• Fuming Over Furs

    Animal Rights Groups Unite Against Annual Fur Fair

    With police surveying at a distance, a group of about two dozen animal rights activists protested the return of the North American Fur & Fashion Expedition-Montreal, an annual fur show that took place April 30…

  • The Doors Open

    Charest, Beauchamp Offer Alternative to $1625 Hike

    Quebec Premier Jean Charest and Education Minister Line Beauchamp announced a tweaked alternative to planned tuition fee increases at a press conference on April 27.

  • Welcome Mr. President

    Group of Students Silence Presidential Introduction

    The introduction of the potential incoming Concordia president Dr. Alan Shepard was cut short with the wailing of a bullhorn and chanting students in the packed D.B. Clarke Theatre on April 24.

  • Breaking Ground

    Concordia President to Send Letter to Charest

    Concordia University Senate voted unanimously to request that Quebec Premier Jean Charest start an unconditional dialogue with student groups, and that Interim Concordia President Frederick Lowy pass along the message.

  • New Faces at Concordia

    University Announces Presidential Candidate, Board Chair and JMSB Dean

    Concordia announced on April 19 its recommendation for Dr. Alan Shepard as university President, along with its decision on the next Board of Governors Chair Norman Hébert and Dean of the John Molson School of Business Steve Harvey.

  • “Restoring Concordia”

    Rally Discusses Social, Political Climate At ConU

    A group of about 40 students and other community members gathered outside the Hall Building on April 13 to discuss the current climate of the ongoing strike in light of yesterday’s demonstration.

  • INC Fee Waived

    Concordia Lifts $20 Fee Due to “Exceptional Circumstances”

    Students applying for Incomplete status, which allows extended deadlines for submitting work for their final grade, need not pay the usual $20 per course fee this semester.

  • CSU Off The Hook

    Laforest and Gallardo Recognized by Student Union

    After over two hours of deliberation, the Concordia Student Union special council meeting voted on April 12 to uphold the Judicial Board’s March 16 decision to reinstate CSU president-elect Schubert Laforest and VP Academic…

  • Blocking the Hall

    First Day of Exams Sees Violence

    Anti-tuition hike protesters blocked the entrance to Concordia’s Hall Building on the morning of April 12, delaying the first day of scheduled exams and increasing tension between striking and non-striking students.

  • Armed With Confusion

    Multi-Pronged Student Protest through the Streets of Montreal

    Hundreds of students marched through downtown Montreal in waves throughout April 11 in protest of tuition increases slated to begin in September.