• La Grande Mascarade

    1,500 In Bright Colours Against Tuition Hikes

    The most violent thing about today’s “La Grande Mascarade” protest against rising tuition was some intense glitter bombing.

  • No Trucks Go

    CLASSE Demonstration Blocks Port of Montreal

    A group of about 300 blocked an entrance to the Port of Montreal the morning of March 28.

  • Cross-University Protesters Join Concordia Demonstration

    Students from francophone universities and CEGEPs joined a Concordia student protest on March 27, marching through downtown Montreal in protest of the Charest government’s proposed tuition increases.

  • Students Won’t Back Down

    SASU Votes for Unlimited Strike

    The Sociology and Anthropology Student Union held its third GA on March 27, resulting in a vote to extend the department’s original March 12 strike vote to an unlimited general strike.

  • How We Voted

    A Breakdown of the Numbers

    After a relatively quiet two weeks of campaigning, which were largely overshadowed by striking students, the entire A Better Concordia executive slate, fronted by presidential candidate Schubert Laforest, was…

  • “This Is All We Have to Give You.”

    A Look at Concordia’s Growing Labour Pains

    It’s been a rough few weeks for unionized workers in Canada.

  • CSU SGM Fails to Meet Quorum

    The latest Concordia Student Union Special General Meeting was a forum with no quorum on a frigid Reggie’s terrace March 26.

  • Hard Line From Admin

    A Ban at McGill, Alleged Assault at ConU

    Concordia Security is under fire after one of their personnel allegedly hit a student on Monday morning.

  • A Better Concordia on Its Way

    All of the A Better Concordia executive team was voted into office in the wee hours of March 24, making Shubert Laforest the preliminary Student Union president-elect.

  • Red in the Streets

    Over 200,000 Keep Things Peaceful Marching Against Tuition Hikes

    Over 200,000 people flooded downtown Montreal on March 22 as part of a demonstration against impending tuition hikes, paralyzing upwards of 50 city blocks throughout the afternoon.