• A Union for the Union

    Action and Your Concordia Vow to Work Together Towards a More Democratic Student Union

    Though the 2011 Concordia Student Union election was among the most divisive and controversy-filled in the university’s history, on April 8, leaders from the Your Concordia and Action slates vowed to work together to reform a system both agreed is broken.

  • Journalism Department Unveils Revamped Program

    The Journalism Department at Concordia University has revamped its programs to reflect the evolving nature of the profession. “We want our students to know how to do everything and have a real grounding in the social media,” said Linda Kay, chair of the Journalism Department and an associate professor.

  • Youth in Revolt

    CEGEP Students Lead the Charge Against Tuition

    Heavily armored riot police banged their shields and batons together in unison, yelling “move!” with every step forward.

  • Your New CSU

    Meet YOUR Heads of Slate

    After one of the most competitive elections in recent Concordia Student Union history,

  • The Referendums

    Three groups appealed to the student body for more funding during last week’s Concordia Student Union elections, but only one got what it was hoping for.

  • Record Turn Out

    CSU 2011 Voting Period

    A record number of undergraduate students came out to vote in the 2011 Concordia Student Union elections March 29, 30 and 31, and the polling stations were feeling it.

  • The Rules of the Game

    Fair Play in the Concordia Student Union Elections

    During a trip down the Hall building escalators to investigate a barrage of texts, tip-offs and gossip on March 31, The Link was met by two members of opposing Action and Your Concordia slates

  • Abused Rules?

    See the CSU Standing Regs

    “My responsibility is to make sure that the electoral process runs smoothly and fairly, and to make sure that everyone follows the rules. […]

  • Union Votes for Strike Mandate

    Concordia’s Trade Workers Seek Better Wages

    After months of stalled negotiations with the university, the 62 trade workers at Concordia’s Sir George Williams Campus voted unanimously in favour of a strike mandate on March 31.

  • Student Union Ticket Giveaway Hits ASFA Hard—In the Wallet

    The Concordia Student Union’s decision to give away $19,000 of tickets for Youth Action Montreal, a conference on April 28, has been described as a “slap in the face” by its partner.