Fringe Arts

  • Architects Make Waves at FIFA

    The Aqua Tower and the Woman Behind It

    In the centre of Chicago’s high-rise district, a certain building stands out amongst the others—the Aqua Tower.

  • (Silver), Exposed

    Photography Students Launch Book, Eight Months in the Making

    (Silver), a collection of original photographs by graduating Concordia photo students, will drop this week.

  • Art for a cause

    Coatcheck Gallery and Local Artists Collaborate on Fundraiser for Japan

    Community organizations across Montreal have mobilized to support Japan since the devestation that struck its coast earlier this month.

  • Out With the New, In With the Old

    Hitting the Benchmark Project Makes Use of the Unused

    Concordia students already have good reason to be jealous of the McGill campus, with its lush green space and enduring architectural design (sorry, Hall building).

  • Stripping Against The Man

    Lower Main Development Project On Hold, Thanks to Cleo’s!

    Expropriation denied!

  • FIFA Festival: Fringe Arts Picks the Flicks

    The International Festival of Films on Art is a dream for any artist. This multi-disciplinary 10-day festival is the largest of its kind in the world and continues to grow and diversify every year.

  • Go Big or Go Home

    This Newfoundland Reggae Troupe Wants To Make You Move

    In a decade where independent bands are finding ways to scale back the size of their live show, Idlers thrive on their traveling caravan work ethic.

  • Art Educators of the Future

    And Concordia’s Lack of Sustainable Art Education

    Not all artists are concerned with the environment. But some are.

  • A Musical Poem

    FIFA Screens Doc on Nana Caymmi

    It is impossible not to fall in love with Rio de Janeiro after watching Rio Sonata.

  • Internet Poetics

    Steve Roggenbuck Is on the Frontlines of the War for the Future of Poetry

    Steve Roggenbuck is from the Internet.