Fringe Arts

  • Fighting the AAA Culture of Game Development

    Industry is a Labour of Love for Indie Developer Dave Williams

    Montreal is known for its video game industry. Some of the world’s largest studio names have made their home in our backyard, but it’s not all EA Sports games and Arkham Origins.

  • Paintings In Motion

    Concordia Graduate Student and Film Animator Alisi Telengut Sweeps Up Awards at International Festivals

    With multiple awards under her belt, film animation student Alisi Telengut is certainly one of Concordia’s proudest exports.

  • Healing Hands

    Montreal Dream-Pop Artist Mekele Talks Binaural Beats and Working Solo

    The solo ambience of Mekele plays like the soundtrack to a dream—waves of synths wash over you and soothing vocals ease your thoughts into warm bliss. The experience is relaxing and even healing—and that’s precisely Mekele’s intention.

  • Art Your Heart Out

    Souk @ Sat Market Celebrates 10 Years of Local Artisans

    Holiday staple, the souk @ sat, is celebrating its 10th year of turning the Société des arts technologiques into the go-to place to find local products made by artists from Montreal and all over Quebec.

  • Beauty and the Brains: TingLi Lorigiano

    Concordia Biology Major wins Miss Chinese Montreal Pageant

    Most people recognize first year Biology major TingLi Lorigiano as VP of Academic and Loyola Affairs for Concordia’s Arts and Science Federation Association. Few know of her secret life as a beauty pageant queen and Miss Chinese Montreal 2014.

  • Welcome the Partycrashers

    A Wilhelm Scream’s New Record is Worth the Wait

    It’s been a long six years, but A Wilhelm Scream’s new LP is out, and on their terms.

  • Apocalypse Meow!

    Montreal-Based Author Launches New Cat-Based Zombie Apocalypse Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Novel

    “You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse!,” the title very loudly speaks for itself. The book tells the story of Holden Catfield, an ordinary house cat who tries to navigate through an extraordinary undead Armageddon.

  • Smoking and Sipping

    Montreal Beatmaker Tommy Kruise Playing M for Montreal Festival

    A skateboarder with long headbanging hair who has an affinity for heavy metal music, it’s hard to compare hip-hop producer Tommy Kruise to anyone else in the music industry.

  • Lit Scene Supreme: Expozine 2013

    Canada’s Largest Zine Fair Returns

    Expozine, Montreal’s small press, comic and zine fair returns this weekend to fill up your reading list with indie delights, each one as unique as the tiny, tumbling snowflakes which have banished us all indoors.

  • Let It Enfold You

    Immersive Experimental Film ‘Six Mil Antennas – The Final Cut’ Screens for Second Run in the SATosphere

    If you’ve never before beheld the glory of a full-dome theatre, you’ve come to the right city—Montreal’s multi-platform venue La Societé des Arts Technologiques is continuing to break ground in the international arena by screening experimental works in its massive exhibition dome, the SATosphere.