Fringe Arts

  • Still Warm From the Prize

    Giller Prize-Winner Johanna Skibsrud Returns to ConU to Read

    If you were living under a rock back in November, or perhaps under a stack of term papers and library books

  • Expozine Alternative Press Awards

    The Self-Published Get Their Due

    Literary honours, even among published authors, are hard to come by. For zinesters and the so-called self-published, awards are something of an impossibility.

  • The Walls Are Closing In

    Graffiti-inspired artist looks to clear his head with “Trapped in Thought”

    Maxime Pigeon wants you to know what it’s like to be clinically depressed, and what it’s like to feel that depression’s absence.

  • Open For Interpretation

    Cinética: A Film by Ana Cembrero Coca

    In 29 minutes of dynamic cinematography and no dialogue, Ana Cembrero Coca’s Cinética challenges our self-awareness and capacity to interpret abstract symbolism represented through dance. The film features four women moving in several different spaces, from a half-full bathtub to the open sea.

  • Aloof is Out, Be Yourself

    Modern-day Casanova spreads the love in Montreal

    “It’s not about getting laid, it’s about being a woman’s fantasy,” are the words of Hans Comijn, seduction artist.

  • Barmaid to Measure

    Author Maya Merrick Mixes Business With Pleasure

    Every aspiring writer is faced with the realization, at some point—usually in their twenties, but sometimes much later for the not-so-fleet of mind—that they will not be able to support themselves by their art alone.

  • 2011 English Awards Wrap-Up

    Lit Nerds Take Home Books, Cash Prizes, Future Play Performances for Their Hard Work

    On Friday afternoon as the second of two, at times heated, CSU election debates wrapped up in the Hall building, the 2011 Concordia English Awards ceremony

  • Irving Writ

    Excerpt From the 2011 Irving Layton Award for Fiction Winner, “Circus Girls”

    A circus, Jayne thought, could take so many different forms. Yet you said that someone had run away to join the circus, not a circus, as though there was only one and it shook its glitter through a town and then left,

  • The End of the Bookstore Cat?

    The Link Investigates Whether Felix Literati’s Nine Lives Are Up

    The Link’s Literary Arts section isn’t the only literary institution that’s on the way out these days.

  • A History of Literary Arts In The Link

    The Link’s first dedicated literary arts editor—known then as the “literary coordinator”—was Phil Moscovitch.