• Canada’s Youngest MP to Run for Re-Election

    Pierre-Luc Dusseault: Conservative Government Doesn’t “Respect Parliament”

    Canada’s youngest Member of Parliament is running for re-election and he says other young Canadians should throw their hats into the ring too.

  • Malcolm X Celebrated at Concordia

    Speakers Discuss Legacy of Malcolm X and Role of Media

    Students and members of Montreal’s Muslim community gathered Sunday evening to commemorate the life and work of black rights activist Malcolm X.

  • BDS: The Aftermath

    CSU CEO’s Report Elaborates on the Discontents of Fall’s By-Election

    Concordia Student Union asked the student body to approve the CSU’s support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. The referendum question was changed the day before polling after the No side appealed to the Judicial Board. Chief Electoral Officer Andre-Marcel Baril suspended the ballot count a week later while he sought legal consultation.

  • Land, Love and the Colonized

    Indigenous Artist, Academic and Activist Talks Decolonial Love

    Self-described “recovering academic” Leanne Betasamosake Simpson wove traditional Anishinaabeg stories about trust, racism and confidence together with narratives of Western education in a thought-provoking reading at First Voices Week.

  • From Solitary to Solidarity

    How the Israeli Prison System Fostered a Culture of Non-Violent Resistance

    From hunger strikes to alternative educational structures, the mass incarceration of Palestinians has led to a plethora of subversive modes of resistance—some tactical, others cultural.

  • CSU Briefs

    Loyola office move expenses approved; general election nomination dates announced; advocacy centre to open in March

  • Tuition Payment Deadline Extended

    New Online Student System Fixes Glitches

    The tuition fee deadline has been extended in response to confusion and minor glitches in the new “Student Centre” within the MyConcordia portal.

  • Flock of Sheep Pledge to Follow Couillard Government

    A parade of people dressed as sheep led the way through the Berri-UQAM metro station, “baaaaa-ing” their support for Premier Philippe Couillard and making the station a scene of protest for austerity last Thursday.

  • Raising Awareness and Funds for Syrian Children

    Panel at McGill Discusses the Need for More Aid in War-Torn Country

    Local Syrian activists called for more support in raising funds and awareness about the crisis faced by civilians and children in Syria at a panel discussion held at McGill last Thursday as part of UNICEF Week.

  • “Decolonization is not an Aboriginal problem, it’s a Canadian one”

    First Nation Panelists Discuss Memories and Hopes for Aboriginal Education in Canada

    Kenneth Deer hasn’t read Bill C-33, the First Nation’s Control of First Education Act. “And I don’t intend to,” he musingly told an audience of approximately 100 people.