• Link Radio | April 4, 2013

    This week we cover the outcome of the CSU elections, TRAC is considering a strike, the CSU’s vote to condemn bylaw P-6, and we hear an emotional address from Grand Elder Raymond Robinson on the first day of his full hunger strike.

  • “La Belle Saison” to Unionize

    Rural Quebec’s Labour Cycle & Migrant Workers’ Rights Held in Unsteady Balance

    St. Rémi has all the trappings of a small Québécois town. Walking west down its thoroughfare, Notre-Dame St., you pass a fast-food joint, a depanneur and a bank before reaching the local church—a handsome, 170-year-old grey stone building with twin white spires.

  • #CSU2013: How We Voted

    With only one candidate facing any competition, the entire CSYou team was victorious this year in the Concordia Student Union elections. But that’s not the whole story.

  • Tackling Transphobia

    Author and Activist Julia Serano Discusses the Relationship Between Feminism and Trans Communities

    For Julia Serano, the issue of transphobia is rooted in sexism and gender…

  • No Good Faith for Concordia’s Unions

    Following Faculty Strike Mandates, TRAC Now Contemplating Their Own

    If 1.5 per cent of the students represented by Concordia’s teaching and research assistants union go to the annual meeting this Friday, the university’s TAs and RAs…

  • SCPASA to Join ASSÉ

    Concordia Student Group Votes to Support Free Education

    The School of Community and Public Affairs Students’ Association voted in favour of joining the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante last week.

  • A United CSYou

    Carr Wins Over Martin, All Fee Levies Pass

    If you’re an undergrad at Concordia, you have a new union. Despite a vote recount announced at 4 a.m. for one polling station that’s still ongoing, the entire CSYou slate will be next year’s Concordia Student Union executive.

  • Link Radio | March 28, 2013

    This week we cover the CSU elections and why we think you should vote. We also take a look at the divide between JMSB and the university, CUFA’s tentative agreement with Concordia, the CSU’s unlikely promises, the ongoing climate of tension surrounding protests in Montreal, and more.

  • CSU Condemns Protest Bylaw

    Union to Publish Open Letter Against P-6, SPVM Use of Kettling

    The Concordia Student Union voted to publicly condemn police action against protesters and municipal bylaw P-6, which limits the right to demonstrate, at a special council meeting held March 28.

  • The Student Cafe You Won’t See in September

    “The Hive” Loyola Is Looking for Might Take a While

    Walk up the stairs from the cafeteria at Concordia’s Loyola campus and you won’t see much.