• The Entrepreneur of the Future

    The Link Goes Behind the Scenes at C2-MTL

    Over 35 internationally renowned professionals and leaders gathered in Montreal from May 22 to 25 for a unique and elaborate international conference on new ideas in business and commerce.

  • Small Town GGI

    The Carré Rouge Where There is No University

    It’s a familiar scene for anyone who has witnessed a student protest in the past month. The numbers grow as the sun sets in a habitual meeting spot, the sound of pots, pans and chants building in intensity. A police officer asks for a route, and when denied, the officer addresses the crowd.

  • A Long Time Coming

    ConU Students Face Formal Complaints For Strike Action

    For about three months now, Trevor Smith has been waiting.

  • Obstructing or Disrupting

    Concordia Students Face Charges For Blocking Classrooms

    Concordia students involved in blocking classes or buildings throughout the strike could be facing a number of charges under the university’s Code of Rights and Responsibilities.

  • CSU Donates

    Surplus Money To Go To Juripop, CUTV

    In a special council meeting held on May 30 the Concordia Student Union voted to donate $16,000 of their projected surplus from this year’s executive.

  • Night Demo Ends with Mass Arrests

    Over 500 Fined in 30th Nightly Protest

    The Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal employed a different tactic to bring an end the 30th consecutive night of…

  • 100 Days Of Unrest

    Record Numbers Join Against Tuition Hikes, New Laws

    The demonstration that began around 2 p.m. at Place-des-Arts in downtown Montreal on May 22 is now being described as the biggest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history.

  • Both Sides of the Brain

    C2-MTL Brings Together Business Innovators

    C2-MTL, a Montreal business conference that is self-described as an event to “inspire right and left brain thinking,” begins tomorrow.

  • “The Government Changed the Rules”

    Controversial Bill 78 Passed by National Assembly

    After almost 20 hours of non-stop debate and loud opposition by civil liberties associations, student associations, the Quebec Bar Association and opposition MNAs, Bill 78 was passed by the Quebec National Assembly with 68 in favour, and 48 opposed.

  • Bill 78

    Bill 78, a piece of emergency legislation intended to quell student unrest in Quebec received Royal Assent on May 18. The full text of the adopted bill, in both English and French, is below.