Fringe Arts

  • Home Is Where the heArt Is

    Art Matters Exhibit Explores Intimate Space

    What makes a home? Is the definition of home required to incorporate shelter, consistency and residency? Are there limitations to how one should define a home?

  • Makeout Skideotape

    Vancouver Pop Tarts Move the Party to Montreal

    When I get to Mac DeMarco’s apartment to talk to him about his band, Makeout Videotape, I wake him up. It’s 11:00 a.m. on a Monday and he greets me in his underwear.

  • Dance Macabre

    Salem Brings Witch House to the Stage

    Salem is one of those bands that would rather no one know their face.

  • Save The Bees

    Cinema Politica Doc Explores the Global Bee Crisis and Why We Should Care

    Beekeepers have witnessed an alarming increase in the number of bees disappearing. The worst part? No one knows where they are going.

  • Three Years for Radical Queers

    Politics and Playtime at the Third Radical Queer Semaine

    The space at 90 de la Gauchetière St. has transformed.

  • Celestial Winds

    Local Outfit Pop Winds Breeze Into Art Matters

    If the Pop Winds were a spaceship they’d look like something out of Thunderbirds, only more practical, silver, and with a porthole for each band member to look out from.


    The Closer We are to Death the More We Feel Alive is an art exhibit featured at the student-run festival Art Matters. The exhibition is a collection of multidisciplinary artworks that expose the tension between the dead and the alive—the grotesque and the beautiful.

  • Transparent Endings

    Art Matters Exhibit PUSH-PULL Explores the Creation Process as Art

    We deconstruct the ideas behind text as we read and study it. The process behind tactical pieces of artworks should receive equal attention, according to Art Matters show PUSH-PULL, curated by Vivien Leung.

  • Wandering Symphonies

    My Dad vs Yours Prepare to Bloom

    A promising wall of sound is coming out of Ottawa. Instrumental indie quartet My Dad vs Yours have just released their second full length album Little Symphonies, a record which guitarist Jose Palacios describes as both nostalgic and uplifting.


    Andrew WK Wants A Reaction From You

    Andrew WK wasn’t always real. I don’t mean that as in, he didn’t physically exist. He clearly does, as his hulking frame, long hair,