• Blocking the Hall

    First Day of Exams Sees Violence

    Anti-tuition hike protesters blocked the entrance to Concordia’s Hall Building on the morning of April 12, delaying the first day of scheduled exams and increasing tension between striking and non-striking students.

  • Armed With Confusion

    Multi-Pronged Student Protest through the Streets of Montreal

    Hundreds of students marched through downtown Montreal in waves throughout April 11 in protest of tuition increases slated to begin in September.

  • At What Expense?

    Six Councilors and Solo Senate Seat Disqualified

    According to an email from the CEO, six CSU councilors and the only senate seat have been disqualified after failing to submit their campaigning expense forms.

  • CSU Exec Resigns

    VP Advocacy & Outreach Pudwell Leaves for Health Reasons

    Concordia Student Union VP Advocacy & Outreach Morgan Pudwell has resigned from her position on the executive roughly six weeks before her term was set to expire.

  • Cracking Down on Demonstrators

    CUTV Reporter Among Those Arrested

    Approximately 50 people were arrested following a demonstration that began early in the morning at Victoria Square and weaved its way through downtown Montreal on April 4.

  • Scrutinizing Security

    Security Agent at Concordia Discovered Without License

    Concordia University security is falling under further scrutiny after the security officer involved in the alleged assault of a student on March 23 has been revealed to not possess a valid security permit.

  • BoG Grub

    Governors Cost $300 a Meeting to Feed

    Once a month, Concordia’s Board of Governors and a handful of student representatives meet in a room in the EV Building to discuss the university’s internal issues.

  • Now We’re Talking

    President Lowy Speaks to Students After Hallway Occupation

    Concordia’s Interim President Frederick Lowy opened up an impromptu dialogue with students for the first time Monday, discussing tuition hikes and the university’s hard stance on dissenting action. Following an occupation…

  • Cost of an Occupation

    McGill Admin Reveals #6party Racked Up $141K Tab

    It’s been almost two months since the James Building occupation at McGill University ended, but the party isn’t over just yet. An Access to Information request submitted by The Link revealed that the #6party occupation came with a #6figure…

  • Talking With the Presidents

    Gill and Laforest Talk CSU, Board, Prez and More

    As Your Concordia vacates their offices on the seventh floor of the Hall Building, A Better Concordia is figuring out how to represent the students in a university on the eve of sweeping administration change. The Link sat down with Lex Gill and Schubert Laforest…