Fringe Arts

  • Sustainable Style

    Local Clothing Line Gives Unused Fabrics Second Chance

    After working for over 10 years at one of Canada’s leading fashion houses and watching mountains of unused luxury fabric accumulate in warehouses at the end of each season, local designer Suzanne Bateman decided to take action.

  • Lit Alights at The Sparrow

    Fall Mega-Reading to Feature Three Concordia Profs

    Fall is officially here, which means it’s the perfect time to curl up with a good book under the swiftly changing foliage. To celebrate this, the most bookish of seasons, Coach House Books, DC Books and Snare Books are throwing a free mega-launch for the beginning of the fall literary season…

  • Art Alive

    Viva! Art Action Offers Food, Performances You Can Take In

    VIVA! Art Action is preparing to run its third edition in Montreal from Oct. 4 to 9.
    The biannual art show will be held at the Bain St-Michel and will feature 20 Canadian and international artists. This year, the festival brings events to satisfy all the senses with contemporary artistic performances, DJs and even pre-show suppers.

  • Death to the Graphic Novel

    Creator of Maus Comes to ConU

    I really wanted to hate Art Spiegelman.
    As a long-time comic nerd and admitted Marvel-rat, I really despise the whole culture surrounding the graphic novel. People who refer to long-form comics this way almost always fit a mold of snobbish philistines who are quick to dismiss a rich and long-standing comic culture without which their precious graphic novels never would have existed.

  • Outside the Box

    FOFA & POP Host One-on-One Theatre

    A four-by-eight foot box sat in the Sculpture Garden courtyard at FOFA this past week. The portable black theatre box drew quizzical looks from some Saturday night passers-by.

  • Frame to Frame

    A New Generation of Filmmakers

    Michael Ryan spoke last spring at a Concordia Cinema Student Association event where he enthusiastically talked about how to package finished films for festivals. Today, he is busy fine-tuning this year’s YoungCuts film festival, an event that showcases films by directors and producers 25 and under.

  • Weekly Spins

    Get Your POP On

    Our reviews of the latest from POP performers Fucked Up, Topanga and Deep Dark Woods

  • A Bloody Good Time

    The Blood Ballet Cabaret and the Search for Carmen Sandiego

    On Sept. 25, The Blood Ballet Cabaret presents Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, a titillating parody of the educational video games that were a staple of most ’90s households. The salacious Miss Bloody Mary Anne, aka Kamee Abrahamian, stars as a sensual Carmen Sandiego in a jet-setting burlesque performance that promises to push the envelope in traditional BBC style.

  • Fringe Food

    Hunting for Ramsay on Laurier

    Le Laurier Gordon Ramsay does not accept reservations. So I arrived with my dinner companion at 6:30 on a Friday evening, hoping to beat the dinner crowd. We were told we could be seated at 8:00, but to stick around les environs just in case. While we witnessed other diners depart in a huff at such a proposition — one well-dressed woman went so far as to proclaim, loudly, ‘never again!’…

  • Get Your Comic On

    In his full-body Spider-Man costume, Jérémie Paquette stood out in the crowd of Saturday morning Metro commuters. But any of the 10,000 people expected to head out to Place Bonaventure this weekend knew exactly where he was heading. This weekend’s Comiccon attracted a plethora of masked and mundane characters.