Fringe Arts

  • Mixing It Up

    Montreal Based EDM DJ Dave Luxe Preps for His Upcoming Igloofest Set

    Dave Luxe, self-proclaimed future beats and R&B DJ and producer, originally from Belgium, claims to have landed in the right city because of Montreal’s vibrant music scene along with the prominent fan base the city has offered him.

  • Get a Room!

    Visual Artist Marie-Eve Martel Uses Poetry and Philosophy to Analyze the Architecture of Spaces and Places of Knowledge

    In a dialogue between architecture, poetry and philosophy, visual artist Marie-Eve Martel presents an immersive installation entitled Transcender l’architecture, depicting the duality of two architectural environments—Thoreau’s cabin in the woods and Yale University’s Beinecke Library in New Haven.

  • Two Tours in Two Years? Too Easy for G-Eazy

    American Rapper G-Eazy Seeking to Promote Bay Area Culture During Upcoming Tour

    This Wednesday will mark G-Eazy’s second show in Montreal in two years. What about our city makes it enjoyable for the 25-year-old rapper?

  • Into The Folds Of The Unknown

    Yanick Sasseville Explores Expectations and Reality Through Origami and Photography

    Yanick Sasseville’s Exil: Vérité trompeuse is a three-dimensional art exhibition displaying thousands of paper origami birds that morph out of a typewriter and fly from one side of the room to the other.

  • Skate and Create

    Art Exhibit ‘KICKFLIP’ Showcases Montreal Artists’  Work on Skateboard-Canvases

    Skateboarding: a throwaway pastime of potheads and punks, or a creative craft of athletes and outcasts? Ask any skater you see on the street, hucking themselves down stair sets or waxing up ledges for the perfect slide, and you’ll ultimately hear the latter.

  • The Call of Autumn

    Folk-Pop Band Autumn Still Offer a Glimpse into the Consciousness of a Musician

    Autumn Still, a thriving pop-folk trio from Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the product of a long-term friendship bound by a shared passion for music. Set to release their new self-titled EP on Dec. 4, the band’s latest songs evoke themes of internal dialogue, relationships and isolation.

  • Never Mind, I’ll Find Someone Like Hugh

    This week, Playwright Hero will be putting on their original production of No One Like Hugh, described as “Shakespeare’s unwritten masterpiece.”

  • Curating: It Ain’t An Easy Job

    Co-curator of BNLMTL 2014 Discusses the Trouble with Taxidermy

    The international art world has been increasingly affected by globalization, through the saturation of mobility and communication technologies. International exhibitions play a key role for prominent, rising cities in exposing the artistic activities taking place within them.

  • Students Investigate Our “Right To The City”

    Concordia Student Exhibition Combines Theatre, Art History and Storytelling

    Three Concordia courses took students out of the classroom and into the community of Pointe St. Charles this semester. On Saturday, the general public will be able to view the results of their research in an exhibit that combines theatre, art history and digital storytelling.

  • Re-Remembering The Future

    Alisha B. Wormsley Brings a Mythical Perspective to the Narratives of the African Diaspora

    Artist Alisha B. Wormsley challenges the future post-industrial capitalism has set up, imagining a time-transcending science-fiction fantasy. The artist’s goal is to re-envision the history and future of African disapora, using the medium of audiovisual installations.