• Elections Spring a Leak

    Purported Transcripts Mark Strange Turn in CSU DQs

    For the second year in a row, disqualifications have marred the Concordia Student Union general elections, but this year, they were just the beginning of the controversy.

  • UQAM Students Occupy School and Street

    Day-long Protest Ends—Yet Again—With Riot Cops

    Students at L’Université du Québec à Montréal spent March 12 partying and peacefully occupying a campus building and the street outside after their administration locked down a number of other campus buildings.

  • We’re Going Striking

    Strike Mandate Passes at General Assembly

    An overwhelming majority of attendees who showed up to Thursday’s Concordia Student Union General Assembly voted for a one-week strike, starting March 15.

  • The Many Shades of Strike

    ‘False Division’ on Campus

    At the controversial Concordia Student Union General Assembly on March 7, two things happened: a minority of undergraduate students voted to strike against increasing tuition fees, and an anti-strike movement was born.

  • This Week in Protests

    Several Rallies Result in Violence

    March 7 and 8 were busy days for protesters, as the causes of tuition, police brutality, and women’s rights were all represented in four different events within 24 hours.

  • GUSS: On Strike

    Geography, Environment Students Vote Yes for No Class

    The Geography Undergrad Student Society is keeping strong with its strike tactics.

  • Sweet Caroline

    Bourbonnière Elected ASFA Prez in Vote Do-Over

    After a recount of the ballots cast on the morning of March 8, Caroline Bourbonnière has been elected as the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ new president.

  • The Future of Fraud Enforcement

    On March 11, thousands of Canadian voters gathered in major cities across the country to protest the robocalls election scandal.

  • Rise of the Machines

    Voters Take a Stand Against Robocalls Scandal

    Furious over the Conservative government’s “robocall scandal,” around 200 protesters marched through downtown Montreal carrying signs reading “Dude, where’s my polling station?” and “We want Robocop,” to draw attention to what they see as an assault on democracy.

  • Upcoming Demonstrations and General Assemblies

    It’s Going to be One Hell of a Week

    Here’s a list we’ve compiled of upcoming demonstrations and events both on and off Concordia’s campus. Whether it’s a general assembly or a demonstration through the streets of Montreal, make sure you know what’s going on in the coming weeks.