Fringe Arts

  • Fringe Food

    Everything Is Nourishment

    As you walk west down de Maisonneuve Blvd., past Decarie St., following the ragged fence, you come across a slew of auto shops, the odd commuter train, several impatient drivers and a handful of hardy cyclists. But when you reach the corner of Oxford Ave., an unexpected oasis emerges: an otherwise nondescript building turned vibrant.

  • Rage Against the 1%

    Young Circles Raise Funds for Occupy

    Protest music need not be produced by a Lennon-sized performer to get the world’s attention anymore. Using their Bandcamp account, Miami’s Young Circles voice their support for the Occupiers by donating all revenue from their single “Ninety-Nine Percent” to Occupy Wall Street.

  • Words Matter

    Paul Olioff on Writing that Keeps Him Reading

    For most of the interviews I’ve done so far I didn’t really know the people. But I’ve known Paul for four years now and this interview, to be honest, was more of a selfish thing—I just really wanted to know what interested him and why he read so many different things. His comments and critiques, like Long’s, are biting and usually astute. We talked about Long, books, Montreal and other things. For once, though, I asked the questions.

  • A Metra Hive of Slush and Villainy

    Get Lost in Metraville’s Footnotes & Alleyways

    The modern city is a confusing, dangerous and ultimately illogical place—and the modern Canadian city, doubly so.

  • What’s Up, Doc?

    Montreal Film Fest Marches to Its Own RIDM

    You think you’re a film nerd? Talk to Charlotte Selb. In the course of the year, she said, she’ll see about 900 films.

  • Songs in the Square

    Occupy Montreal Gets Musical

    Take it from me—playing a steel-stringed acoustic guitar when it’s cold outside really sucks.The skin on your hands dries out and becomes brittle. The knuckles on your right hand chafe pretty badly if you miss the strings with your pick.

  • Home Is Where the Beat Is

    Adam and the Amethysts Light Up Their Sound

    Fresh off what they lovingly call a “patchy string of fun Canadian tour dates,” local psychedelic pop-folk quartet Adam and the Amethysts will be returning home to celebrate the launch of their latest album, Flickering Flashlight.

  • Breaking All the Rules

    Kim Dorland’s Enter, Light Plays With Simplicity

    A baby deer is looking at me, hidden behind a tree. He stands on the left side of the painting while four adult deer seem to disappear, invaded by light. Standing in front of Kim Dorland’s Clearing, I ask myself whether the deer is waiting for something, or is he simply contemplating the human?

  • Weekly Spins

    The Heavy and The Heavier

    Chicago three-piece Russian Circles return with their unique brand of intense instrumental music, one that runs the gamut of borderline-black metal to shoegaze-y ambiance, incorporating grumbling bass, walls of heavily-distorted electric guitar and pounding drums that would be an apt soundtrack for one’s descent to the underworld.

  • Creatures Invade Loyola

    Vanier Library Gets Spooky with Local Art

    Concordia’s Vanier Library is currently exhibiting monstrous artworks fresh by Shawn Mackniak.