• Safety First?

    Cactus Supervised Injection Site Faces Continued Opposition

    The proposal to turn non-profit outreach centre Cactus Montreal into a supervised injection site has come under public scrutiny from both the City of Montreal and the Ville-Marie community.

  • Thousands March Against Tuition

    Tuition Protests Shut Down Jacques Cartier

    An estimated 10,000 students marched through Montreal’s downtown on Feb. 23, culminating in one group stopping traffic on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, in what was the latest in a series of protests against impending tuition increases.

  • ASFA Meeting Minutes

    A summary of events from the latest ASFA meeting.

  • ASFA CEO Resigns on First Day of General Election Polling

    Before polls opened on Feb. 15, the first day of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations general election, Chief Electoral Officer Christopher Webster announced his resignation.

  • Lowy and Lex: In Full

    “Not all of the problems can be resolved, not even with the best intentions.”

  • A Boost From Beauvoir

    Women’s Studies Institute Opposes Tuition Increases

    Students opposed to tuition increases will get support from at least one corner of Concordia, as the Simone de Beauvoir Institute announced this week that they will support a planned general strike.

  • What Occupation?

    #6party Ends at McGill

    After five days of occupying the James Building, the #6party-ers were evicted Sunday morning.

  • Lookin’ at the Levies

    Frigo Vert & 2110 Approved for Ballot

    Two student groups got permission to ask students for their cents at the Concordia Student Union Council meeting Feb. 8, as Le Frigo Vert and the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy were approved to appear on the March general election ballot.

  • Talking With Presidents III

    Lex & Lowy Discuss BoG, Strikes and R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    “There is friction. You might be in a better position than I to say where the friction originates.”

  • Survey Says ...

    CSU to Poll Students on Student Space

    Student space may be one of the final frontiers for this year’s Concordia Student Union executive, who are currently finalizing a survey to find out what exactly Concordia students want.