• Student Union Ticket Giveaway Hits ASFA Hard—In the Wallet

    The Concordia Student Union’s decision to give away $19,000 of tickets for Youth Action Montreal, a conference on April 28, has been described as a “slap in the face” by its partner.

  • Back to Earth

    Compost Montreal Is ‘A Different Kind of Business Model’

    Soon after Charlotte Cumberbirch signed up with Compost Montreal, the company thought that leaving a bucket of compost on her property was too risky.

  • From the Editor

    Meet The Link 2.0

    You may have noticed some changes in this newspaper.

  • Students Support Ban on Bottled Water

    You voted for it. Now, say goodbye to bottled water at Concordia—that is, if the administration listens to your opinion.

  • Fee Levy Fallout

    Students Withhold Funds From The Void and CJLO, Reward Queer Concordia

    Three groups appealed to the student body for more funding during last week’s Concordia Student Union elections, but only one got what it was hoping for.

  • Cushion Combat

    Montrealers Battle Bedroom-Style on International Pillow Fight Day

    Most street fights are brutal affairs, but on April 2, Philips Square saw combat get a lot fluffier as downtown Montreal bore witness to International Pillow Fight Day.

  • It’s the Grad Students’ Turn

    Electoral Focus Shifts as the Graduate Students’ Association Heads to the Polls

    The Graduate Students’ Association is hoping to raise awareness and get more students involved in its upcoming elections—generally an event of low interest for most graduate students.

  • It’s Your Concordia

    Slate Wins Executive, Sweeps Arts & Science Councilorships

    The next Concordia Student Union executive will be manned by the Your Concordia slate, headed by president-elect Lex Gill. The victory was by roughly 350 votes, a slim margin of victory considering the larger-than-normal turnout.

  • Double Ballot Trouble

    Some Voters Given Several Copies of Ballots

    As polling stations closed on the last day of voting for the Concordia Student Union election, several students have stepped forward claiming that they were given too many ballots.

  • Record Turnout?

    Students Show Up in Large Numbers for Concordia Student Union Election

    There is still one day left to vote in the 2011 Concordia Student Union election, but the polling stations are already seeing potentially record numbers of students participating in the democratic process.