• Red Squares, Red Feathers

    People’s Social Forum Brings National Movements Together

    After a year of marching with the carré rouge pinned to coats, lapels and backpacks, activists are now donning Idle No More’s red feather—joining a slew of movements attempting to work together to overcome shared struggles.

  • WTF, CFS: Part One

    The Concordia Student Union and the Canadian Federation of Students are in the midst of a long and trying breakup—but feelings aren’t mutual.

  • More Cuts to Universities On The Horizon

    Duchesne Unable to Deny Further Shrink in Budget

    The third of four thematic meetings leading towards next month’s province-wide summit on higher education began on an ambiguous note.

  • Idle No More Meets Carré Rouge

    National Day of Action Launches Montreal Idle No More Street Protest

    Amidst trains, highways and border crossings across Canada being shut down…

  • From the Archives:

    Bouchard’s Youth Summit on Education

    The Education Summit promised by the Parti Québécois is only weeks away, so we’re looking back over a decade to see how it’s been done before.

  • The Life Cycle of Youth Projects

    The Otesha Project Offers Direction and Sustainability

    When the federal youth volunteer program Katimavik had its funding cut last year, Canada lost its go-to for directionless high school grads.

  • A New Approach to Student Recruitment in China

    Concordia Begins Severing Ties With Recruiter After Controversies

    After a few months of sobering reflection, Concordia University is taking several steps toward improving its recruiting practices in China.

  • 2110 Centre & Missing Justice to Host Teach-In

    Education on Systemic Violence Against Native Women

    The number of native women reported to have gone missing or been murdered in Canada over the past three decades varies greatly—depending on who you ask.

  • Shepard Looks Ahead to the Summit

    Despite recently receiving some bad news in the form of last-minute budget cuts, Concordia President Alan Shepard has high hopes for ConU and the province’s university sector in the upcoming year.

  • The Burden of Budget Cuts

    ConU Prepares for Cuts, Considers Options

    In response to recent cuts made to Concordia’s operating budget, the school’s administration has reached out to the ConU community in search of solutions to its newfound financial woes.