• From the Archives:

    Revisiting the Hunter S. Thompson Interview

    The 1985 Hunter S. Thompson exclusive interview has achieved legendary status at The Link. We found the writer, 28 years later, appraising wine in the Netherlands. Watch the video to learn the story…

  • TRAC Meeting Covers Job Postings, Unpaid Work

    AGM Sees Teaching and Research Assistants Affiliate with NDP

    The Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia labour union is going national—but it’ll need to get a new collective agreement first.

  • Concordia e.SCAPEs the Classroom

    E-Learning Conference Promises Teaching Shakeups

    Universities around the world are suffering some growing pains. To put it simply, what’s the point of classroom chats in the era of virtual check-ins?

  • P-6 Dissent Comes to a Head

    Bylaw Detractors Speak Out Against Mass Arrests, Kettling

    Opposition to bylaw P-6 has now reached the mayor’s office.*

  • “Demystifying” Student Politics

    Fine Arts Students Working to Mobilize From the Ground Up

    For anyone who remembers the all-red art installations and flash mobs of last spring, it’s no surprise that fine arts undergrads are some of the most visibly politically active students at Concordia.

  • Standing Up to Harassment

    Anti-Street Harassment Week Comes to Montreal

    The majority of women in the world have experienced street harassment in some form. Whether it is in the form of inappropriate comments, leering or assault, unwelcome harassment in public space is an epidemic that occurs worldwide.

  • “A One-Sided Affair”

    First Nations Elder Raymond Robinson Continues Hunger Strike

    First Nations Elder Raymond Robinson circled the room, shaking each member of the audience’s hand before taking his place in front of the microphone.

  • Mass Arrests and Kettling Continue at Protests

    Police Use P-6 to Stop Protesters From Marching

    Montreal police have confirmed that at least 279 people were arrested at a protest against police repression and municipal bylaw P-6 on Friday.

  • No Police Intervention at Nighttime Vigil

    Demonstrators Gather to Condemn Protest Bylaw

    No arrests or charges of mischief were recorded at a silent vigil in response to police brutality Friday night outside Place des Arts—decidedly different than the short-lived and violent protest from two weeks ago..

  • Link Radio | April 4, 2013

    This week we cover the outcome of the CSU elections, TRAC is considering a strike, the CSU’s vote to condemn bylaw P-6, and we hear an emotional address from Grand Elder Raymond Robinson on the first day of his full hunger strike.