Fringe Arts

  • Art, Splattered

    Art Matters Festival: Ready For Its 11th Year?

    Today marks the official first day of the Art Matters Festival 2011. Now in its 11th year, the festival runs for a mere three weeks and involves the work of more than 200 Concordia students.

  • Konyves’ Version

    Montreal Screenwriter’s Experience With Barney’s Version

    “I can write bad shit and get paid for it.”
    That was screenwriter Michael Konyves’ motivation for getting into the film industry.

  • Poetry Deciphered

    Jay-Z’s New Tome Brings the Layperson Into Rap’s Inner Circle, Analyzes His Own Lyrics in Decoded

    Rare is the person who hasn’t, by now, at least heard of Shawn Carter, alias Jay-Z, let alone downloaded a song or two to bump from their speaker system of choice, be it auto or iPod, when in need of a good aural pick-me-up.

  • Art Matters Is Retro and Innovative

    Art Matters has evolved into the biggest student-run art show in Canada, a renowned two-week long festival showcasing and celebrating student art.

  • Pseudo-Doc Punishment Park Takes Place Tomorow, Yesterday Or Five Years From Now

    One of the benefits of the “DVD revolution” has been the chance it’s given us to view obscure movies—Punishment Park, for instance.

  • Cyborg Poets

    Wershler & Kennedy Give Historical Authors a Second Life in Update

    Pssst! Want to know a secret? There’s a new Facebook going around—a cooler Facebook. There’s only one catch: you have to be a famous historical poet to get it.

  • All You Need Is Joie

    Akron/Family Talk Loss, Japan, Detroit and Positive Energy

    Maybe they aren’t pounding out tribal rhythms anymore, but Akron/Family’s freak-folk roots are still intact.

  • Viral Hit Machine

    Like lightning and chicken pox, viral videos rarely strike the same place twice. But unlike either lightning or the flu, you’re damn lucky if you get even one.

  • Dirty Art: An Era of Imagery and Technology

    JP King Exposes the Dirty Side of his Artistic Process

    “I’m a scavenger and a thief,” said J.P. King. “And I take my position as a thief very proudly.”
    King is a collage artist who dives into old magazines searching for interesting pictures and a writer that relies on other people’s anecdotes for the content of his stories. As such, his raw material is more often than not someone else’s finished work.

  • Litwrit: I spit into raw cans

    I was Woody Allen last night and
    the night before that I was Andy Warhol at a baseball game and