• Tear Gas Takes Over Downtown May Day Protests

    International Annual Workers Day Protests in Montreal Heavily Dispersed

    While protests in the U.S. were demanding racial justice, a Montreal May Day protest rallying for workers rights and anti-capitalism was dispersed by police multiple times Friday evening using tear gas and pepper spray, which affected children and other pedestrians.

  • Earth Day Protest Fizzles Out

    Anti-Capitalism Protest Ends in Disappointment with Police Presence and Small Numbers

    A legal protest against capitalism and austerity ended in under 30 minutes in the Berri-UQÀM metro underground as a police presence deterred the assembly on Earth Day.

  • Protesters Served Formal Complaints from Professor Following Hard Picketing

    “No Tribunal for Students” Campaign Denounces Charges

    A campaign called “No Tribunals for Students” was created yesterday after several students who picketed a political science class at the beginning of the month were handed formal complaints from faculty.

  • Librarian to Join Senate

    School of Extended Learning Officially Discontinued

    Concordia’s Senate, the university’s highest academic decision-making body, approved the addition of a librarian to its voting members yesterday afternoon.

  • Extended Deadline Shot Down by Senate

    Women’s Studies Student Association Request to Extend Deadlines Fails

    Women’s Studies students won’t have their deadlines officially extended, after Concordia’s Senate informally decided to “accommodate” strikers individually at its meeting on April 17.

  • Strikers Occupy Concordia Administration Building

    Students Denounce Austerity, Admin Salaries and “Corporate Interests” at Concordia

    Protesters blockaded Concordia’s Guy-Metro Building and occupied the eighth floor where President Alan Shepard’s office is located earlier this afternoon.

  • CSU to Fund Burritoville Coop

    Approval to purchase Burritoville as it transitions into a student cooperative passed at the Concordia Student Union (CSU) council on Wednesday night.

  • Canadians Protest for Climate Awareness

    Thousands Rally in Quebec City Ahead of Climate Summit

    An estimated 25,000 marched for climate change action in Quebec City on Saturday in anticipation of an environmental summit between the Canadian premiers in the provincial capital this week.

  • A Swift Crackdown

    SPVM Impose Force After Protest Declared Illegal In Record Time

    It took all of three minutes for last night’s protest against austerity to be declared illegal by Montreal police for violating the P-6 bylaw.

  • ASFA Leadership to Undergo Mandatory Sensitivity Training, Elections Fail to Meet Quorum

    Student Politicians Involved in Racist and Sexist Messages No Longer Part of ASFA

    The Arts and Science Federation Association (ASFA) passed motions to implement mandatory “sensitivity training” for all leadership positions and to dismiss the association’s “consultant” at a council meeting Thursday night.