Fringe Arts

  • Refusing Silence

    Articule Presents Pinned Down by Maria Ezcurra

    Almost a year ago on Sept. 26, 2014, 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teacher’s College in Iguala, Mexico were kidnapped on their way out of their rural town for a protest against government funding programs.

  • Montreal Character Series: Greg Stroll

    On Finding Peace and Staying Grounded

    “It’s a journey either way, right? It’s gonna hang over you for a while, but it’s gonna help form a large portion of your life and you as a person. I mean, you can’t help what details impact us, right?”

  • The Japanese Irreverence

    Film POP Hosts a Retrospective on Sho Miyake, a Landmark in the Japanese Independent Scene

    Film POP will showcase a special retrospective of the work of a young, upcoming independent filmmaker from Japan, Sho Miyake for the 14th edition of POP Montreal.

  • Linda Dawn Hammond: On the 25th Anniversary of the SexGarage Police Raid

    A quarter of a century later, SexGarage is still remembered

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of the police raid on the “SexGarage” loft party in 1990, where many patrons were beaten and arrested. The event is significant historically for Montreal’s LGBT community. It was immortalized by the photography of Linda Dawn Hammond.

  • Adventure in the Timeless Land

    Naked Vegan Psychonauts Party

    I lost myself in the forest for the whole weekend like the dirty hippie I deeply, truly am. I packed all my things and checked them twice, for I would be two hours from dear Montreal, partying with nearly a thousand other psychonauts under the scorching sun of a September heat wave, and under the shimmering stars of a clear country sky.


    Film POP Opens With Screening and Concert Revolving Around French Coldwave

    The attempt to trace the origins and influences of the French coldwave and post-punk movement shows such a vast net of convergences with other realms of art and society that it deserves its own movie.

  • Arabian Nights: The Tales of the Anti-Conformist

    Portuguese Director Miguel Gomes Tackles Austerity Politics in a Radical Enchantment

    After leaving a strong mark on contemporary cinema with the internationally acclaimed Tabu (2012), Miguel Gomes strikes again with Arabian Nights, a tale in three volumes: The Restless One, The Desolate One, and The Enchanted One.

  • Montreal Character Series: Tanya Stasilowitch

    Wrestler, Performance Artist, Egoless Optimist

    This would be my first interview in a non-neutral environment.

  • The (Literal) Body Politic

    Eastern Bloc Presents BPLTC Part 1: Cellular Control

    Eastern Bloc will be kicking off the first of a three-part series of exhibitions called BPLTC (pronounced “biopolitic”) in a few short weeks, starting Sept. 24. Broadly speaking, the series will explore the role of the sciences and their technological applications in relation to human activity and sociopolitical interests.

  • Afropunk Fest in Brooklyn Defies Expectations

    Bearing Witness to the Dynamism of African-American Culture

    no sexism
    no racism
    no ableism
    no ageism
    no homophobia
    no fatphobia
    no transphobia
    no hatefulness