• Combined Efforts Benefit Homeless

    Three Montreal Shelters Team Up to Share Resources

    It wasn’t uncommon a few years ago for a homeless person to be turned away from a shelter due to over-crowding, even in the dead of winter.

  • How ConU Stole Christmas

    Holidays Were Stolen Say Employees

    Concordia University is heading to court to settle a case with support staff who say the administration stole their holidays.

  • ConU Cancer Breakthrough

    Naturally Occurring Acid Kills Cancer, Prolongs Life

    It seemed like a miracle when Concordia’s Biology department published their discoveries on the effects of lithocholic acid, but the scientists involved warn the public not to get ahead of themselves.

  • Education Under Fire in Iran

    Bahá’í Religious Group Brings Human Rights Issue to ConU

    Systematic discrimination, violence and the denial of basic civil rights in Iran is actively been countered by education, and the discussion came to Concordia University on Jan. 19.

  • Celebrating Diversity at ConU

    IEAC Marks 30th Anniversary with Cultural Diversity Week

    The International and Ethnic Associations Council will hold Concordia’s first Cultural Diversity Week starting Monday, Jan. 23.

  • CSU to Strike Again

    Student Union Amps Up Anti-Tuition Efforts

    Concordia students will be returning to the streets this March as part of a general strike against tuition-fee increases, that is, if all goes according to a new plan released by the Concordia Student Union.

  • ASFA Tries for Middle Ground

    Election Protocols Updated

    Newly appointed Chief Electoral Officer Christopher Webster is determined to make sure “it’s a fair election, that everyone feels safe, that it’s clean, etc.,” said Webster.

  • BoG Approves ConU Academic Plan

    Unanimous Vote in Favour, Save Two Abstentions

    Concordia Provost David Graham had many a reason to smile after the Jan. 12 Board of Governors meeting.

  • Resistance to Transparency

    BoG Chairman Kruyt Cited as ‘Rude,’ ‘Condescending’

    Student Governors were dealt a disappointing, yet probably expected, blow today from Concordia’s Board of Governors.

  • FASA Dishes the Cash, Lacks Policy-Drafting Know-How

    Fine Art Students Alliance Seeks Help from CSU and Legal Counsel

    Judicial Committee appointments are still incomplete after the Fine Arts Student Alliance meeting on Jan. 10, where two of the three candidates for the committee were absent.