Fringe Arts

  • I’ll Talk, You’ll Fill that Notebook

    Between Social Media & Poetry

    “At a certain point, it becomes difficult to discuss literature. To discuss it is like discussing a garden, in that the comments probably reflect more the taste and preferences of the person looking at the garden than flaws in the garden itself.”

  • Weekly Spins

    From New Orleans With Love

    Kindest Lines and Caddywhompus deliver solid records from the bayou

  • Photos: Young Widows at Casa del Popolo

    Young Widows played in Montreal on May 10th at Casa Del Popolo (4873 St. Laurent Boulevard) with My Disco and Esses.

  • Resurrection of Youth and Lightness

    Young Widows are Pushing Daisies with Neo-Noir Noise Rock

    The Funeral Home was an almost natural decision when choosing a studio location to record In and Out of Youth and Lightness, the third full-length release from Louisville, KY noisemakers Young Widows.

  • I’ll Talk, You’ll Fill that Notebook

    A Writer’s Best Friend?

    Whatever your authorial creed, writing can be a painful experience. But it doesn’t stop there: the reception of one’s work can be just as—if not more—unpleasant.

  • Bike Smut

    Reverend Phil Shares Sexy Flicks by Bike Lovers

    Bike Smut, a sub-culture led by Reverend Phil recently visited Montreal for the end of its Canadian tour. The tour plays erotic short films related to bike culture, now doing a stint through Eastern Europe.

  • Theatre a la Sauvage

    Mary’s Wedding Jumps the Broom

    Beneath a rushing storm of thunder, we find two youths coming of age sheltered in a stable. World War I looms, and so does the inevitable journey of love betwixt Carlie and Mary. Canada is still young and filled with hope,dreams and loyalty to the King. When Mary wakes up from her dream, will Charlie still honour his promise?

  • Weekly Spins

    Through the Noise and Out of the Woods

    It’s pretty rare to find an album that’s both as varied and consistently brilliant as this. Leeds-based quintet Vessels harness an arsenal of gear to create textural, fluid post-rock on Helioscope, a record that is leaps and bounds ahead of their previous work.

  • Keyboards Exposed

    Super Synth Montreal Celebrates Today’s Fastest Evolving Instrument

    Montreal’s indie music scene is flying high with the international acclaim of bands like Arcade Fire, Islands, Plants and Animals, and a legion of groups whose names either begin with an article or make reference to wolves. But what about its resident gear-heads and technophiles? Montreal’s synth artists are definitely a more marginal bunch.

  • Apathy is Boring

    Ilona Dougherty Promotes Activism Through Art

    If the personal is political, what could be more political than art? Concordia Alumnus Ilona Dougherty is the co-Founder and Executive Director of Apathy Is Boring, a non-partisan group that promotes youth activism through art and media.