• John Molson School of Writing?

    New JMSB Student Publication to Focus on Business News

    Founded in November 2015, the JMBR was given $2,500 from the Commerce and Administration Students Association’s Special Projects Fund in February 2016 to help them get started.

  • Concordia Launches Voluntary Retirement Program

    Applicable for Full-Time Faculty and Staff, Comes into Affect in May

    The new program comes after the “voluntary departure program” was implemented in 2014, when 90 Concordia staff employees—not faculty—took buyouts to leave.

  • Homa Hoodfar Hospitalized in Iran

    After Three Months Solitary Confinement Former Concordia Professor’s Health Significantly Deteriorated

    Hoodfar had travelled to Iran in February to visit family and conduct academic research. Members of the Counter Intelligence Unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard raided her apartment in early March.

  • Concordia Projects $6.3M Deficit For Upcoming Year, Tuition To Increase

    The Deficit Trend Is Set To Continue For The Third Year In A Row

    The announcement comes on the heels of last year’s $9.4 million deficit, which was originally projected to be $8.3 million.

  • Cooperating With a New Reggie’s

    Becoming a Member at Concordia’s Student Bar Now Possible

    Customers of the newly named Reggie’s Solidarity Cooperative, can now become members. With this new initiative, becoming a member will cost $10, however Reggie’s will subsidize half the cost, meaning the actual cost is only $5.

  • Demonstrations Prompt Cancellation of Energy East Pipeline Hearing

    Both Pro And Anti-Pipeline Demonstrators Gathered To Express Their Views On The Contentious Pipeline Project

    Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre cancelled his scheduled appearance, calling the event a “circus.”

  • Talking Consent Culture in Toronto

    American Activist Changing the Dialogue to End Rape Culture

    A group of women are sitting under a tree in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Meanwhile, passersby on the paths around the gathering stared down at their feet, transfixed by the brightly coloured chalk messages lining the cement.

  • Waste Not, Want Not

    PhD Student Collaborates with ConU to Educate and Encourage Students to Compost

    What’s the difference between a brown paper bag and an empty bag of chips? One is compostable and the other isn’t. Can you tell?

  • Concordia’s Nano-Warriors Battle Their Way to Gold

    ConU Students Set to Compete at World’s Largest Synthetic Biology Competition

    In October, ten Concordia science students will be travelling to Boston with some very precious cargo: nanoparticle-coated cells. Their goal? A gold medal.

  • Unwrapping Burritoville

    Burritoville Seeks More Funding From the CSU Amid Potential Legal Issues

    Behind all the construction on Bishop St. is a restaurant failing to live up to its name, as no burritos have been made since its closure in late May.