Fringe Arts

  • Spiritual Cleansing

    Metaphysical Pop-up Shop Offers Spellcraft Prep for Winter

    Buried deep within the Mile End, an unassuming garage door on Marconi St. was wide open to the elements, yet what lay inside was still shrouded in mystery.

  • Howl! for Artists Everywhere

    Local Arts Collective Challenges Notions of Art in the City

    “The first thing, is [that] I want to make sure that this notion of art as being non-political is challenged.”

  • Montreal Character Series: Catherine Debard

    On Community, Zen, and Fucking Matter

    I met Catherine Debard in the winter of 2014.

  • Ice Cold and Funky Velvet

    Local Rock Outfit TOPS Shred Without Sacrificing Dancey Sensibility

    As Montreal indie-rock band TOPS drove through the fall-coloured landscapes of Wisconsin, drinking coffee and tasting free cheese samples, singer Jane Penny got on the phone with The Link to talk about the band’s current tour and their creative process.

  • Pressing Issues

    Local Publisher Metonymy Press Smashes Literary Conventions

    One of the most muted groups is queer-identifying authors, who face roadblocks on the avenues toward publishing written work. Thankfully, organizations exist with the express goal of advocating for marginalized voices in the literary field, including publisher Metonymy Press, a local grassroots organization aiming to support such voices.

  • So You’re Saying There’s a Chance (the Rapper)

    Chicago Rapper Is Latest Special Guest of Hip-Hop Class at Concordia

    “Everybody was like, wait, timeout,” said Chance. “This is great. This is like the best fart to ever come out. This is the best fart to come out in 2013.”

  • Where Are All the Women?

    Montreal Artist Calls Into Question the State of Women in Art

    Disparities based on gender aren’t exempt from the art world.

  • Street Ghosts

    Bike Couriers Play a Deadly Game of Shadows and Win

    “It’s fucking awesome,” Tessier said. “I don’t feel like I’m working.”

  • Naked and Empowered

    Scarlett James Revisits Art of Burlesque for Montreal’s Burlesque Festival

    I walked into a vanilla-scented, hazy red room, feathers tickling me, jazz music buzzing—and the sight of beautiful, unassuming breasts welcoming me.

  • An Artful Resistance

    CEREV Exhibition Recalls Pinochet’s Totalitarian Rule

    Concordia’s Centre for Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence opened an exhibition that encapsulates the years of Pinochet’s totalitarian rule. Artifacts were brought in exclusively from the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Santiago, and divided thematically into three separate portions: the coup, the resistance, and finally freedom, offering a more palatable framing of Pinochet’s control.