• McGill Riot Report

    Sixty-Page Security Scrutiny Released

    Almost two months after the events of Nov. 10, when riot police physically dispersed students on the McGill University campus after the anti-tuition hike protests, a report on the incident authored by Dean of Law Daniel Jutras has been released.

  • Charter Troubles

    Members of Concordia’s Senate—the highest academic body at the university—are often left powerless next to the Board of Governors, the ultimate authority of the school that has veto power over all Senate decisions.

  • CSU Won’t Commit To Strike, Promises Action

    It’s been almost two months since students from across Quebec gathered on Nov. 10 to protest impending increases to tuition.

  • Whoa, We’re Halfway There

    Mid-Mandate Report Light on CSU Criticism

    The school year is only halfway through, but the Concordia Student Union executive have still taken part in the tradition of taking stock at the beginning of a new year, releasing their mid-mandate report to Council at a meeting on Dec. 14.

  • SFU Settles With CFS

    Out-of-Court Agreement May Have Implications for CSU

    Over the winter break, Simon Fraser University’s student union officially left the Canadian Federation of Students after a lengthy legal dispute.

  • Occupy the Living Room

    Victoria Square’s Former Residents Move On

    In the living room of a cozy duplex in Notre-Dame-de-Grace, a small group has gathered to discuss politics.

  • ConU’s First Rector Dies

    Concordia University’s first rector, John O’Brien, passed away at the age of 80 on Dec. 16. O’Brien, who started his career at Sir George Williams University in 1954 as an economics lecturer, became an associate professor in 1961 and was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts in 1963.

  • Marching Against Minerals

    Montreal’s Congolese Community Angered at High Death Rate of Miners

    Technology and telecommunication companies were the targets of a demonstration Jan. 7 that saw roughly 200 people take to the streets of Montreal. Protesters rallied against Canada’s involvement in mineral mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • No Dice on Day One

    Students Experience Online Service Disruption

    Concordia students trying to get to class this past week were left blind when the MyConcordia web portal crashed.

  • FASA Furnishes Fundraisers

    Fine Arts Students See Projects Funded

    The Fine Arts Student Alliance met for the last time this year on Dec. 6, but not without handing out some presents. Council saw four ‘large special projects’ presentations from Fine Arts students and student groups…