Fringe Arts

  • Keep It Cool & Pay It Forward

    The Aggrolites Are Dirty Reggae Pioneers

    There’s nothing like smooth reggae vibes to expel worry from tired bones, and generally, the simpler the rhythm the better. For L.A. reggae-rockers The Aggrolites, the addition of a little American soul was all they needed to get their signature groove just right.

  • Knitting a Community

    Tight-Knit Friendships Form at Espace Tricot

    Lisa Fruscia and Melissa Clulow co-created Espace Tricot two summers ago, hoping to establish a knitting space that was both conducive to building a community and practicing the craft.

  • La Buanderie x Superfluous Clothing

    Local Clothing Brand Launches Online Store

    As part of the expansion process of their brand, Superfluous’ Adam Taubert and Peter Kajaks are set to launch their new web presence this weekend at Fake Boutique’s sister store, La Buanderie.

  • Weekly Spins

    Swoon Under City Lights

    Cruising calm and clear out of small bars and cliquey venues of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, comes Slowdance –a modest indie-pop band breaking boundaries with their debut EP Light & Color.

  • Montreal’s Other Jazz Festival

    With a host of local and imported talent, the OFF Jazz festival will be returning to Montreal this fall for its 12th annual edition.

  • Frame to Frame

    The New Cinema

    The 40th edition of the Festival de Nouveau Cinema, “Ruby” edition, promises a brilliant array of sexy and cutting edge films from all over the world, beginning this week with film labs, master classes and exciting new initiatives from the festival.

  • Fringe Food

    The Slow Return of Street Food

    If you get as hungry as me walking past slews of restaurants out of your price range, you may have even remarked upon such an absence yourself. Montréal’s 64-year-old street-food ban is indeed one of the great ironies of the city’s culinary identity.

  • Artistically Accessible

    Usine 106U’s Art is Anything but Ordinary

    Usine 106U is jam packed with art. The walls are covered from floor to ceiling, salon style, but the content is anything but. Sculptural, textural, hilarious and vulgar, art makers deemed ‘thematic outcasts’ find home here.

  • Like a Mountain

    Timber Timbre on Improvising, Drunk Fans and Breaking Bad

    Timber Timbre has been morphing into a full band over the last two years, one more capable to entrance their ever-growing audience. Now violin, lapsteel and the constant kick drum frame singer/songwriter Taylor Kirk’s formerly acoustic vibrations, deepening the mystic trip he’s ready to lead you on.

  • Don’t Wanna Be Sedated

    For those of us who have spent most of our lives in Montreal, it’s pretty hard to imagine life in a town without record stores or movie theatres. Queer punk writer Kristyn Dunnion called such a place home during her childhood, but it wasn’t long before she was planning an escape.