• Montreal North Protest Held for Man Killed By Police

    Vigil Took Place in Remembrance of Jean-Pierre Bony

    “Justice for Bony! Justice for Fredy!” the crowd screamed into the snowy night.

  • Montreal Protester Has Charges Dropped Unexpectedly

    Protester Detained by Undercover Police May File Déontologie Complaint

    The charges stem from an anti-austerity protest Dugrenier attended where he took photos of what he believed were plain clothes cops.

  • The Right to Speak

    How Concordia Bylaws May Prevent Outgoing and Incoming CSU Execs from Sitting on University Decision-Making Bodies

    The unforeseen consequences of student-protester tribunals have come to light, possibly setting the stage for a legal dispute between the Concordia Student Union and the university.

  • The Right to Serve

    How Concordia Bylaws May Prevent Outgoing and Incoming CSU Execs from Sitting on University Decision-Making Bodies

    If Terry Wilkings wins the race for the Arts and Science Faculty seat on Concordia’s Senate body, he will be ineligible to serve. He hasn’t won yet though—there was a tie.

  • Wired for Good

    New York Doctor Comes to Concordia, Argues That Biomechanics Makes Us Altruistic

    With a background in biomechanics, Pfaff looked at the brain’s inherent functions to understand how they contribute to altruistic or aggressive behaviours. His research leads him to argue that humans are naturally designed to be good to each other. Concordia’s Science College invited him to explain the theory behind his book, The Altruistic Brain, on March 31 at the Oscar Peterson Hall in the downtown Hall building.

  • Curing Concordia’s Inaccessibility

    CURE’s Audit-a-Thon Aims to Create an Inclusive Environment for All Students

    CURE, a new fee-levy group at Concordia, organized the event in conjunction with Accessibilize Montreal and with support from Quebec Public Interest Research Group Concordia and the Concordia Student Union to promote an inclusive look at accessibility.

  • Anti-Austerity Demo Unhindered By Police

    Protest Ends With No Arrests, One Injured Bystander

    The gathering of roughly 150 demonstrators marched for about two hours in the absence of any riot police trying to block their path.

  • Divest McGill Ends Demonstrations with a Surprise Announcement

    Alums Return Their Degrees, Alleged $2 Million Donation Is Withheld from the School

    In protest of McGill choosing not to divest from fossil fuels, student groups and alumni decided to hit the school where it really hurts—its wallet.

  • Jian Ghomeshi Trial Verdict Gathers McGill Students Together

    Sexual Assault Survivors Supported by Various Groups on Campus

    Approximately 60 people gathered outside the James Administration Building on the McGill campus the night of March 31.

  • CSU Election Results: Act Together Wins Big, All Referendum Questions Pass

    Here are the results of the CSU’s 2016 General Election

    All eight members of the Act Together slate will comprise the upcoming Concordia Student Union executive team.