• Damit! Gets Leg Up From CSU

    2110 Centre Gets Much-Needed Dental Dam Project Funding

    Protection against sexually transmitted infections is phallocentric—and the Damit! Project hopes to change that.

  • A Contentious Council

    Unexplainable BoG Appointments Raises Questions

    To those who don’t sit on council, hold an executive title or know some of those people intimately, the first regular Concordia Student Union Council meeting of the academic year raised a lot of questions.

  • Security Complaints Dropped

    Shepard Announces Plan to Cancel Strike-Related Charges

    Concordia announced that it will be dropping all strike-related charges filed by security against a group of students Tuesday afternoon.

  • Occupons Le Sud-Ouest

    After The Evictions, The Activism Lives On

    Last fall, a blog post by a leftist Canadian magazine Adbusters helped birth a movement.

  • What Went Wrong With the CSU’s Orientation Concert Plans

    With the passing of the torch came the binders of instructions on how to go about being Concordia’s new student union.

  • Addressing the Agenda

    A Debriefing on the Upcoming CSU Council Meeting

    The first official Concordia Student Union Council meeting of the semester is scheduled for Sept. 19, and judging by the approximately 25-point agenda, it’s going to be a long one.

  • GSA Fights Back Against Charges

    Grad Student Presidents Sends Letter to University, Shepard

    Graduate Students’ Association President Daria Saryan sent her counterpart, Concordia University President Alan Shepard, a public letter Thursday, asking him to drop all charges related to the strike.

  • 2110 Centre Holds Alt Event Series

    From a fertility awareness workshop to papier maché puppet, this year’s version of the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy’s Another Word for Gender event series has something for all Concordia’s diverse communities.

  • Concordia Pays $2 Million Fine

    Cash Will Come From “Reserve Account”

    Concordia has paid the $2 million fine handed out by the Ministry of Education last March, Chief Financial Officer Patrick Kelley announced today.

  • Bikers Beware

    CSU Legal Clinic Wants You To Know Your Rights on the Road

    Concordia Student Union Legal Clinic volunteers donned clown-cop attire while patrolling the streets around Concordia this Wednesday, making sure cyclists followed the laws outlined in the Quebec Highway Safety Code.