Fringe Arts

  • Go Big or Go Home

    This Newfoundland Reggae Troupe Wants To Make You Move

    In a decade where independent bands are finding ways to scale back the size of their live show, Idlers thrive on their traveling caravan work ethic.

  • Art Educators of the Future

    And Concordia’s Lack of Sustainable Art Education

    Not all artists are concerned with the environment. But some are.

  • A Musical Poem

    FIFA Screens Doc on Nana Caymmi

    It is impossible not to fall in love with Rio de Janeiro after watching Rio Sonata.

  • Internet Poetics

    Steve Roggenbuck Is on the Frontlines of the War for the Future of Poetry

    Steve Roggenbuck is from the Internet.

  • Laytonest of the Best, Pt. II

    The Link Chats With the Finalists for the Irving Layton Prize for Fiction

    “The main character grabs his unconscious friend and throws him in a car, making a run for the hospital.”

  • Shortlist Writ, Pt. II

    Excerpt From “Boulevard St. Laurent”

    A taxi surge, burning co co ricos on the ‘ti pains,

  • A Surfeit of Riches

    Axtell’s Kore of the Incantation Delights

    The beauty of Brooke Elise Axtell’s Kore of the Incantation resides in the tension between burning intensity and fluid grace.

  • Lit Writ

    Ghosts of Winter

    the only thing left of my mother is her car
    a metal womb i’d like to drive north

  • Dance, Dance, Dance

    An electrifying voyage to Hollywood’s golden era of musicals brings most memorable dancing moments of cinema . Through original footage, interviews and photos, Clara Kuperberg tells the history of musicals – narrated by, among others, American choreographer and dancer Hermes Pan, close collaborator of legendary Fred Astaire.

  • Laytonest of the Best

    Finalists Revealed for the Irving Layton Award for Poetry

    Four emerging writers from Concordia’s Creative Writing program—Nick Comilla, Jason Freure, Candice Maddy Fridman and Emma Healey—r