Fringe Arts

  • Litwrit: I spit into raw cans

    I was Woody Allen last night and
    the night before that I was Andy Warhol at a baseball game and

  • Personality Transcends Body

    Cinema Politica Doc Regretters Cuts Deep Into Gender

    “Sometimes I say I represent a third sex,” Orlando Fagin says to Mikael Johannson in the documentary Regretters. “I’ve gone through two sex changes; what’s the next stage for me?”

  • Decent Exposure

    Concordia Art Students Open Their Classroom Doors and Invite You In

    Concordia’s Studio Arts Master’s of Fine Arts students are opening their doors to the public this week and inviting you to come in and experience their ongoing and finished artworks.

  • Secret Feelings

    Black Feelings Intrigue With Secret Show

    Owain Lawson, of local noise rock outfit Black Feelings, would like to assure you that his band is not nearly as gloomy as its name suggests.

  • Zonoscope

    Cut Copy

    My Australian roommate claims that he once had brunch with one of the dudes from Cut Copy.

  • Breezy Reading

    David Collier’s Graphic Novel Chimo a Sea Oddity

    Chimo is David Collier’s autobiographical account of his multiple experiences in the Canadian War Artists Program.

  • Lit Writ: February 9

    I understand the math. I do. But what does a day mean in a vacuum?

  • Making the Private Public

    Ligne, Image, Texte Puts the Human Body on Display

    “It has been hard to find forums to make work like this public,” said Michelle Lacombe, performance artist and one of three artists featured in Ligne, Image, Texte, an event that will use the human body as a means for expression.

  • A Fleeting Glimpse of Colour

    Art Students Bring Their Practice Outdoors

    There has been an abundance of events occurring within Concordia’s artistic sphere over the past two weeks with the kick-off of the Fine Arts Student Alliance’s Lecture Series, I Would Like To Answer Your Question But The Truth Is I Just Don’t Know. The series explores the extremely broad topic of space in all its manifestations.

  • Cinema Politica Doc Explores The Neoliberal World Order, At Its Core

    How does money grow? Who does it benefit and who does it affect? Let’s Make Money, Cinema Politica’s next revelation, explores this question in documentary form.