Fringe Arts

  • An Issue of Creativity

    Concordia’s Soliloquies Releases 18th Annual Edition

    As a student-run publication, Concordia journal Soliloquies provides undergraduates with publishing, editing and design experience invaluable for a career in the business.

  • Bringing the Underground to Light

    Grimposium Conference Brings Extreme Metal to Concordia

    Concordia is about to get a heavy dosage of “trve kvlt” arts through both an artistic and academic look at the extreme metal scene.

  • The Art of Feeling

    Concordia Fibres Student Association Brings Multisensory Art Via the FEELS Exhibition

    In our culture, art is to be looked at, not touched. Traditional curation is careful to enforce this.

  • Exploring the Expression of Poetry

    The Mile End Poets’ Festival might give off the image of lines being read through thick rimmed glasses to an audience appreciative of snaps, but don’t let the name fool you.

  • Print Out Sustainability

    The Groucho Fractal Show Brings Environmental and Social Issues to Concordia Through Interactive Art

    The Groucho Fractal performance and workshops are nearly impossible to define. An adequate start might be to define them as an “interactive performance art piece,” but even that doesn’t come close to covering it.

  • Spreading the Party Gospel

    Andrew W.K. on Partying Hard in Canada

    Andrew W.K. is a man who wears many hats: eccentric musician, producer, motivational speaker, former television show host and U.S. cultural ambassador to Bahrain (well, sort of).

  • Instrumental Emotions

    New Exhibit ‘Swarming Emotional Pianos’ Fuses Emotions, Music and Robots

    Of all the ways an artist can express emotion, cold and calculating robots might not seem like an obvious first choice—but robots playing music, stimulated by pure human biofeedback, is a different story.

  • Folk Master Flex

    Indie-Folk Sextet The Head and the Heart Discuss Newfound Fame, Sophomore Record and Bebop Jazz

    The carefree acoustic melodies and whimsical chords of Seattle indie-folk band The Head and the Heart are an ideal soundtrack to the warm spring breezes now kissing the Montreal city streets, teasing the glowing summer nights to come.

  • Bad Business

    The ABCs of the Segal Centre’s New Production ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’

    The world of David Mamet’s classic Glengarry Glen Ross is one built on the power of words as weapons and glasses of hard whiskey. It’s a world where the single golden rule is ABC—Always Be Closing.

  • A Film Noir Disco Fantasy

    Jef Barbara Headlines Fundraiser for the Plateau’s Favourite Robot

    Fame and fortune sounds just fine to Jef Barbara, he’s just not in a rush to get there.