• No Comment

    A Letter From the News Desk

    He has at least two cell phones, two email addresses, and an office phone, but Concordia Student Union President Schubert Laforest is nowhere to be seen.

  • Elections in Brief

    A few highlights of this weeks #QC2012 news.

  • Feeling Disoriented

    CSU Remains Tight-Lipped About Orientation Concert Headliner

    In late August of previous years, the Concordia Student Union has plastered the campus with posters and handed out flyers detailing the year’s Orientation schedule.

  • No Means No 101

    2110 Centre Teaches Froshies About Consent­­­

    For the first time, Concordia frosh leaders received specialized training on sexual assault and consent this year.

  • Waiting in Limbo

    Like 45,000 others, the 26 Concordia students charged by the university for their actions during the strikes head back to class Wednesday. They just have no idea for how long.

  • Pretty Vacant

    ConU BoG Missing Student Rep

    Concordia’s Board of Governors is missing one key component—a regular undergraduate student representative.

  • Ganging Up on PQ and Liberals

    Language, Tuition and Separatism Hot Topics at Student Union-Hosted Debate

    Following a well-developed party playbook, the answers came easily for the Parti Québécois and Liberal candidates at Thursday night’s English-language…

  • Talking With The President

    The Link Chats With New ConU President Alan Shepard

    Classes don’t start for another week, but there’s already a new face on campus.

  • The Last Day of Action

    Students Take to the Streets Ahead of Provincial Elections

    What has become a monthly tradition of en masse civic protests in downtown Montreal had its last incarnation of the summer Wednesday afternoon.

  • An Empty Seat

    CSU In Need Of A New Chairperson

    Though his term was supposed to end on June 1, council asked Nick Cuillerier to stick around as interim Chair while it began a search for his replacement.