Fringe Arts

  • Frame to Frame

    A Little Romance and Plenty of Shame

    Sion Sono likes to raise the bar just to see how high he can go, expanding his cult status and fan base around the world. He’s a controversial poet-filmmaker whose Guilty of Romance unearths sexual desires and dark pasts in very colourful style.

  • Fringe Food

    A Saintly Return

    What’s the first thought that pops in your head when I say maple? Now: bourbon? And what about: bacon?

  • A Musical Chameleon

    Trentemøller Likes It Deep & Live

    If you’ve never heard the Danish DJ’s music before, you’d probably never guess all of Anders Trentemoller’s records and compilations are done by the same man.

  • How You Like Them Bananas?

    Une Banane Blog Provides More Than Daily Fibre

    In His infinite wisdom, God once said an incredibly long time ago, “Man does not live by bread alone,” and as such, a daily dose of the creative is essential for Man–and Woman–to survive.

  • Weekly Spins

    Dirty Jukebox Dance Party

    Hometown electro-punks Duchess Says are back with their sophomore LP, a continuation of their dirt-caked dance music. It’s high-strung and dangerous, of a Death From Above 1979 persuasion. It’s a late night-death party egging you to join, and a pretty tempting proposition at that.

  • Carnal Knowledge

    Angus Balbernie on Direction, Dance Ecology & Studio 303

    “People ask me to describe my work and, wickedly, I tend to just write what I want for fun—you’re allowed to at my age. When I write about my workshops and pieces, I’m a bit naughty,” says Angus Balbernie.

  • Keep It Cool & Pay It Forward

    The Aggrolites Are Dirty Reggae Pioneers

    There’s nothing like smooth reggae vibes to expel worry from tired bones, and generally, the simpler the rhythm the better. For L.A. reggae-rockers The Aggrolites, the addition of a little American soul was all they needed to get their signature groove just right.

  • Knitting a Community

    Tight-Knit Friendships Form at Espace Tricot

    Lisa Fruscia and Melissa Clulow co-created Espace Tricot two summers ago, hoping to establish a knitting space that was both conducive to building a community and practicing the craft.

  • La Buanderie x Superfluous Clothing

    Local Clothing Brand Launches Online Store

    As part of the expansion process of their brand, Superfluous’ Adam Taubert and Peter Kajaks are set to launch their new web presence this weekend at Fake Boutique’s sister store, La Buanderie.

  • Weekly Spins

    Swoon Under City Lights

    Cruising calm and clear out of small bars and cliquey venues of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, comes Slowdance –a modest indie-pop band breaking boundaries with their debut EP Light & Color.