• “Richard Dawkins Is an Idiot”

    The Link Gets Deep With Deepak Chopra

    During a break at the press conference before the Second Global Conference on World’s Religions after 9/11, The Link managed to sneak in a few questions with best-selling author, public speaker and physician Deepak Chopra.

  • Fixing a Financial Fiasco

    CUSACorp Aims to be Auditable

    Called “un-auditable” by an accounting firm due to shoddy inventory-keeping practices, big changes are coming to CUSACorp, the for-profit wing of the Concordia Student Union

  • Navy Blues

    Military Recruitment Posters Appear in Hall Building

    Most days, when Concordia Student Union VP Advocacy Morgan Pudwell walks through the Hall Building towards the CSU offices, the posters that surround her are from your average student group, promoting their usual student events.

  • Breaking Ground

    First Anti-Sexual Assault Group Arrives at Concordia

    Concordians for a Safer Community Now, a new operation run out of the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy, have big plans for November.

  • Bylaws for Undergrads: What the Rules Represent

    There are major, imminent changes to the Concordia Bylaws and Charter over the next few months that will affect the undergraduate student representation. Here is what will be reported to the Board of Governors on Sept. 28

  • Overhauling the Board

    Undergrads Face Reduced BoG Presence in Bylaw Reforms

    When the Concordia Board of Governors meets for the first time this school year on Sept. 28, odds are good that when they vote on whether to adopt a series of bylaw changes, they decide to reduce the size of the Board from 40 voting members to 25.

  • Missing MUNACA

    McGill’s Non-Faculty Employees Strike

    The area in front of McGill’s Roddick Gates were even busier than usual on Sept. 1, as students mingled with members of the McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association’s as they picketed during day one of the union’s strike.

  • Party Planning 101

    Concordia Student Union to Spend $270,000 on Orientation

    Throwing a two-week long party for over 30,000 students filled with concerts, speeches (and, of course, beer) doesn’t come cheap. The final budget for this year’s Orientation is due to come in at over a quarter million dollars.

  • Cash Business

    McGill Gets OK to Up Tuition for MBA Program

    After a summer of controversy, McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management got the okay from the Quebec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports to hike up the price of their MBA program on Aug. 19.

  • Commemorating a Tragedy

    Vigil Marks the 39th Anniversary of the Blue Bird Café Fire

    Older and grayer, survivors, friends and family of those who perished in the second-worst fire in Montreal’s history came back to the site of the Blue Bird Café, where an act of arson claimed 37 lives almost four decades ago.