Fringe Arts

  • Robert Robert Takes on The Arctic Experience

    Montreal DJ Piles Up Musical Accomplishments With Upcoming Igloofest Performance

    In a short musical career, DJ Robert Robert has already experienced many milestones. In September 2014 he released his first album, Pastel, with StagRecords. The LP is reminiscent of ‘90s RnB, combined with jazzy melodies and tropical hip hop beats, that also implements his electro roots fueled by catchy synthesizers and keyboards.
    This Sunday will mark the DJ’s first appearance at Montreal’s renowned outdoor music festival, Igloofest.

  • The Motion of Love

    Experimental Film Installation at Phi Centre Explores the Transitional Phases of Romantic Relationships

    The bodies of a man and a woman move seamlessly in levitation. Their bodies dance softly, caress and twist and eventually move in shocking ways until they jerk, shove and yank at each other’s hair. These poetic scenes of love through movement appear in Dominique T. Skoltz’s latest work, y2o. The short experimental film is the latest installation at Montreal’s Phi Centre, running from Feb. 6 to Mar. 7.

  • A Sympathetic Murder

    ConU Alumnus Emma Tibaldo Reimagines Classical Tragedy Medea

    Only a particular person could embody the character of a mother that murders her two children in cold blood and gains the audience’s’ sympathies. In The Medea Effect, show director Ugo is desperately looking for a woman talented enough to play the main character in his rendition of the ancient Greek tragedy Medea.

  • Docville Series : Waiting for August

    Premiering in Quebec on January 29th as part of the Docville series, Waiting for August is a 2014 documentary film exploring the thematics of coming to age, longing and absence within a difficult socio-economic reality.

  • The Comeback of a Canadian Pop Supergroup

    Lead Vocalist Kathryn Calder of The New Pornographers Shares Insight on New Album

    The New Pornographers are coming back to Montreal this Wednesday, ready to sway the Corona Theatre with a whole lot of keyboards, plenty of synthesizers and energetic pop sounds. With the release of their new studio album Brill Bruisers, the band call themselves a pop super-group.

  • Forgotten Boroughs

    Historians Present Book on Archived Photographs Documenting Bygone Montreal Neighbourhoods

    Snapshots of women hanging laundry in makeshift courtyards and back alleys, children hanging over precariously built railings and curious residents and shop owners staring at city workers photographing corner stores—these are the only mementos of parts of Montreal’s working-class history.

  • The Organism of Robots

    Multimedia Artists Create Kinetic Installation Exploring Robotics and Ecosystems

    Somewhere between fact and fiction, Eastern Bloc Gallery revisits the theme of robots and drones for the exhibition Robotis Personae. Presenting a binary and complementary perspective by artists Sofian Audry, Samuel St-Aubin, Stephen Kelly and Beatriz Herrera, the gallery examines the paradoxes existing between the machine and the human environment.

  • No Passports and a Wedding Dress

    On the Bride’s Side Makes its Canadian Premiere at this Week’s Edition of Cinema Politica

    “The sky belongs to everybody, for it has no borders.”

  • Reflections on Metafilms

    Film Curator Danny Lennon Discusses Movie Selection for Carte Blanche Series

    From Jan. 20 to Feb. 17, Montreal’s Phi Centre will be presenting the Metafilms Carte Blanche series, five nights of film screenings highlighting favorites selected by Metafilms’ producers: Nancy Grant and Sylvain Corbeil.

  • Ave Mario: An 8-bit Orchestra

    Montreal Video Game Orchestra to Premiere Super Nintendo-Inspired Concert

    Songs from video games are the unsung heroes of the audiovisual world. Film scores are considered “high art,” with their own esteemed dedicated categories at the Oscars, and Top 40 radio pop songs sweep the Grammys every year. Video game music has yet to break free from its confines to the console.