Fringe Arts

  • Fringe Food

    Gather ‘Round the Table

    It may come as a surprise to some Montrealers that accessible, healthy, communal meals have been offered on Concordia’s campuses since long before the now-famous People’s Potato was born.

  • Frame to Frame

    The Miserably Glorious Apocalypse

    Saying that the state of current world affairs is grim would be an understatement, so it’s no wonder then that the apocalypse has become a popular and contemporary theme in cinema.

  • Local Lit Havens

    Independent Bookstores You Won’t Want to Miss

    October 15 was Independents’ Dayl! If you’re reading this in the Starbucks in Chapters — leave! Support the local guys. Why? They’ll buy your zine on consignment. They’ll let you read to your friends at their store. They serve you tea.

  • Art Minds & Art Matters

    Art Fest to Hold Annual Info Party, Launch New Website

    Entering its 11th year, Art Matters, Montreal’s student-run multidisciplinary art festival, is back. Get ready.

  • Rough All Over

    The Men Leave Home to Conquer

    With dirty distortion, spacey jamming and Stooge-esque ferocity, The Men somehow manage to sound like punk’s roots and its future at the same time.
    They bang through rough, rocking numbers and intense verging-on-hardcore passages, bringing together elements of krautrock and shoegaze for a record that’s as brilliant as it is varied.

  • Fight for Your Right to Poetry

    Mile End Poets’ Festival to Occupy the Main

    In a world where Occupy protests are popping up in public spaces around the globe like revolutionary seedlings, a group of Montreal poets is out to occupy St. Laurent Blvd. this week—but their demands aren’t necessarily about international finance.

  • “It’s All Very Frankenstein…”

    FNC Lab Welcomes You to the Operating Theatre

    In an unassuming apartment in Montreal’s Plateau borough, two young artists are hard at work bringing a ramshackle steel sculpture to life.

  • Frame to Frame

    A Little Romance and Plenty of Shame

    Sion Sono likes to raise the bar just to see how high he can go, expanding his cult status and fan base around the world. He’s a controversial poet-filmmaker whose Guilty of Romance unearths sexual desires and dark pasts in very colourful style.

  • Fringe Food

    A Saintly Return

    What’s the first thought that pops in your head when I say maple? Now: bourbon? And what about: bacon?

  • A Musical Chameleon

    Trentemøller Likes It Deep & Live

    If you’ve never heard the Danish DJ’s music before, you’d probably never guess all of Anders Trentemoller’s records and compilations are done by the same man.