Fringe Arts

  • Cutting Back

    Local Artist Launches Print Booklet to Protest Police Brutality

    Art and political statements have always been a natural combination, from protest songs and demonstration performances all the way to state-smashing literature.

  • Lo’Jo Still Has the Mojo

    French Group Shares Fondest Memories from 32 Years of Travels, Music and Adventures

    Globe-trotting French band Lo’Jo have a long and wild history.

  • A Matter of Art

    Art Matters Festival Celebrates 14 Years of Presenting Concordia Art in a Professional Capacity

    Art Matters is a testament to what Concordia students are capable of.

  • Planting New Roots In Paint

    ‘Native Immigrant’ Art Exhibit Represents the Power of Displaced People in Canada

    In 1986, Carolina Echeverría left Chile for Canada in search of the opportunity to follow her dream of studying art at Concordia, bringing with her a passion for social justice. But she quickly found it difficult to conform to what it meant to be an artist in Canada.

  • Phantom Rhythms

    Experimental Duo Phantogram to Play Laval After Releasing New Record ‘Voices’

    A “phantogram” is an optical illusion in which a two-dimensional image appears to enter our realm in the third. It should come as little surprise, then, that a band by the same name creates experimental genre-blending music that reaches far beyond the sum of its parts.

  • Rooted In Music

    Orchestral Folk-Pop Band Lost In the Trees Share Their Organic, Creative Process

    Ari Picker wanted to give his band “a dramatic feel to it” when he decided upon the moniker Lost in the Trees in 2007. Coincidentally, it’s the band’s music, not its name, that is helping keep Canada’s wilderness alive.

  • The Unseamly Truth

    New Montreal Play Takes On Gender and Class Issues in the Fashion Industry

    Anyone familiar with American Apparel’s sexual harassment scandals in the past few years will likely find a parallel with Infinitheatre’s latest production about the perils of being a woman in the fashion world’s highly sexualized workplace.

  • The Sky’s the Limit

    Skysmith Cinedrones Bring Cinematography to New Heights

    No one can deny that modern technology is reaching unimaginable new heights—but when it comes to film, this statement can be taken literally. Drones have now been introduced to the cinematography scene, and Skysmith Cinedrones is flying them down an artistic path.

  • Skate, Drink, Slam, Repeat

    Montreal’s Premiere Skateboarding Bar Unveils Brand-New Bowl

    Nestled in a nook along St. Laurent Blvd.’s main strip, with a bulky metal door adorned with a wreath of shattered Maplewood skateboard decks, the thrash-hold to TRH-Bar is pretty discrete from the outside.

  • A Labour of LOVE

    Montreal Dance Company Stages Production to Help Prevent Youth Violence

    More than once in rehearsal, emotion has gotten the better of the dancers in Sonia Balazovjech’s company.