• Tea-ing Off Security

    Überculture Protests for Student Space

    Members and sympathizers of Concordia’s culture-jamming club überculture had a near run-in with Montreal police on Oct. 18—for drinking tea.A rotating group of five to six activists sat on the floor of the foyer of the Hall Building for their annual tea party in a peaceful publicity stunt to protest the lack of student space.

  • Mob Squad Gets Serious

    Battle Against Tuition Hikes is Heating Up at ConU

    The Concordia Student Union-led Mob Squad is shifting into high gear.

  • Taking a Stand

    CSU Votes in Favour of Centre to Aid Sexual Assault Victims

    Realizing the ongoing threat that sexual assault poses to students, the councillors of the Concordia Student Union voted to create a sexual assault centre for the university at their meeting last week.

  • Open Seating

    Committees Struggle to Find Student Members at Meeting

    When the Concordia Student Union Council met on Oct. 12, they managed to fill four empty student-at-large committee seats. However, five more positions remained unfilled, as not a single student has submitted themselves for consideration.

  • AIDS in the Internet Age

    Annual Lecture Series Brings in Alexandra Juhasz

    When Alexandra Juhasz, a professor in media studies, addressed ConU as part of the Concordia University Community Lecture Series on HIV/AIDS, she did so in a manner not typically seen in an academic presentation.

  • 80 Decibels = $1,500

    The City Cracks Down on Concordia Noise (Again)

    Last week, the office of the Dean of Students sent a missive to all Concordia student clubs and groups on behalf of the City of Montreal, telling us to keep the noise down—or else.

  • ASFA to Hold General Assembly, Vote on Student Strike

    If you’re an arts and science student, you are going to get the chance to vote on whether or not to strike.

  • ASFA Elections Undermined

    Controversy Swirls Over Potential Violations of ASFA Electoral Bylaws

    A seemingly routine by-election to fill vacant VP and councillor seats in the Arts and Science Federation of Associations has resulted in questions about the validity of the vote.

  • BoG Meeting Cancelled

    If you are a disgruntled undergraduate that was planning to #OccupyBoG this Thursday, you’ll have to wait another month, as it was announced last week that the Board of Governors meeting—the venue for Concordia’s highest decision-making body—would be cancelled.

  • $7M for Concordia Research

    Established in 2000, the Canada Research Chairs program. invests millions each year to universities across the country to “attract and retain some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds.