Jean Charest. Among those who aren’t so sure, however, are those who spend more time driving them than anyone else: the city’s taxi drivers. Montreal’s crumbling infrastructure and the construction aiming to fix it have combined to result in the clogging of several major traffic arteries across town.

  • Power to the People

    Communists Rally Downtown

    This past Sunday, Sept. 11, an anti-imperialist demonstration stormed the streets of downtown Montreal. Beginning outside the Atwater Metro station, the red-flag-toting, scarf-wearing activists prepared their sharpie-covered signs that read “REAL terrorism = Imperialism.” After a few short motivating words screamed through a megaphone, the group began their march down Ste. Catherine St., waving their flags, chanting, “Fuck the police,” and “Occupation is a crime.”

  • Fire Hall

    Students Evacuate Building

    An accidental fire alarm disrupted studies and flooded the streets with Concordians on Sept. 12. Students were evacuated from the Hall Building of Concordia’s Sir George Williams campus at around 4:30 p.m. on Monday.

  • Senates and Sensibility

    Concordia’s Highest Academic Body Discusses Governance

    As expected, when the Concordia Senate held its first meeting of the academic year last Friday, the hot topic was the major report on governance reform issued this past June.The Senate moved to endorse the spirit and recommendations of the report in their entirety, and to create a joint committee with the Board of Governors to study how implementing the changes can be done.

  • A Dark Decade

    Conference Examines Post-9/11 Democracy

    “Though we are not immune to the threat of terrorism, our society is vigilant and resilient. Canada will stand firm with our allies, defending and protecting our democratic values—freedom, human rights and the rule of the law—in the hope of a more secure and peaceful world.”

  • Looking for a Leader

    Concordia University is Hiring

    After an unprecedented administrative shakeup, Concordia is searching for yet another president.

  • ConU Technical Staff Strikes for First Time in Its History

    Admin Dragging Heels on Deal, Union Rep Says

    Not everyone was back to work as usual this past Wednesday, the second official day of the fall semester. Concordia’s downtown technical staff held a one-day strike to pressure the administration into addressing their demands for a new contract.

  • “Richard Dawkins Is an Idiot”

    The Link Gets Deep With Deepak Chopra

    During a break at the press conference before the Second Global Conference on World’s Religions after 9/11, The Link managed to sneak in a few questions with best-selling author, public speaker and physician Deepak Chopra.

  • Fixing a Financial Fiasco

    CUSACorp Aims to be Auditable

    Called “un-auditable” by an accounting firm due to shoddy inventory-keeping practices, big changes are coming to CUSACorp, the for-profit wing of the Concordia Student Union

  • Navy Blues

    Military Recruitment Posters Appear in Hall Building

    Most days, when Concordia Student Union VP Advocacy Morgan Pudwell walks through the Hall Building towards the CSU offices, the posters that surround her are from your average student group, promoting their usual student events.