• How We Voted

    A Breakdown of the Numbers

    After a relatively quiet two weeks of campaigning, which were largely overshadowed by striking students, the entire A Better Concordia executive slate, fronted by presidential candidate Schubert Laforest, was…

  • “This Is All We Have to Give You.”

    A Look at Concordia’s Growing Labour Pains

    It’s been a rough few weeks for unionized workers in Canada.

  • CSU SGM Fails to Meet Quorum

    The latest Concordia Student Union Special General Meeting was a forum with no quorum on a frigid Reggie’s terrace March 26.

  • Hard Line From Admin

    A Ban at McGill, Alleged Assault at ConU

    Concordia Security is under fire after one of their personnel allegedly hit a student on Monday morning.

  • A Better Concordia on Its Way

    All of the A Better Concordia executive team was voted into office in the wee hours of March 24, making Shubert Laforest the preliminary Student Union president-elect.

  • Red in the Streets

    Over 200,000 Keep Things Peaceful Marching Against Tuition Hikes

    Over 200,000 people flooded downtown Montreal on March 22 as part of a demonstration against impending tuition hikes, paralyzing upwards of 50 city blocks throughout the afternoon.

  • Not-So-Busy Ballot Boxes

    Historically Low Turnout For CSU Elections

    General elections for the Concordia Student Union began yesterday, a fact many students seemed unaware of.

  • Media Trolling

    “Christina Moto” Endorses Strike

    A fake email detailing Concordia University’s support of accessible education in Quebec is popping up in the inboxes of Montreal media.

  • SASU Votes to Continue Strike

    Strike Now in Effect Until March 27

    The Sociology and Anthropology Student Union voted on March 20 to continue their strike in protest of rising tuition fees. Yesterday’s vote will extend that strike until March 27. The association has been on strike since March 12.

  • Students Condemn Police Violence After Worker Sit-in

    Impromptu March in Downtown Montreal for Laid Off Aveos Workers

    Approximately 100 protesters gathered at Place Émilie-Gamelin last night in reaction to the reports of Aveos Fleet Performance Inc. workers being pepper sprayed and clubbed by police on the morning of March 20.