Fringe Arts

  • Save the Girl, Save the World

    The Search for a Missing Nepali Orphan by Concordia Film Crew

    In a little orphanage in Nepal with only six kids, Mitchell Luis met a smiling 10-year-old girl named Esther.

  • Movement That Matters

    ENSEMBLE Takes Women’s Issues On-Stage

    A dancer’s body is an incredibly powerful mechanism.

  • It’s Business Time

    Lil’ Biz Seminar Schools Young Artists on Money Matters

    Puces POP will be holding its second Lil’ Biz conference of the year on Saturday. The difference between this seminar and the last? This one is free.

  • Synapse Candles

    Concordia Reading Series Turns One

    The Concordia-based Synapse reading series is back in action this Wednesday, celebrating a first birthday of sorts.

  • A Bicycle Trip Built for Two

    Les Flâneurs en Plein Air Captures Canadian Landscape

    It took five weeks for Evan Prosofsky and Mark Stroemich to get from Montreal to Halifax. The convenience of modern airplane travel has reduced the trip to about an hour and a half, but travelling by bike, with a camera and painting tools, takes a little longer.

  • Forty Years of Cheap Thrills

    Montreal’s First Used Record Store Throws Birthday Bash

    Generally, any event where mingling is encouraged in a room full of strangers has the potential to be awkward. They often seem reminiscent of the scene teenage movies where the protagonist gets invited to the “cool” party, but eventually realizes they would have rather stayed home with their friends.

  • Moving Landscapes

    Trailer Obscura Takes the Photographer Inside the Camera

    Concordia Fine Arts students Daniel Paterson and Bella Klein travelled from New York to Prince Edward Island this past summer with their camera literally hitched to the back of their car—a utility trailer that they converted into a five-foot by 10-foot camera obscura.

  • Weekly Spins

    Slow Dance for the Soul-Barer

    Los Angeles duo High Places are dressed in low frequencies and heavy percussion on Original Colors, finding their roots in electronic club sounds pushed through a deep, minimalist filter.

  • The Indigenized Lens

    Jennifer Gauthier’s Talk on Identity and North American Indigenous Cinema

    “Internationally, indigenous peoples are taking the camera back,” said Jennifer L. Gauthier at the start of her presentation to students on Tuesday. The talk, hosted by Concordia’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture, aimed to compare indigenous cinema in Canada and United States in order to showcase its vital role in reconstructing identity.

  • Frame to Frame

    Rouge Parole Shares the Most Human Side of the Tunisian Revolution

    When Elyes Baccar began filming uprisings in his home country of Tunisia at the end of 2010, there wasn’t a plan of what his feature documentary would become. With a filmmaker’s intuition he just captured the energy, knowing it would be something big.