• GSA Fights Back Against Charges

    Grad Student Presidents Sends Letter to University, Shepard

    Graduate Students’ Association President Daria Saryan sent her counterpart, Concordia University President Alan Shepard, a public letter Thursday, asking him to drop all charges related to the strike.

  • 2110 Centre Holds Alt Event Series

    From a fertility awareness workshop to papier maché puppet, this year’s version of the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy’s Another Word for Gender event series has something for all Concordia’s diverse communities.

  • Concordia Pays $2 Million Fine

    Cash Will Come From “Reserve Account”

    Concordia has paid the $2 million fine handed out by the Ministry of Education last March, Chief Financial Officer Patrick Kelley announced today.

  • Bikers Beware

    CSU Legal Clinic Wants You To Know Your Rights on the Road

    Concordia Student Union Legal Clinic volunteers donned clown-cop attire while patrolling the streets around Concordia this Wednesday, making sure cyclists followed the laws outlined in the Quebec Highway Safety Code.

  • Tuition Hike Questions Remain

    PQ Solution Still Unclear to Students

    There’s been a lot of talk about victory since Premier-Elect Pauline Marois announced her plan to freeze tuition in Quebec. And while…

  • Gentlemen, Start Your Tuition Plans

    With the dust finally settling around the political landscape of Quebec following a blistering election campaign, the subject of the much-discussed tuition increase is back on the table.

  • Striking Back

    Foundation 1625 Looks to Support Student Lawsuits

    On Aug. 30, Kim Laganière and Mihai Adrian Draghici launched a class action lawsuit against 25 CEGEPs and universities asking for compensation for the strike’s impact on their studies.

  • A Decade After

    A Look Back at the 2002 Netanyahu Riot

    On Sept. 9, 2002, for the first time in 30 years, riot police were deployed around the Sir George Williams campus of Concordia University to contain a protest.

  • “Like Talking to a Wall”

    ConU Scrambling to Prepare for Cancelled Tuition Hike

    Patrick Kelley, Concordia’s Chief Financial Officer, has been tasked with putting together the jigsaw puzzle that is the university’s budget—but the Ministère de l’éducation, du loisir et du sport is holding the final pieces.

  • Deconstructing ConU

    New Round of Renos Clogs Up Concordia Buildings

    Inside and out, Concordia University is in a seemingly perpetual state of construction.