Fringe Arts

  • A Labour of LOVE

    Montreal Dance Company Stages Production to Help Prevent Youth Violence

    More than once in rehearsal, emotion has gotten the better of the dancers in Sonia Balazovjech’s company.

  • Talking Dirty

    Erotic Poetry Jam Reaches Climax with 8th Year in Montreal

    While other muscles such as the gluteus maximus or the heart may be more realistic candidates for the title of  “Mightiest Muscle,” the tongue has a distinct advantage, as it can do one thing the other muscles cannot—it can gossip about the other parts of the body.

  • ‘The Arcade Review’ Lights a Critical Fire

    New Web Magazine Seeks To Elevate Video Game Criticism

    What do you get when you cross serious critical theory with video games?

  • To Drink and Sing on the Breadline

    British Indie Outfit Lanterns On the Lake Bring Warm Vibes to Montreal

    A creaky wooden hall in the middle of nowhere with the bitter cold creeping in through every crack sounds better suited for the setting of a horror movie than a place to make a record.

  • Smelling is Believing

    Norwegian Scent Artist Sissel Tolaas to Tantalize Concordia with Hexagram Lecture

    For humans, our not-so-keen sense of smell is often overlooked in favour of the more popular senses—seeing a red-and-purple-splashed sunset, or hearing a complex, brilliant symphony. But for Norwegian scent artist and “professional in-betweener” Sissel Tolaas, our sense of smell is her bread and butter.

  • Sieging the Servers

    Worldwide Feminist Wikipedia Edit-a-thon to Take Over the Web This Weekend

    On Feb. 1, Wikipedia is getting a makeover—or is it a reality check?

  • It’s Jammer Time

    Global Game Jam Comes to Concordia

    It’s a new year, and what better way to kick off 2014 than with a game jam of worldwide magnitude?

  • Never Stop Filming

    Cinema Politica Screens Docs About 2011 London Riots, First Nations and More

    For Oxford law graduate and impromptu filmmaker Fahim Alam, the last few years have been a hellish ride.

  • Another One Bites the Crust

    Inside Montreal’s Booming Restaurant Scene—and the Struggle of the Up-and-Comers

    What’s for dinner? If you’re walking the pizza- and poutine-paved streets of Montreal, there are endless answers to that question.

  • Five-Point-Palm Exploding Art Technique

    New Art Exhibit ‘Hybrid Bodies’ Examines the Psycho-Social Effects of Heart Transplantation

    No organ in the human body is as coveted as the heart.