• McGill Admin Rejects Referendum

    Students May Have to Vote on CKUT and QPIRG’s Fate Again

    McGill’s radio station, CKUT, and the McGill-operated Quebec Public Interest Research Group might be fighting for their lives after a student-wide referendum keeping them afloat has been rendered inadequate by the university’s administration.

  • Catering to Concordia

    Students Deliver Home-Cooked Meals to Classmates

    “If you’re a student and you work [for] minimum wage, you’re on a very tight budget,” said kitchen manager Marco Carbone. “We make it easy. We provide hearty, healthy meals that we deliver to your home at a very reasonable cost. It’s win-win for everyone.”

  • Chris Hedges Bets on Grim Future

    Prize-Winning Journalist Talks Occupy Montreal

    The former New York Times journalist and author of War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning and Death of the Liberal Class said that the consequences of climate change leave the world very little time to fight against a corporate state that is “hollowing out the [United States] from the inside.”

  • Petition Against CSU President on Hold

    Agreement to Reconcile Differences Embraced by All Parties

    “We discussed it [and decided] the best course of action was to have a conversation and really lay it on the table, share our grievances and ask our questions,” said Arts and Science Federation of Associations President Alex Gordon, who co-organized the petition with former CSU councillor Tomer Shavit and Commerce and Administration Students’ Association President Marianna Luciano.

  • Female Media, Fully Clothed

    Panel Discussion Takes Aim at Lack of Women in Media

    Another study from McMaster University found men were writing 90 per cent of all commentary on politics, national affairs and economics in 2009.

  • HIV+ First Nations Peoples Encouraged to Tell Their Story

    ConU Lecture Series Continues with Prominent Activist

    Members of the Aboriginal community living with HIV and AIDS need to speak up and share their stories in order to gain strength and persevere, was the message delivered to Concordia students last week.

  • NDP Debate Lacks Sparks

    Candidates Struggle to Differentiate From Each Other

    One thing was immediately clear at the federal National Democratic Party candidates debate at Concordia last week: New Democrats agree with each other on almost everything.

  • Tenants Go Fish at the Rental Board

    Rights Group Demands Shorter Wait Time for Hearings

    Angry tenants went fishing today at the Régie de logement office in Montreal in hopes of catching a break from the province.

  • Highlights from the CSU Council Meeting

    Petition Against Gill and Filming the BoG Among Points Discussed

    A petition and website launched by Tomer Shavit in an effort to impeach Concordia Student Union President Lex Gill was dismissed out of hand by councillors and executives as “unnecessary and a waste of time.”

  • Petition to Impeach CSU President Circulating

    Website Takes Aim at Lex Gill

    A petition launched on Jan. 25 with the goal of impeaching Concordia Student Union President Lex Gill was discussed before a motion of confidence in Gill and the executive was passed unanimously.