• Nighttime Riots

    Student Protest Ends with 122 Arrests

    After a long day of peaceful demonstrations against tuition hikes, yet another nighttime protest ended with smashed windows, tear gas and many arrests, with last night’s total reaching 122.

  • UQAM Classes Cancelled After Protests

    Hundreds of students stormed the Université du Québec à Montréal to cancel classes on the morning of May 16. The day before a court-granted injunction allowed law students to resume their courses.

  • Week 14: Still In The Streets

    New Education Minister, More Protests

    After 14 long weeks, the Quebec student strike continues to rattle the province.

  • No Thanks, Says CSU

    Concordia Students Vote Down Government Offer

    The Concordia Student Union voted unanimously at a special council meeting on May 8 to reject the Charest government’s recent tuition offer.

  • “Ethics for a Whole World”

    Tibetan Leaders in Exile Speak of Hope in Ottawa

    The Dalai Lama arrived to speak to 7,000 people at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa on April 27 with the message that the 21st century could be one of peace.

  • Bus of McGill & Concordia Students Arrested

    Busloads of protesters traveled to Victoriaville, QC arriving in the city the afternoon of May 4. Provincial police force Sûreté du Québec had secured…

  • May Day Mayhem

    Anti-Capitalism Day Protest Rocks Downtown

    An anti-capitalist demonstration marking International Workers’ Day ended in an all too familiar way on May 1—with tear gas and over a hundred arrests.

  • Fuming Over Furs

    Animal Rights Groups Unite Against Annual Fur Fair

    With police surveying at a distance, a group of about two dozen animal rights activists protested the return of the North American Fur & Fashion Expedition-Montreal, an annual fur show that took place April 30…

  • The Doors Open

    Charest, Beauchamp Offer Alternative to $1625 Hike

    Quebec Premier Jean Charest and Education Minister Line Beauchamp announced a tweaked alternative to planned tuition fee increases at a press conference on April 27.

  • Welcome Mr. President

    Group of Students Silence Presidential Introduction

    The introduction of the potential incoming Concordia president Dr. Alan Shepard was cut short with the wailing of a bullhorn and chanting students in the packed D.B. Clarke Theatre on April 24.