• Quebec’s Political Parties on Tuition Fees and University Funding

    Candidates Discuss their Visions for the Future of Higher Education in the Province

    A lot has changed in terms of higher education since the last provincial election in 2012, which followed an extended period of student protests against the then-Liberal government’s proposed tuition hikes.

  • Education Department Approves Move to Faubourg

    Long-anticipated Relocation Will Put Department in Controversial Building

    Concordia’s education department has voted “by a clear majority” to accept the university’s proposal to move the department to the fifth and sixth floors of the Faubourg Ste-Catherine shopping mall, according to education department chair Richard Schmid.

  • Anti-Colonial Protest Marks International Day Against Racism

    Hundreds Gather to Denounce Racism and Charter of Values

    Hundreds gathered at Mont-Royal metro station Friday evening for a demonstration against “colonialism, racism and the proposed Charter of Values,” which coincided with the International Day Against Racism.

  • #CSU2014: Referendums in Brief

    Your vote matters for more than just electing CSU councillors and executives.

  • Per-Faculty Fee-Levy Question is About More than Voting

    Accountability, Outreach and Opt-Out Process Motivate ‘Yes’ Campaign

    The “yes” campaign is arguing that a majority of Concordia undergrads deciding at the polls what groups all students automatically pay into has led these groups to focus on arts and sciences students. They want votes to be counted on a per-faculty basis instead.

  • FASA Votes to Join ASSÉ

    Following a vote last week, Concordia’s Fine Arts Student Alliance will join the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante, the most militant of Quebec’s major student federations.

  • #CSU2014: Teams Square Off in Election Debates

    3 Teams, 2 Independent Candidates Debate Student Space

    Turnout was high compared to past years at the Concordia Student Union’s election debates this week, with around 40 people coming to listen to the three teams and two independent candidates at the downtown campus Wednesday and roughly a dozen the following day at Loyola.

  • CSU Judicial Board Upholds Per-Faculty Fee Levy Question

    Referendum on Funding for Independent Student Groups to Appear on the Ballot

    The Concordia Student Union Judicial Board has approved a modified version of a referendum question passed by CSU council asking undergrads if they want fee-levy group…

  • If the Webster Library Grows, the Education Department Has to Go

    Department Could Move to Faubourg as Library Unveils Plans for Expansion

    Concordia’s education department might have to leave the LB Building—and some members of the department are concerned about the space proposed for their relocation…

  • Centre for Gender Advocacy Seeks Fee Levy Increase

    Eight Cents Per Credit to Cover Inflation, New Campaigns

    The Centre for Gender Advocacy currently receives $0.29 per credit from undergraduate students, but a referendum question to be featured in the upcoming Concordia Student Union general elections seeks to raise that amount by $0.08.