• BoG Approves ConU Academic Plan

    Unanimous Vote in Favour, Save Two Abstentions

    Concordia Provost David Graham had many a reason to smile after the Jan. 12 Board of Governors meeting.

  • Resistance to Transparency

    BoG Chairman Kruyt Cited as ‘Rude,’ ‘Condescending’

    Student Governors were dealt a disappointing, yet probably expected, blow today from Concordia’s Board of Governors.

  • FASA Dishes the Cash, Lacks Policy-Drafting Know-How

    Fine Art Students Alliance Seeks Help from CSU and Legal Counsel

    Judicial Committee appointments are still incomplete after the Fine Arts Student Alliance meeting on Jan. 10, where two of the three candidates for the committee were absent.

  • Demo for Homeless Shooting

    Police Accountability Called Into Question

    A group of demonstrators gathered at Bonaventure Metro on Dec 10 to condemn the death of a homeless man killed by police inside the station on Dec. 6.

  • J-School Professor Dies

    Concordia broadcast professor Ross “Coach” Perigoe died from a brain tumor on Tuesday night. Teaching in Concordia’s journalism department for over 25 years, Perigoe also had a lengthy and active journalism career.

  • Orientation, Take Two

    CSU Announces Partial Line-Up For Winter Orientation

    It’s back to school for all and the start of a new semester. Students are preparing to take on new courses and responsibilities, and Concordia Student Union VP Student-Life Laura Glover is hoping to help ease the way into winter with this year’s edition of the Winter Orientation Week.

  • Metro Reno

    The St. Mathieu St. entrance to Guy-Concordia Metro is slated for an overhaul and will undergo renovations between March to August, according to a Concordia University announcement made on Dec. 19.

  • McGill Riot Report

    Sixty-Page Security Scrutiny Released

    Almost two months after the events of Nov. 10, when riot police physically dispersed students on the McGill University campus after the anti-tuition hike protests, a report on the incident authored by Dean of Law Daniel Jutras has been released.

  • Charter Troubles

    Members of Concordia’s Senate—the highest academic body at the university—are often left powerless next to the Board of Governors, the ultimate authority of the school that has veto power over all Senate decisions.

  • CSU Won’t Commit To Strike, Promises Action

    It’s been almost two months since students from across Quebec gathered on Nov. 10 to protest impending increases to tuition.