Fringe Arts

  • Cinemas Are Not Dead

    The State of Montreal Cinema Culture from a French Perspective

    Where are all the movie theatres? Where are the bright coloured posters? Where are the people running because they’re late for the 7:20 p.m. screening?

  • Confronting Consequences

    Life is Strange Explores the Ability to Choose in Gaming

    Life Is Strange is a game that makes you realize the weight of your decisions and the consequences they may have. It’s also a great answer as to why time travel is never a good thing to mess with—ever.

  • A Journey of Soloists and Solitude

    The RIDM+ Festival Kicks Off Its Monthly Selection of Documentaries

    Around the World in 50 Concerts is a truly moving portrait of people as they truly are—with pasts, fears and hopes.  

  • Putting the Poe in Politics

    Poet Laureate George Eliott Clarke to Perform in Atwater

    “Poetry is powerful because it is the succinct fusion of ideas and emotions, …so that the heart takes command of lungs, lips, teeth, and tongue, to speak through ears to the hearts and minds of the audience. Even in ink or pixel form, directed to readers’ eyes, nothing—NOTHING—is more powerful.”

  • Build Your Own

    Woodworking Workshop in a Montreal Makerspace

    Helios, a Montreal makerspace, offers woodworking workshops and a place for people to make their visions a reality.

  • Early Winter: A Freezing Look Into Marital Drama

    Director Michael Rowe Discusses Chilling Realism in Film

    An interview with Michael Rowe and a preview of his film: Early Winter will be released on Jan. 29th in Quebec

  • C is for Cookie

    Pixelles’ Winter Social Aims to Take a Byte Out of Game Industry Sexism

    If you’re looking to shake off the winter chill, there are few things that usually do the trick. For starters, a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a chewy chocolate chip cookie and a good old push for challenging and changing industry norms—at least, according to Pixelles, a Montreal-based non-profit with its sights set on empowering women interested in game development.

  • Mapping the Skin

    The Creative Process of a Home-Based Montreal Tattoo Artist

    Ready to commit? A Montreal tattoo artist opens his doors to you.

  • Of Conspiracy!

    New Comedy Premieres at Mainline Theater

    The Chocolate Moose Theatre Company is premiering their new comedy, written and co-­directed by Law at the Mainline Theatre from Jan. 21 to 24.

  • A Chip Off The Old Block

    Woodcut Prints Featured in Fine Arts Vernissage in Montreal

    The Popop gallery featured the Off The Block vernissage organized by 19 Concordia fine arts students.