Fringe Arts

  • Breezy Reading

    David Collier’s Graphic Novel Chimo a Sea Oddity

    Chimo is David Collier’s autobiographical account of his multiple experiences in the Canadian War Artists Program.

  • Lit Writ: February 9

    I understand the math. I do. But what does a day mean in a vacuum?

  • Making the Private Public

    Ligne, Image, Texte Puts the Human Body on Display

    “It has been hard to find forums to make work like this public,” said Michelle Lacombe, performance artist and one of three artists featured in Ligne, Image, Texte, an event that will use the human body as a means for expression.

  • A Fleeting Glimpse of Colour

    Art Students Bring Their Practice Outdoors

    There has been an abundance of events occurring within Concordia’s artistic sphere over the past two weeks with the kick-off of the Fine Arts Student Alliance’s Lecture Series, I Would Like To Answer Your Question But The Truth Is I Just Don’t Know. The series explores the extremely broad topic of space in all its manifestations.

  • Cinema Politica Doc Explores The Neoliberal World Order, At Its Core

    How does money grow? Who does it benefit and who does it affect? Let’s Make Money, Cinema Politica’s next revelation, explores this question in documentary form.

  • Art and ‘Craft

    Introducing the Concordia StarCraft Community

    Twenty guys are lounging on couches in a dimly lit room, watching a match being replayed on a big screen at the front of the room.

  • Lean Mean Zine Machine

    Montreal’s Small Press Distribution Solution Celebrates 10 Years

    Nothing says commodification quite like a vending machine, and nothing except maybe escalators typifies our culture’s sense of leisure and lack of patience.

  • Lit Writ: Chinatown

    I want to walk around chinatown at dusk

    and see the lanterns and go into a tea house,

  • Holyoak’s Holocene

    Artist Wants You to Think About Extinction

    Jim Holyoak is building a visual forest in the York Corridor vitrine of the FOFA gallery at Concordia’s EV building.

  • How To Bare Your Soul

    How To Dress Well Combines Pop Music with Public Mourning

    In part because of accolades from a certain three-pronged hype machine, Tom Krell’s solo-project known as How To Dress Well has enjoyed a growing international audience for the better part of a year now.