Fringe Arts

  • A Walk in the Park

    Concordia Professor Publishes Portraits of Park-Goers

    Concordia professor and photojournalist Kate Hutchinson has resided near Jeanne-Mance park for 13 years, but only began photographing Montreal’s park regulars back in spring 2013. Now, Hutchinson is releasing the cumulative amalgamation of portraits of park goers in her work, entitled The Park.

  • Undertale Over Achieves

    Crowd-Funded Indie RPG an 8-bit Hit

    An 8-bit role-playing game with a storyline that keeps the intrigue high, Toby Fox’s Undertale is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish.

  • Art Consignment Shop Set to Open in Hall Building

    Artists looking to showcase and sell their work will soon be given a platform to do so on the mezzanine level of Concordia’s Hall building.

  • Board to Death

    Local Vernissage Turns Broken Skate Decks into Visual Art

    “One time I just went up to Charles’ place and he was painting a board, and I was like ‘Yo, I wanna paint a board.’”

  • Going Digital

    Montreal’s Print Counter Culture Enters the Digital Age

    Expozine is coming back to Montreal for yet another edition of this unique and small press fair, which showcases a plethora of alternative publications from art books and ‘zines to underground comics.

  • Black n’ Grue

    La Sala Rossa Gets Gruesome With Welsh Noise Pop Act

    The black clad members of Joanna Gruesome stand against the red velvet curtains of La Sala Rossa like stitches on a wound.

  • On Harshness

    Hyena Hive, Harsh Noise, and Rejecting Function

    Aesthetically, noise is brutal.

  • Renard Blanc Launch Empire Onirique

    Quebec Prog-Rock Trio Premiere Debut Record

    If ever a launch party could portend the future, Renard Blanc would be the one to throw it.

  • Spiritual Cleansing

    Metaphysical Pop-up Shop Offers Spellcraft Prep for Winter

    Buried deep within the Mile End, an unassuming garage door on Marconi St. was wide open to the elements, yet what lay inside was still shrouded in mystery.

  • Howl! for Artists Everywhere

    Local Arts Collective Challenges Notions of Art in the City

    “The first thing, is [that] I want to make sure that this notion of art as being non-political is challenged.”