• CSU Executive Team Bonuses for Last Year Revealed

    Each Coordinator Received a 9.6 Per Cent Bonus

    The councillors discussed the awarding of these bonuses during a closed session meeting on May 11, in which the executive team had left the room.

  • Talking Solar Energy at the Concordia Greenhouse

    Environmental Entrepreneur Gregory Lynch Shows How Solar Power Can Be a Person’s Powerful Ally

    How about “Solar Energy on a Small Scale?” That was the title of Gregory Lynch’s workshop on Thursday night at the Concordia Greenhouse in the Hall building downtown, where he showed attendees how they could build their own small systems and power their own devices.

  • Space Concordia Shifts Focus From Competition to Expansion and Creation

    Space Concordia wants to launch a satellite. The countdown: T minus two years.

  • BDS: The CSU Has Divested

    A Look At What Has Has Been Done Two Years Since the CSU Voted in Favour of Boycotts, Divestments, Sanctions Against Israel

    On the eve of the second annual BDS week at Concordia, the CSU has confirmed to The Link that they have divested a total $5.3 million, in accordance with all of their student-supported positions.

  • Universal Basic Income in Quebec?

    Roundtable Held in Montreal Explores the Question of Social Security

    The idea is spreading in Quebec.

  • Vanessa Gray Calls for Allies Against Pipelines

    Defending the Defenders Talk at McGill University Puts Chemical Valley in the Spotlight

    “It’s a chemical war zone that we are dealing with in Chemical Valley,” said Gray. “I am a little desperate for change.”

  • Graham Carr Appointed Provost of Concordia

    The Former Interim Provost Recently Detailed His Priorities For The Year, Including an ‘Indigenous Strategy’

    The Office of the Provost is responsible for managing academic affairs at the university. This includes contract negotiations for faculty members, curriculum appraisals, and academic facilities.

  • A Warm Welcome for Homa Hoodfar

    Former Concordia Professor Was Jailed in Iran for Over 100 Days

    The former Concordia professor had just stepped off a plane from Oman to greet press at the Montreal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. After spending over 100 days in Iran’s notorious Evin prison, Hoodfar is finally back in Montreal.

  • John Molson Women in Leadership Look For Equality in Business

    New Committee Wants to Promote Diversity in Leadership

    The gender disparity in the business world is, in part, what led Jazna Rossi, a finance and international business student, and Serena Feeney, studying business technology management, to create the John Molson Women in Leadership committee.

  • Divest McGill Confronts University in Forum

    McGill University Holds Public Forum on Sustainability, Divestment

    This was the first of three public consultations on sustainability held by McGill University last Friday. The consultations come as a direct result of a sit-in carried out by Divest McGill in the James Administration building last spring.