Fringe Arts

  • Art In the Lenses

    Artist Lucy Soutter to Explore the ‘Photographicness’  of Contemporary Art in Concordia Lecture

    It’s likely you’ve heard this cynical idiom that exists within the art world and other disciplines: “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” It might apply to your fresh-faced economics professor, but it certainly doesn’t apply to British artist Lucy Soutter.

  • Put Your (Jazz) Hands In the Air

    Weekly ‘Jazz Parties’ at Cabaret Playhouse Kick Off Sunday

    If you’ve ever found yourself bored on a slow Sunday night in Montreal, yearning for the excitement of the weekend to continue, Concordia graduate and musician Brandon Goodwin is looking at you—and wants to jazz up your life.

  • There Will Be Brawl

    Concordia Graduates Turn Shakespearian Podcast into Literary Reality

    To brawl, or not to brawl? For Concordia graduates Daniel J. Rowe and Eric Jean, there is no question.

  • Margaret Atwood is #Internet

    Canadian author stops in at the Rialto Theatre for a discussion of her latest work.

    “I promised I would begin by singing” is the first thing Margaret Atwood said as she stepped onto the Rialto Theatre stage on Dec. 4.

  • From Australia, With Love

    Australian Melodic Hardcore Band Northlane Crosses the Equator to Play Montreal

    If you’re at all familiar with the melodic hardcore music scene, Northlane have surely come under your radar by now.

  • Just a Stranger on a Metro

    Montreal Photographer Captures Unique Portraits of Montrealers at Their Metro Stations

    In the rush-hour scramble to beat the blue-and-white sliding doors, the aesthetics of the metro are the last thing on the average commuter’s mind.

  • Fighting the AAA Culture of Game Development

    Industry is a Labour of Love for Indie Developer Dave Williams

    Montreal is known for its video game industry. Some of the world’s largest studio names have made their home in our backyard, but it’s not all EA Sports games and Arkham Origins.

  • Paintings In Motion

    Concordia Graduate Student and Film Animator Alisi Telengut Sweeps Up Awards at International Festivals

    With multiple awards under her belt, film animation student Alisi Telengut is certainly one of Concordia’s proudest exports.

  • Healing Hands

    Montreal Dream-Pop Artist Mekele Talks Binaural Beats and Working Solo

    The solo ambience of Mekele plays like the soundtrack to a dream—waves of synths wash over you and soothing vocals ease your thoughts into warm bliss. The experience is relaxing and even healing—and that’s precisely Mekele’s intention.

  • Art Your Heart Out

    Souk @ Sat Market Celebrates 10 Years of Local Artisans

    Holiday staple, the souk @ sat, is celebrating its 10th year of turning the Société des arts technologiques into the go-to place to find local products made by artists from Montreal and all over Quebec.