Fringe Arts

  • Frame to Frame

    A New Generation of Filmmakers

    Michael Ryan spoke last spring at a Concordia Cinema Student Association event where he enthusiastically talked about how to package finished films for festivals. Today, he is busy fine-tuning this year’s YoungCuts film festival, an event that showcases films by directors and producers 25 and under.

  • Weekly Spins

    Get Your POP On

    Our reviews of the latest from POP performers Fucked Up, Topanga and Deep Dark Woods

  • A Bloody Good Time

    The Blood Ballet Cabaret and the Search for Carmen Sandiego

    On Sept. 25, The Blood Ballet Cabaret presents Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, a titillating parody of the educational video games that were a staple of most ’90s households. The salacious Miss Bloody Mary Anne, aka Kamee Abrahamian, stars as a sensual Carmen Sandiego in a jet-setting burlesque performance that promises to push the envelope in traditional BBC style.

  • Fringe Food

    Hunting for Ramsay on Laurier

    Le Laurier Gordon Ramsay does not accept reservations. So I arrived with my dinner companion at 6:30 on a Friday evening, hoping to beat the dinner crowd. We were told we could be seated at 8:00, but to stick around les environs just in case. While we witnessed other diners depart in a huff at such a proposition — one well-dressed woman went so far as to proclaim, loudly, ‘never again!’…

  • Get Your Comic On

    In his full-body Spider-Man costume, Jérémie Paquette stood out in the crowd of Saturday morning Metro commuters. But any of the 10,000 people expected to head out to Place Bonaventure this weekend knew exactly where he was heading. This weekend’s Comiccon attracted a plethora of masked and mundane characters.

  • Poets en Masse

    Poetry Event Aims to Change the World

    In the popular imagination, poetry is often conceived of as a solitary activity, featuring a degree of self-involvement that borders on egomania. On Sept. 24, however, poets across the world will be involved in an event that will challenge both of those assumptions.

  • Conversational Conference

    POP Symposium Celebrates Practical, Philosophical Aspects of Being an Artist

    There’s a lot more to art than simply the art.

  • Concordia Student Goes POP

    ConU’s Elgin-Skye McLaren on Going Digital, Playing POP

    If you listen closely to Concordia commerce student Elgin-Skye McLaren’s short but powerful repertoire of recorded music, you’ll notice that, hidden discretely behind the ukuleles, melodicas, xylophones, and soft acoustic guitar, there’s a little storm brewing.

  • Don’t Forget the POPcorn

    FilmPOP Fest Puts Punk On-Screen

    In its 10th year as POP Montreal’s film-festival little brother, FilmPOP functions as a visual

  • Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

    Chromeo on Electro-Pop’s Past & Future

    It’s been quite a ride for Chromeo, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. The 21st century disco band has already accomplished what most budding musicians could only hope to achieve, while still staying remarkably independent.